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Thoughts on downsizing from a 17 ft deep v to a 16 ft deep v

6/23/22 @ 2:39 PM
USER SINCE 7/29/05

I recently sold my Tracker Targa (17 foot deep V).  It was a heavy boat which handled the bigger lakes & flowages in N Wis quite well.   However, I fish alone most of the time and it was getting harder to launch, reload and generally move the boat around in the yard by myself.  I still want to fish but am looking for something slightly smaller & lighter.  Would like to stick with a deep V with side console and preferably, in the 16 foot range.  I liked the Tracker that I had so I'm inclined to stay with that brand.  They make two deep v boats in the 16 ft range.  One is the Pro Guide V-16 SC and the other is the Super Guide V-16 SC. Both the same length but the Super Guide is a foot narrower in the beam.   Anyone out there have either of these two boats.  If so, how do you like them and how do they handle 12-18 inch waves.  Would a 12 volt trolling motor system be enough to move this boat around or would I need to go to a 24 volt system. My Tracker Targa was heavy and I needed a 24 volt system.


6/24/22 @ 1:08 PM

Have a 1650 Rebel xl tiller. Have a 24v 80# thrust 60" shaft. Glad I went with this size. Will never have an issue with power.

6/24/22 @ 10:55 AM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

I have the 1675 Lund Pro Guide w/ a 60 Merc and it's a very nice rig.  However, at 16'10" it's more like a 17 footer than a 16 footer.

80# Terrova and Garmins all around.  

I mainly fish alone and I've been very happy with it.

6/24/22 @ 8:54 AM
USER SINCE 5/11/20

I agree with previous comments on wanting a wider beam, it gives you more interior space, it's a lot more stable and will will plane a whole lot easier. There is no downside (except slightly higher purchase price lol).

In a 16 footer I'd strongly suggest you at least think about moving to a tiller boat, because that console just eats ups huge amount of space and it's a LOT more noticeable in the shorter hull. I once would have agreed with consoles being more comfortable, but today's tiller engines changed that. The new Mercs have an awesome handle setup with the gearshift and engine tilt right there at the grip, it's pretty slick.

Something like a Starcraft Stealth 166 Tiller or a Lund 1675 Pro Guide is pretty hard to beat, and still easy to handle at the ramp when you're out by yourself.

6/24/22 @ 5:49 AM
USER SINCE 7/19/03

As someone who presently owns both a 16 foot and 18.5 foot boat i believe i have a little insite.  I am lucky enough to keep 16 ft D star up north.  I feel what type of fishing you do is big factor on what type or size works best for you.  If you are primarily a panfish bobber or simple jig type fisherman, a 16 foot boat ( probably a real tiller) might be best for you. If you have to motor longer distances where you fish a (side counsel) with steering wheel might reduce effort.  If you like to cast for bass, muskie or occasionally troll, a wider boat (side counsel) would be helpful.  My 16 footer has side counsel with 50 horse.  Unfortunately is at least 1 foot more narrow than 18 footer.  When standing while casting, trying to muskie fish, the boat rocks too much if you are standing near side of boat.  Wide is helpful.  The loading and unloading of either size boat is about the same.  The towing is different.   I have smaller vehicle (Toyota highlander) The very light 16 footer tows like it is not there.  The 18.5 tows easily but you definitely know you have a larger boat behind you.  If you go with 16 footer.  Go wide, 50 to 70 hp. Side counsel or rear tiller.  If you get front trolling motor, consider self deploying type.  Especially if you get rear tiller boat.  As we age, moving about the boat becomes a factor.  Make it easy for yourself.  50 lbs minimum, 80 lbs preferable.   Have fun with your new purchase.  Lots of good options.  Pick good electronics,  more fun with better gear.  

6/24/22 @ 1:54 AM
USER SINCE 12/7/05

Another boat that you could look at in addition to the Super Guide and Lund Rebel 1625 would be an Alumacraft Classic 165CS. They usually come equipped with a 40-50 HP Yamaha outboard and are plenty of boat for fishing lakes in northern WI. I would think that for MOST applications, a 55# 12V trolling motor would be plenty for one of these lighter 16' boats. If you do step up to a 24V trolling motor, you will have more options as far as spot lock, power stow/deploy, etc. The problem you will have in most lighter/narrower (ie 'basic') 16' aluminum fishing boats is lack of space to put both batteries a 24V system requires. Most have a place near the transom for the cranking battery and a spot up front for a trolling motor battery, but fitting two trolling motor batteries may prove to be difficult. My dad used to have an Alumacraft Classic 16 with a 50HP Johnson - it was a great boat for everything except lakes like Winnebago, Castle Rock/Petenwell Flowages, etc. if it was windy. 98% of the time it was more than enough boat for inland lakes.

6/23/22 @ 7:05 PM
USER SINCE 5/12/16

Just a thought.I would look into something in a tiller and the 40-60HP range,roomier and lighter than a console boat.What i would not do is put a 12v troller on it.It's easier to turn it down but you can only turn them up so far.

6/23/22 @ 6:35 PM

I have a Smokercraft 168 Magnum with a 40 hp tiller motor. It has a 12 volt 55 lb thrust trolling motor witch is adequate. Without a counsel there is comfortable room for 3 and can accommodate 4 people. A counsel would make it crowded for 3. It is a narrow beam compared to some 16’ boats but does the job with waves to 2’. Knowing what I know now when I bought the boat new in 1991 I would of opted for the next wider boat but then I went from a 1436 Jon boat to the 16’ vee hull and thought I had the queen Mary. Shorelander roller trailer and I can load and unload well alone given I’m in my mid 60’s. 

6/23/22 @ 4:38 PM
Rookie 1

I have a LUND Fury 1625 and love it. It is tiller, which gives me great control of the boat than a counsel which I had on my last boat. I had a Minn Kota Terrova (12 volt) and had no problem. Most of my summer fishing is done by trolling and never ran down the battery after trolling for hours. I'm 71yrs. old and have no problem launching or putting it on the trailer by myself.

6/23/22 @ 3:20 PM
USER SINCE 10/24/17

My buddy as the Pro-Guide 17 with a full windshield and its a big boat.  I wouldnt think much different than your Targa.   What I'm saying is I dont think going down to 16 Pro Guide will be downsizing all that much, and would want a 24v system.   I have Lund Rebel 1650 SC and think it would have similar dimensions as the super guide.  If I had it to do over I would have gotten a tiller instead of the console.  The narrower beam really comes into play when you get a couple 200lb dudes in the boat.  The console and the way the seats setup seems like not much shoulder room.  Its hard for 3 people to fish out of it because of the stupid console.  The console is nice on cold mornings and when its raining though.  I run 12v 55lb on my rebel and its plenty.

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