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2/26/24 @ 9:42 AM
User since 9/8/09

I bought a new to me 2012 ranger.  I have decided to go all in on garmin live scope and a new garmin trolling motor.  I will be running 2 graphs up front.  Does anyone know someone who does quality work and is knowledgeable with trolling motor and graph installation?  I have used brew city trolling motor in the past but I know he sold the business.



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4/16/24 @ 3:02 PM
User since 9/8/09
Thanks for the suggestions.  I used H2O Marine they did a great job and had it done in a week!

3/8/24 @ 3:48 PM
Geneva Kid
Geneva Kid
PRO MEMBER User since 1/1/06
I feel your pain!
 A good buddy of mine was told by the salesman there that any other outboards but Mercury are junk when he wanted on a boat he was going to order. I myself don't care for the atmosphere there and haven't been in there for years.I would think that all someone would have to ask themselves how long does a Honda car run these days? The answer is a long time from what I know. Honda motors as good if not better than most from what others who have owned different brands
Attitude is everything from a salesperson you deal with and they have lacked a good attitude there for some time, especially lately. Thank goodness for other places to buy a rig at.
3/7/24 @ 9:59 PM
User since 3/22/08
vegas492, I had a chance today at the Milwaukee Journal Sport show to talk to the rep at MW marine.  First time meeting that guy.  I told him that I bought a boat and was seeking his advice on other options for my boat.  Since I didn't buy my boat from him, he told me to go talk to the dealer that I bought the boat from.  I had no issues not talking to MW marine any longer at the sport show or ever in the future.  I had his dealership in my bookmarks folder for a possible vendor and I came home and deleted that bookmark.  

I can see exactly why two of his ex employees would leave and start their own business.  Don't know how you would stay in business with that attitude.  I wrote down the phone number and saved the website of H20 Marine Group.  As long as they are not associated with MW any longer, I'm sure they would be wonderful to work with and would actually like to earn some business and not turn customers away.  Thanks for the nice recommendation.
2/29/24 @ 8:28 AM
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Thank you both for your advice.  Anchors away can’t  get me in until mid May.  H2O can get me in next week so I am going with them.  I talked to them for a bit and they sound knowledgeable.  I will post pics when it’s done.

2/27/24 @ 3:44 PM
User since 5/21/03
H2O Marine Group helped me out last year.  They are just north of Okauchee.  Good group of guys.  414 573 6991.

Two of the guys who used to work at MW started their own company, and that is all they do.  Inside Edge Marine.  Kyle Weber and Jordan Gustman.  608 572 7877.  They always did quality work for me in the past on my Ranger. 

2/26/24 @ 9:04 PM
User since 11/3/03
Try Anchors Away in Waukesha. Thet do Minkota and Motorguide. Not sure how up they are on the new Garmin motors. Pretty cool you can run the same motor at 24 or 36. I have all Garmin from Lowrance.
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