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Starting the search for the next Boat

6/4/20 @ 9:03 AM
Cold Front
User since 7/9/01

 I currently have 1895 Yarcraft Storm. Love the boat but it is 20 years old. I can afford a new  one and may go that route but I also am looking at used rigs. I am looking at the 19 to 20 foot range. I want a deep and larger cockpit VS wasted deck space up front. I just don't cast much. Ranger 619's  don't seem to have much space back there. When you get to the larger ones the cost and size are more than I need. Warriors seem to fit the bill but it's hard to justify the cost. They are real  expensive. Anybody have the glass Lunds or Skeeters? I have scoured the used boat market using Walleye Central and Boats 1 and not found anything that trips my trigger. Any ideas and experiences? Thanks. Mrt. 

6/4/20 @ 12:44 PM
User since 10/10/17

Look at the older Starcraft fiberglasses.  My friend in Michigan has his for sale.  A 2014 with a 250 Mercury on it, I believe 19' or so.  Lots of rod storage, I think he is asking about $33,000 for it.  

6/4/20 @ 12:32 PM
User since 5/6/16

For years I was in the same situation as you are now . I have a little 15 foot Skeeter bass boat my dad bought brand new and it never left the family for 36 years . I loved it but it was small and had no storage or live well space. Was looking new for years and because of my financial situation couldn't get the funds for a new 16 foot aluminum. Finally was at Cedar Lake Sales and worked to get into a new Crestliner but couldn't get it done, ironically they had a 2004 Ranger 180vs Reata trade in that my wife said what's wrong with this one ? I checked it out , did some research and made the deal. I got a 18 foot fish and ski without the windshield.  It fishes like my old Skeeter , has plenty of storage , and I can have more than 3 people in it , and we can pull the tube and get my big butt up on my skis . Oh it also has a Yamaha on the back which is what I also wanted  after owning a evinrude .  Keep looking , do your homework and you will find your perfect rig . 

6/4/20 @ 11:52 AM
User since 8/16/16

Same scenario as Cold Front. My Crestliner 1850 is 18 years old. Want to get new one beginning of 2021. The boat of my dreams has always been a 20" Tyee. For sure will go with a Tyee just not sure if Ill go 20' or 19'. Not sure if Ill go with fiberglass or Aluminium. One thing I do know for sure is I want a Yamaha and Yamaha kicker. Can be done but it will cost me. 

Last kid graduated from College this year. Hes on his own in med school.  

Peace and Good Fishing!!!


6/4/20 @ 10:37 AM
User since 8/24/07

Sounds like you're looking to stay with glass?  A gentleman where we go in MN has a nice Alumacraft (unsure of model) that is deep and roomy. I saw an Alumacraft Trophy 195 on the road the other day and just from bring behind it you could tell there was a ton of room. But....not glass.  

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