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Thoughts on downsizing from a 17 ft deep v to a 16 ft deep v

6/23/22 @ 2:39 PM
USER SINCE 7/29/05

I recently sold my Tracker Targa (17 foot deep V).  It was a heavy boat which handled the bigger lakes & flowages in N Wis quite well.   However, I fish alone most of the time and it was getting harder to launch, reload and generally move the boat around in the yard by myself.  I still want to fish but am looking for something slightly smaller & lighter.  Would like to stick with a deep V with side console and preferably, in the 16 foot range.  I liked the Tracker that I had so I'm inclined to stay with that brand.  They make two deep v boats in the 16 ft range.  One is the Pro Guide V-16 SC and the other is the Super Guide V-16 SC. Both the same length but the Super Guide is a foot narrower in the beam.   Anyone out there have either of these two boats.  If so, how do you like them and how do they handle 12-18 inch waves.  Would a 12 volt trolling motor system be enough to move this boat around or would I need to go to a 24 volt system. My Tracker Targa was heavy and I needed a 24 volt system.


7/12/22 @ 1:32 PM

nice review of a 16' tracker... old reps are hard to overcome, but Tracker has been building some real nice rigs lately

...same with Marine dealers... I and a son have had nothing but great experiences with MW Marine, but I have friends who will never go there

another nice Tracker review... bigger boat

7/12/22 @ 10:59 AM
USER SINCE 9/17/16

Lots of opinions out there on Trackers, and I agree, if you look you will see complaints on every brand.  However, when you walk around and in a new tracker and just visually compare the design and build quality to other brands there are always places that stand out as being cheap or cutting corners.  That’s can be ok, if you are looking for a better deal and not as concerned with detail.  My concern with them is always along the lines of, if I can see issues where cost was saved, what am I not seeing that will effect durability down the road. A tracker can definitely save money on the initial buy though.

7/12/22 @ 9:44 AM

that was another nick name... think they made some mods to correct the spray...assume same for the welds ... I had a FH1750SC and loved that boat... just wanted to go to a tiller...maybe not my best decision

correction: Lund didn't go to metal transoms but composite... so they addressed the issue

agree on 24v, especially if I was starting a new rig... the 24v are much more efficient on battery usage than the 12v motors... extra time and power never hurts


7/12/22 @ 7:41 AM
.Long Barrels
USER SINCE 12/9/14

I thought Crestliner was "wetliner"

Also,  you aren't spot locking for 8hours in a 1-2 foot wave with a 12v motor,  it's not happening.  sure,  if you are on a flat calm lake.  Like I said prior,  don't depend on a 12v if you fish bigger waters.

7/4/22 @ 11:41 AM

like I said, you can find issues with all brands of boats... my long time fishing bud had to have the transom replaced on his Lund Pro-V 1775... rotted out...  researching the issue, turned out it was a common problem and one that Lund only partially covered the cost ( I think they'vs since gone to metal transoms... I think )

Crestliner had issues with welded seams letting loose ( earned them the nick name Crackliner )

etc. etc.


7/4/22 @ 11:17 AM
USER SINCE 12/21/01

It's true that it's at least 10 years ago when my family member had his second Tracker re-welded.

They may well be better now,but personally I'd stick with more mid range boats like Lund, Crestliner, and Alumacraft.

Could be people are paying a lot more for the name,  could be they are getting  something for the extra money too..

7/4/22 @ 9:29 AM

Tracker had a sorta reputation WAY back when... but today it is a solid buy... you  can see bad reviews of just about any boat mfg right here on Lake-Link...

likes been said before... opinions vary

I downsized and went from a SC to a tiller... like the boat a lot, but the 70 hp Yamaha tiller can become a bit tiring on long runs... made me think going up to a merc 75 with the Big Tiller option would have been the cherry on top.. love the Yamaha tho, been a beautiful motor, and the boat, a 2012 Alumacraft Competitor 165 tiller... nice wide boat! been thinking about a pontoon that can be towed....

I really like this if you notice at the 12:55 mark, it is explained how they can keep prices down

7/3/22 @ 6:41 PM
USER SINCE 5/12/16

JB you are correct i have done that.I would go 24v if i'm running two batteries.I have been there when i needed more than a 55# troller.

7/3/22 @ 4:23 PM
racer man

I do not understand why you are knocking Tracker boats when it sounds like you never had one and taking 3rd party info. Just because other companies over charge dos not mean better. 

Also with a 12 volt system I trolled and spot locked 3 days on 1 - charge

7/3/22 @ 7:02 AM
USER SINCE 12/21/01

As far as "doing the same thing" goes I did not, because I didn't recommend what I have. 

I didn't recommend anything but avoiding Tracker, and I'm pretty comfortable with that. :)

I did this because the one guy I knew who bought two new Trackers to troll walleyes on Winnebago had to get the transom welded on both, and based on what I've read online about them over the years. 

That said "Winnebago eats tin boats" has been said before.

So has "No such thing as a free lunch" and Tracker is not a unknown brand to trying to buy market share by selling boats for $10k less than competitors 

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