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Trolling motor battery question

3/21/23 @ 8:56 AM
User since 6/10/18

I have a terrova 80 lb I pilot that I use for trolling cranks and harnesses, I don't have a kicker motor. I run 2 group 31 lead acid deep cycle batteries in series to run 24 volts. I'm able to run 2 mph for about 5 hours, can run all day at 1 mph. I want to be able to extend the 2 mph for running cranks, thinking of switching to Lithium or AGM. I like the thought of reducing my weight with the Lithium, but not sure if lithium is a better choice than the AGM. I would appreciate any of your thoughts on this...

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3/25/23 @ 12:59 PM
User since 3/26/07
I have ionic lithium and love them. 
1850 crestliner full windshield 4 guys in boat  Running front at 4 -5 for about 20hrs on Erie. Still have about 30% left. I do use a kicker. 
31 series lead, I would get about 8 hrs. 
3/23/23 @ 8:03 AM
User since 2/8/11
?Battle Born 2-day sale???
3/22/23 @ 7:48 PM
User since 5/23/22
Look at Weize lithium batteries. Good prices and very good warranty. 
3/22/23 @ 10:00 AM
User since 6/10/18
Migr8r - talked with a minnkota rep and he said you are fine with lithium batteries running trolling motors if you don't run 85% or higher power for extended periods of time. He said if you stay under 8.5 setting (85%) on your remote you won't draw enough voltage to do any damage. I don't know what their view of extended hours is in real time, but still good info to protect your motor.
3/22/23 @ 9:14 AM
User since 6/10/18
Migr8r, thanks for the info! Battleborn lithium 100ah is one of the batteries I researched and found great reviews, sounds like the direction I'm going to go. As for damaging my 10 year old TM, the spot lock is already broken/not working, so I'm probably going to be getting a new Terrova 80 sometime soon. So, this is the perfect time for me to push the lithium batteries hard and see how much the TM can handle. If I wreck it, time for a new one...
3/21/23 @ 9:57 PM
User since 2/8/11
I have a 24v terrova as well and ran 2 AGM batteries for years. Last year they both died. It was a tough pill to swallow but I got 2- 100ah Battle Born batteries and glad I did. I’ve trolled with them for full days at 2+ mph and haven’t run out of juice. In my opinion, if you fish weekly and have a need for them, I’d definitely go with lithium. If you fish a couple times a month or less, I’d go with agm at a reasonable price (not optima). I haven't experienced it but the one thing I have been cautioned about is that there is potential for a TM to burn out from extended use with lithium’s. Knowing that there is potential of burning out my TM, I try not to push it by running at full power for more than a few hours at a time. I also got a 75ah lithium for my electronics to keep them separate from my starting and trolling batteries. If I could do it again, I would have bought 3- 100ah batteries and rotated them every year.
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