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Which prop would you recommend?

9/14/19 @ 10:40 AM
User since 3/26/07

I have a 2000 1850 crestliner sport fish. I’m getting 42 mph gps. at 4209 rpm. The prop I have is a solas 14/21.  Think about going to 14.25/19. Looking for best fuel economy.

Motor is 175johnson 2 stroke wot 5250-5750

Looking for alum and stainless.

What are your thoughts. 

Recently bought this boatThanks

9/21/19 @ 8:36 AM
User since 3/26/07

The boat doesn’t seem to have issues with purposing. 

I’m just trying to make it most efficient. Not worried about hole- shot or speed. A little more would however be welcome. I’ve been caught out on Michigan about 10 miles out when a storm was moving in. Thanks to the radio and the speed from my other boat. We made it before it blew in.

  Often I’ll fish out of Racine. To get to deep water one travels some miles. 

 The solas on the boat now is aluminum. I will go with analuminum prop. Do to fishing rivers. Eventually I will get a ss.

 Contacting the last owner is out of the question. He lied about the boat. Said it didn’t leak and ran fine. Found out the hard way. The motor and the boat itself is fine. I am filtering through the leaks and have fixed all but one. (I hope). The last leak is in front of the moto. I need to disconnect the trim/tilt piston to pull it away so I can reseal the scupper.  I have resealed everything on the transom except the scupper in the center. 

9/17/19 @ 10:18 PM
User since 8/7/17

Fuzzyfishin, since you bought it recently, have you thought of contacting the previous owner to see what worked best for him?  An idea made earlier was to check online for similar setups to see what works there.  

Check out this interesting website.

While your ending isn't made any more, I noticed that at 1,000rpm (about the speed you will spend most of your time at while fishing) the Evinrude 2 stroke will burn about 0.55 gallons per hour for the 150 and 0.70 gallons per hour for the 225HO.   Mercury's optimax came in similar with their 150 and 200. I would assume yours may be close even though I think you still have carbs.

The Merc's at about 5,500 rpm came in at 14.2 and 18.5 gph and the Evinrude at 15.1 and 21.5.  This site shows newer motors but gives an idea on what to look for and is interesting  for comparison's sake.  Notice it does also tell you the displacement and whether it is 2 stroke or 4 stroke.  This also gives you an indication of your ballpark figure.  

Gallons per hour is not miles per gallon.  The bigger engines will run at slower and less rpms to get where you are going.  In the scheme of things when all is said and done, with all that is invested in the planning and cost and involvement that goes into a single fishing day are you NOT going out to 180 FOW to catch kings and steelhead on the surface only to stay in 100 to catch lakers on the bottom to save fuel?  I go where the fun fish are.  Period.  Gas, tolls, launch, ice, lunch, beverages, lures, etc are all part of a one day excursion.  I am not going to worry about whether I get 3 mpg instead of 4 mpg to go a little farther out or up and down the shoreline.  I dont know about your guests but I always pay my share and more.  I know what it costs to run a boat.  Mine does not run on Thanks.  JUst get the boat running good and enjoy it.

9/17/19 @ 1:04 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

Is the Solas you are running aluminum or SS?

I would forget about the Raker, it's SS prop made for high speed and performance which you indicated is not a priority.

Good points were made about fishing on Lake Michigan. Stern lift and throttle response along with good mid-range cruising. Stern lift will allow you to stay on plane at slower speeds. Throttle response will allow you to navigate through the bigger waves which often require working the throttle on and off waves.

If aluminum I would consider a Solas Rubex 4 - and start with the 14-1/4 x 19 (18" if they had it). You'll gain some RPM with pitch loss but loss some with a small diameter increase and the extra blade.

Oh, and I assume you were comfortable with the transom or you wouldn't have just bought it. You made no mention of porpoising or plowing so I'm not sure were the "hook" in the hull comment came from.

