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10/24/22 @ 1:06 PM
John Q. Public
User since 8/1/12

I’ve had a backup trolling motor battery for about 6 years always on a solar trickle charger on my pontoon.  Maybe has 2 hours of use on it. Question is how does age factor in if it’s really never used and always charged.  Will it last 6 more years?

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1/16/23 @ 10:49 PM
User since 1/18/11

Wow can’t believe I asked this so long ago, got such definitive and  direct answers, then never said a simple thank you. 

Consider me indebted and chagrined for not answering earlier. Again, thanks to both

12/31/22 @ 8:09 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/8/06

To answer your questions 

1- Storing batteries on concrete is an old wives tale. It used to be a thing wayback when the battery boxes were made of wood. The new batteries are made of hard plastic and the concrete has no effect on the battery.

2- Always use distilled water to top off the battery. Regular water has impurities that can react with the electrolyte and lessen the life of the battery. 

12/31/22 @ 6:06 AM
User since 3/23/20

I store mine on a wooden work bench in the basement I have heard the don't store the battery on concrete they say it drains the battery though I've never done it. 2. Yes distilled water only I use to just use the distilled water from the dehumidifier in the basement or just buy some got sick of checking it so I just use AGM batteries.

12/30/22 @ 3:38 AM
User since 1/18/11

So as long as on subject gents… two questions for ya! 

1. Is it true when u store any type of 12volt battery that it should not be on conctete?

2.is it really necessary to use distilled water in batterey or will tap water do? 

Don’t judge me, just answer please…

12/29/22 @ 4:33 PM
Joe D
Joe D
PRO MEMBER User since 3/21/05

Arod, I have 1 24v 75 amp hour lithium. My 80 lb thrust Ulterra will run for days. I love it. Mine are made by LBP out of Florida

12/26/22 @ 9:10 AM
User since 2/26/13

Lithium battery question. Thinking about purchasing 2 lithium batteries to power my 80 lb. thrust trolling motor. Looking at the Dakota model, currently have a sale going on and research tells me it's a good lithium battery. Need to decide between the 54ah and the 100ah. I never fish all day so need some thoughts if saving money on the 54ah  is the way to go. Thanks

10/24/22 @ 5:41 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/22/21

 Nobody can tell you how long it should last. You haven’t been using it, and it’s probably never been discharged. I would switch out your spare and primary batteries continuously. JMO

Batteries need to be used, not stored. (For very long)

10/24/22 @ 2:01 PM
User since 1/7/02

John Q.  , The life of your spare battery will depend on a couple of things. If it is an AGM you could expect to get more than 6 years out of it as long as it has been kept charged and not experienced excessive discharge/charge cycles. If it is a wet cell battery maintenance is key to longevity. Water levels in a wet cell should be checked often relative to how often it is discharged/charged. Each time it is discharged/charged it will evaporate a small amount of water from the cells, adding water to keep the plates covered is key as once the plates are exposed they corrode and begin to fail. I have a 1991 Smokercraft with a 40 hp Mariner. After two years the factory starting battery failed, a cheap group 24 Batteries Plus battery. I replace it with an AC Delco group 31 wet cell dual purpose battery that provided cranking and ran accessories like bilge pump, locator, running lights and live well pump.  That battery lasted from 1993-2013 when one day after fishing anchored up for several hours with the locator running it barely had enough juice to crank over the outboard. Fully charged it when I got home and had it tested before getting a replacement, the tech that tested it could not believe it was 20 years old. It did still have 12.4 volts but could not maintain amps for a load test. 

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