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Getting a new boat

8/1/16 @ 6:14 PM
User since 4/8/08

I've decided to get a new boat. Had to sell my bass boat in 2010 due to health reasons but now I'm ready to fish again. Was looking a a tracker but heard a lot of complaints on their service and how well the boat is welded. Looking at Crestliner now. Want a 17 or 18ft mod v as as I don't like deep v boats. At least a 115 hp. Budget is about 20-25,000. Anyone have a Crestliner out there? How good are they? I'm open to other boat manufactures as well. Thanks for your in put. 

8/9/16 @ 7:21 AM
User since 7/20/09

Bugle - I kept my old Lowrance from my previous boat, HDS 7 Gen 1.  Didn't see a need to upgrade as it did the job for me.  So that would have added more to the price if I needed one.  I will say with the wrap around windshield, you lose some room for bigger electronics.  I wouldn't go much bigger than a 7" screen.

I had the max 90 HP for that boat (the High Output version which is essentially a V4 vs a V3).  Minnkota Powerdrive 24v for the trolling motor, now that I have used it some I'm still not sure what I like more, the remote or the old foot pedal.  That one only uses the remote.  Going to a Terrova would be more, not sure how much more though.  The boat itself was the limited edition package so it had raised decals, not the normal flat ones.  Fancier looking gauges, radio.  4 seats plus 3 batteries included.  I noticed some dealers just had 2 seats and batteries were extra, I liked that my dealer included it in the price.  I also had a bimini top, cover, and transom saver added as well.  It came with 2 Alumatrac mounts for rod holders but I added 4 more so I would have 6 total.

20 year warranty on the hull I believe, 7 year on the motor.  Stitching on the seats may have been lifetime but I'd have to look it up.  I did notice a difference in trailers though for these 'package' boats.  The previous one the dealer sold before me had a less expensive trailer.  I got a very nice one on mine and I don't think the price was different so something to watch for.

8/5/16 @ 5:32 PM
User since 4/20/07

If anyone is looking for a new boat I would definitely recommend Alumacraft!  They stand by their boats as long as you are the original owner, and have not added any electronics to the boat since you bought it. They must have asked me those two questions 4 or 5 times.

I have a 2007 165 Classic SC that had the transom go bad on it. It was in dry storage for 18 months and when I started getting it ready this spring I noticed the transom had issues.  After contacting them and then dropping the boat off at the factory in MN, they are repairing it.  In fact their 2017 boats have solid aluminum transoms and since mine was the first year and model into their shop, their engineers used my boat to try and install the new all aluminum transom.  It's installed, No more rotting transom, and the boat is now in the paint shop.  Hope to have it back soon.

8/4/16 @ 12:51 PM
User since 1/24/05
This spring I picked up a 2006 Alumacraft Navigator. Has a 90HP Optimax, 80# 24V Terrova with iPilot, Minn-Kota Dual bank on-board charger, custom trailer and a custom cover. Oh, and 4 seats! Initially I wanted a E-tec but this boat already had Merc. on it and I wasn't going to pay to repower. It runs great. It had two humminbird depth finders on it that I ended up removing. One was a grayscale inexpensive unit that I didn't like and the other was a 383C with GPS and Sonar that connected to the built in transducer on the trolling motor. It ended up being tempermental and I replaced it with the Lowrance Elite-5 from my old boat. I love the layout and the quality it great. Has 3 seat bases on the front deck so I could fish with the family without being too crowded. Anyway , I ended up getting it for around $10K but had money to put down on it. It is way bigger than my 1998 Lowe 140 SC. I found it at a local dealer who was selling it on consignment.  I could have bought a left over model with a 60HP Merc for about $15,500. But I passed when this one showed up. It's used, but it does not look like it was used. It was well taken care of. If you look around you can find a good used boat.

8/4/16 @ 10:41 AM
User since 9/27/01


If I may ask, for that price, what sort of electronics came with that package? Also, what trolling motor was on it?

When I was looking at similar new boats, by the time I upgraded the motor to the max H.P., upgraded the bow mount to a 24v Terrova w/iPilot and decent wide screen sonar/gps/mapping unit, I couldn't touch a new rig for under $30K.

Sounds like you got a really nice deal, or I was working with the wrong dealers.

8/4/16 @ 10:22 AM
User since 7/20/09

I went with an Alumacraft, but was also looking at Lund and Crestliner.  I would have been happy with any of them, but made my choice based on the dealers in my area and what motor I could get on the boat.  I wanted an E-tec so it limited my options, most had Merc or Yamaha. 

My 165 Competitor sport with a 90 was mid-20's, to give an idea on price.

8/4/16 @ 8:08 AM
hook, line&sinker
User since 4/18/07

I would definitely go with an alumacraft.  I have a 2013 165 classic cs with a 50 hp Yamaha.  Works for me and no problems. Up to 35 mph with the yamaha. Plenty fast for an old codger like me.  boat is very well built.

8/2/16 @ 8:00 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

Fishen_soon, sent you a pm, thanks

8/2/16 @ 1:10 PM
User since 9/27/01

I upgraded my boat three summers ago.  I initially looked at new boats and was in your price range.  For that amount of money, I would have had to settle for an underpowered boat with very basic amenities and electronics.  I browsed the local Craigslist site and found my 16 ft Sylvan.  It was 8 years old when I bought it but was the top of the line model when new.  The original owner put a 8 hp 4-stroke kicker on it.  It had been garage-kept and washed after every use.  It still looks new.  And, with the ~$10K price difference, I was able to upgrade the sonar, gps and the bow-mount to an iPilot.  I even upgraded my trolling gear and still came out ahead.

My bro-in-law spent about what you're looking to spend a couple of years ago and found a very lightly used 17' Crestliner with a 115 Opti, 80 lb Terrova with iPilot, on-board charger, and new electronics.  I would guess that boat would have cost him $35K+ had he bought it new with all of the bells and whistles.

Food for thought.

8/2/16 @ 10:35 AM
MEMBER since 6/24/14

You might want to think used.  Last year I picked up a 1.5yr old Lund Pro guide 20'.  It's a tiller with a 150 Verado, 36v Terrova I-link, Humminbird Etc..  I got it off a guide in your price range.  I know it's not new, but it's a hell of a boat for the price range.  Good luck


8/2/16 @ 7:54 AM
User since 2/27/05

I have a 2005 Crestliner Fish Hawk 1850 with a 150 Optimax and think it's a great boat. I didn't buy new, but when I was looking at boat shows I could tell a huge difference in the quality of the hull of Crestliner boats and Tracker. I would not hesitate to buy another Crestliner. 

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