9/17/19 @ 12:15 PM
User since 12/29/10

   DAH allowed me to try a prop.I used it for a day on Koshkonong and dropped it for at the end of the day."You ding it,you pay  me to fix it."  l did not buy it.I chose to have him tune and modify my Raker.I must also mention,you're in a twenty year old  aluminiun hull.It needs to have the transon checked and the hull checked for a hook before you invest any money on props.Been there done that with a Lund Pro V.

9/16/19 @ 7:05 PM
User since 3/26/07

Thanks everyone.  I really appreciate all of your comments.  

I am now leaning to a 17in./18 .Am going to investigate a raker.


9/16/19 @ 5:28 PM
User since 12/19/06

Speaking about all this has me wondering, any of you guys recommend a dealer that allows you to try out props to get the proper pitch for your rig....without having to buy each prop?  I recently ended up buying 3 props at $100ea (cheap Solas alum 3-blade)...trying to find the right pitch.  My shop did not allow me to "borrow" props...rightly so knowing how we treat them on occasion.

9/16/19 @ 10:50 AM
User since 12/29/10

   I think your combo calls for a Raker.I would recommend an old Raker over a newer Raker II.I run an 18" Raker on a 17.5 'glass hull rated for 150hp.My o/b is a'99 Johnson 115 carbed two stroke(similar to your o/b less two cyliders).With that prop I run at 5500 rpms and the same top end as you.With your 175 you should be faster far more efficient.Contact John at DAH props in Burlington.He is the Man especially when it comes to OMC products.

9/16/19 @ 9:35 AM
User since 5/17/11
I stand by my original statement. 4 blade props are widely accepted as the most fuel efficient props at mid-range RPM. They allow the quickest planning time and the lowest speed/RPM while maintaining plane -both critical for high fuel efficiency. The draw back is your top end speed will likely not improve, possibly even suffer.

The most fuel efficient prop will not yield the highest top end speed, in fact quite the opposite generally.

The OP, you are severly over propped and lugging the engine. A drop of several pitches, at the least, is necessary.

Good luck.

9/15/19 @ 7:55 PM
User since 8/7/17

If you go on lake Michigan then you will want to go an inch lower.  the 19 may put you a bit LOW thein rpm range.  You are only dropping from a 21 anyway.  A lower pitch will help you troll a little slower and also help get you up and over the waves, especially when it gets rough fast.  

If you are talking fuel mileage from A to B that is one thing but you will be idleing the majority of the time and cruising less.  The prop is now part of your fishing gear and performs a duty that most others dont.  

By the way, try painting the prop white or two blades white and one blade orange.  Some believe it creates a flasher effect.  stainless wont be as important where you wont likely strike bottom but it will also create some flash as it turns.  I dont know if you want to spend a couple hundred more for a flashy prop.

I bought a 26 ft starcraft new in 1987 and knowing what kind of performance I wanted I ordered the motor accordingly.  Believe it or not I got a 175 hp v6 I/O and never regretted it.  I wanted it to troll about 1.7 or a little lower.  It did that fine.  I pushed 33 mph.  You cant go fast when it is rough and you can enjoy the ride when it is calm and it trolled absolutely fantastic.  I actually still have the boat but it is in storage.  The props are 15 cupped and 17 uncupped.  I put a picture of it below.  today it sits in storage waiting to be rescued.  I did a lot of work to it and needs a little elbow grease.  the hard stuff was done already.

I got it that way because the v8 not only went with a 19 pitch but the gear ratio changed and it spun the 19 even faster.  That would have made it harder to troll slow but would be good on Lake erie where they get out there fast and then shut it off and drift.  

start with the 18 and see what happens.  You might be surprised.  By the way, since I am currently using a bass boat, maybe we can hook up in spring and I can teach you some fishing tricks to help put more in the boat or rig better for less money. I am still trying to get good weather to take the ranger out of Waukegan if I can, 

9/15/19 @ 7:51 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

I would check your numbers, no way were you doing 67mph with a 1775 Lund.

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