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evenrude etec motors

4/8/15 @ 6:31 PM
pink warrior
User since 2/11/12
I am looking at a new boat with a 300 etec and a 15 kicker is there anyone with similar motors good or bad comments. Thanks Earl

5/22/15 @ 10:38 PM
User since 5/15/02
Have you always run 2 stroke? Do you run in super cold temps?

5/20/15 @ 10:09 PM
Muskie Fever
User since 7/28/09
Anyone trying to decide ETEC or not, let me help you..... BUY the etec, it will change your life....serious.

I honestly hope they never change a thing. Pissed away a lot of time running Mercury and weighing out what my next engine would be.

You will thank me soon hopefully!


5/20/15 @ 2:51 PM
User since 5/15/02
Kinda thread jacked this one too! My choices are now either the E-tec 150HO or the Yamaha Vmax 150SHO 4 stroker. The big difference is weight 418 versus 489. I will have a kicker on this new T-pro Alumacraft so less weight is always better. I do run my boat at least 10-11 months out of the year. Im still in that studying mode and vids daily.

5/20/15 @ 12:30 PM
User since 3/21/14
Not the same motor, but I have a 50hp etec on a pontoon and second the reliability, performance and ease of maintenance. Fogs itself for winterization in 1-2 minutes and starts up in spring(no choking, priming) Just turn the key. Incredible motor. Definitly will look to ETEC for my next engine. There are utube videos showing the power difference between a large engine Etec 2-stroke and I believe a 4 stroke Yamaha (on same boat) ETEC easliy out pulls the Yamaha.

5/19/15 @ 7:49 AM
User since 6/9/06
First I don’t work for Bombadier, BRP, nor do I sell ETEC motors. Any manufacture can have a bad motor too so remember that.

I had a 2007 ETEC 200 HO. That 200 HP engine was a 3.3L. I pushed a Lund Baron Magnum OB that had a Honda 9.9Hp kicker hanging on the transom, total weight boat, motors, gear, batteries, fuel and crew was right around 4000 pounds. Top speed with a Viper 21 pitch stainless blade was 49 mph on the GPS. When Evinrude said that it took only one revolution to start I found that a little hard to believe but I soon found out that claim was true and the temperature or storage never effected startup, just turn the key and it starts and idles at 450 rpm, no smoke, no smell and no noise. It was great to be at the dock letting the ETEC warm-up a bit before starting out to fish. I can’t tell you how many guys asked me when I was going to start that ETEC up, I’d just and put it in reverse and back up a say “it’s already running”.

I ran the XD-100 right from the start for oil. One other claim Evinrude advertises is no break in period, I decided to test that claim. So we motored out for South Shore on a flat calm afternoon. It took 5 minutes running time to clear the breakwall and then I went to WOT, about 5300 rpm and ran there for 20 minutes without a hesitation, whipper or snort.

The holeshot was unbelievable even with the 3 blade Viper prop. The boat should have had a 17 or 18 pitch Cyclone, 4 blade, prop to lift the transom better at midrange RPMs and because my ETEC 200 HO was suppose to run between 5500 and 5650 RPMs at WOT.

The three year, 300 hour maintenance cost was under $200 parts and labor. The parts replaced were the six spark plugs, the spin on fuel filter, the lower unit oil and the water pump impeller.

The ETECs cost a little more but you’ll not be sorry you bought one. Just pick a good boat dealer who is a certified Evinrude ETEC shop.

Here's a link to the ETEC Owners Group Website, lots more stuff to read before you buy, you should read up before getting a motor.

ETEC Owners Forum

Good Luck


5/18/15 @ 10:58 PM
Muskie Fever
User since 7/28/09
I've ran Mercury for over 20 years and it was time for a change. When I was boat shopping recently I specifically wanted the ETEC. Well, I bought a Ranger Reata 1850 VS with a 175hp etec.

Simply the most amazing engine I've ever run! This technology is so incredible I really don't know why anyone would go a different route. This puts anything else I've run or boats that I've ridden in to shame.

5/18/15 @ 6:10 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07
I have a 2010 E-tec 150 hp. I put on around 150 hours per year. I have around 750 hours on mine. It just went out of warranty this April. Really the best motor I've ever owned.

She fogs herself down for winter with the touch of a button. If it gets warm out in January and you want to get out, no worries, she'll start right up and fog herself down again in about a minute.

The Etec runs at 100:1, is extremely quiet, ultra low emissions, just sips fuel, and is incredibly dependable. Also, because it is a two stroke it doesn't weight very much, and has a great hole shot.

When I started her up this Spring after her 4 month nap, she started up like I had run her for two hours and just turned her off.

There is nothing not to like about this motor, and it's made right here in Wisconsin.

My last motor was a Merc. XR 6 150 hp. Nice motor that never let me down, but it guzzled gas and was a bit cold blooded. The Etec has all the benefits of a 4 stroke (fuel economy, quiet operation, low emissions) but can do some unique things because it is a two stroke.

The Woodlands Resort
(262) 661-3968
5/18/15 @ 3:19 PM
User since 5/15/02
Good info! I was looking strictly at the 4 stroke 150's yet now I am contemplating looking at the Evinrude Etec 150 HO as technology has been a game changer and seems the guys in Alaska and other cold places say they still start and have no problems in the cold anymore being fuel injected. the oil injectors are the same as on the Skidoo 600 and 800s and we have no problems with our sleds so they should be good during winter months fishing for browns here in Milwaukee harbors. anyone else running Etecs? One con was the oil resovoir takes up some space but other than that I dont see any other con's. anyone else?

4/9/15 @ 10:27 AM
Capt. Patrick Conger
Capt. Patrick Conger
User since 3/21/13
I have run a 200hp etec for 4 years now and it is the best motor i've ever owned. Plenty of power, very responsive and very low maintenance. I run this boat 11 months a year including dec and jan trips to the Mississippi in red wing when temps are close to 0° and always starts with no hesitation. I would highly recommend any etec out there.

Capt Patrick

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