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Bunk trailers

12/23/14 @ 9:01 AM
User since 3/10/02
I have a 02 Alumacraft Tournament Pro 175. I'm thinking of getting a new trailer. I'm getting older and its hard to get my boat on my roller trailer by myself. This thing always floats to one side or the other and will push against the fenders. It is hard to winch up if you pull the trailer out more so you can center it better. I have a Shorelander now. I have see a large number of wide boats like mine with bunk trailers. I would like some information on how you like the bunks or would you switch to rollers. Thank you

5/16/19 @ 9:23 PM
waltereye sr.
User since 6/25/01

Definitely going to invest in steps of some kind. Wife usually transported me in wheelbarrow and dumped me in boat. Wheelbarrow is hard for her to load and unload off truck.

5/16/19 @ 9:19 PM
waltereye sr.
User since 6/25/01

Pretty much what I do fish, but not always a dock. Key for me on and off has been, bunks half way covered with water. Motor can pull boat off (150 hp, 18') with ease and nit hammering the throttle and messing up landing. Loading also half way in for bunks. Squares boat automatically. Of course this is for my boat only. May be different for everyone. 

5/15/19 @ 9:53 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

Get yourself a set of steps so you don't have to crawl over the front.


or better yet get a Drotto and never have to deal with going over the bow again. Makes loading and unloading so easy!

unloading - I back in next to the dock, step into the boat and start the motor, walk to the bow and pull the lever and back off the trailer and tie to the dock.

loading - tie boat to dock then back trailer in. Drive the boat onto the trailer until it locks, shut off motor and trim it up. Pull boat out of water to level ground and install bow winch and safety. 


5/15/19 @ 6:04 AM
User since 12/19/06

You made a good point waltereye about how deep to back in.  When I first started trailering, I read up a lot of stuff, and many sources said to back in no farther than the axles of your trailer wheels being at water level.  This statement made with no reference to how high the bunks are mounted on the trailer.  With my old (and worse with my new) trailer, the bunks were (and are) almost completely out of the water when the axles hit the water.

I now have to completely submerge the trailer wheels (and tires) just to get the bunks in about 2/3 submerged (which is best in my set up).

Practice and experience...

5/14/19 @ 7:25 PM
waltereye sr.
User since 6/25/01

Well I've had the bunk trailer for 2 months. Been out 10 times. My concerns were for naught. Been very happy. Once I figured how deep to back in for unloading and more importantly for reloading it has been very smooth. And I've been out (3) times myself. Only problem getting my shot body into the boat. Tough climbing over trolling motor from trailer when your bones are shot. Thanks again for all the comments 

2/19/19 @ 9:06 PM
User since 1/23/04

Would the plastic decking or the plastic 2 by 4 s they sell at like Menards be the same thing as the ultimate bunks boards 

2/18/19 @ 10:22 PM
User since 2/24/06

Talked with some guides who run bunks , there complaint is the carpet wears out . Rollers last a lot longer than carpet. I have seen big glass boats trying to get back on the trailer in the Dakota,s and it was not pretty . To be fair get any boat crooked on a bunk or roller and its gonna be a problem . Me i still prefer rollers, shallow landings they shine .  

1/26/19 @ 5:39 PM
BâssÂddîçt ©¸
BâssÂddîçt ©¸
MEMBER since


1/25/19 @ 8:12 AM
drummer boy
drummer boy
User since 3/14/08

What ever you get make sure you have enough support,a boat that size needs 4 bunks with suport in the center of the bunk.If going roller one roller per 100lbs.If you have that and its set up right both are good.

1/24/19 @ 2:03 PM
waltereye sr.
User since 6/25/01

Thanks again Gentlemen. 

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