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Remote-Only Trolling Motor

10/5/20 @ 5:36 PM
262 Fishing
262 Fishing
User since 8/10/18

Thinking of getting spot lock, but really hesitant to let go of the hands-free convenience of having a foot pedal. Looking at getting the motor's head changed out, but then it's only controlled by remote (as in, with your hands).

Anybody make the leap? Regrets? Never looked back? 

I'm probably staying basic with it. No programming to following contours or anything, just basically spot lock and I think keeping it at a certain heading.


11/17/20 @ 4:57 AM
User since 3/10/08

So I just bought a used boat and the guy I bought it from changed the head to have spot lock feature. I tried the pedal and it can only go straight will not turn left or right. I tried bu friends foot pedal that has spot lock and is a different style pedal and nothing. So am I stuck with always using the remote? I do lots of river fishing and jig with two rods so using the remote at all times stinks. Any suggestions or options for me to utilize a foot pedal? Thanks 

11/16/20 @ 6:51 PM
lip rippin
User since 4/16/09

If you fish the rivers do not do it ! And if you do make sure you have extra batteries with you at all times .Works great on the river for every one but the guy with the controls .

11/16/20 @ 7:38 AM
s.s esox
User since 12/22/14

262, you should buy a Ultrex. Has all the benefits and control of a cable drive pedal with a convenience of spot lock and remote control. I don;t use the key FOB all that often. I don't like it hanging around my neck and I hate having to look down and it to see which button to push.  Spot lock is an absolute must have.

11/15/20 @ 4:48 PM
User since 3/23/20

I have a older version terrova non Bluetooth i can i am never looking back. The spot lock is a game changer works great sitting on waypoint jigging for walleye or gills of changing lures without drifting way. I do keep the footpedal stored in front storage compartment just in case battery dies in remote but I keep extra battery in my tackle box so I will probably never use the footpedal. As far as casting for any species just record a track you want to cast and it automatically follows the track  you just adjust the speed then it's pretty much hands free. The other settings to make casting easier i just haven't used them so I won't comment. The remote is perfect for trolling spinners rigs for walleye keeps the speed you select and just have to turn and then when your hooked up big spot lock and take your time landing the fish. I also use spot lock on rivers keeps you right on wing dam or a honey hole it handles current with ease. On lakes in 20+ wind spot lock has kept me on waypoint any anchor would not hold.

11/15/20 @ 8:28 AM
MEMBER since 10/7/12

Remote only will depend on how you fish. When I got my Ulterra I tried the remote on  my neck but since I cast a lot it was clumsy to keep using the remote as opposed to the foot pedal. I am a proponent of both and using the system that fits the application. I would not want to be without a foot pedal or remote. Spot lock is the absolute best thing ever invented It's nice to use it when changing rods or a different setup 

10/20/20 @ 11:12 AM
User since 3/26/15

I never use the foot pedal for my xi5..

10/8/20 @ 7:16 PM
User since 5/8/02

I picked up a new boat this spring And I went with the terrova that has the spot lock and auto pilot along with the built in transducer for a basic helix 5 with sonar.

i have not regretted spending the extra money for either foot control or remote. I find myself using the remote more than the foot however, depends on the kind of fishing you do.

the spot lock is the cats meow !!!

10/7/20 @ 8:41 AM
User since 6/12/13

I have an iX3 I just put on my 16ft Smoker Craft with remote only.  I love it so far.   Really opens up the boat for room.    If I had something bigger like an 18ft i would probably go with remote and foot control

10/6/20 @ 5:07 PM
262 Fishing
262 Fishing
User since 8/10/18

I should have specified from the beginning... I have a PowerDrive (I think it's the V2 with bluetooth - not sure how the bluetooth fits in, but it's there!)

Middleton, if you want to private message me the info I'd be interested in hearing about it.  I watched a few YouTube videos and it seems closest to what I'm looking for and simple enough to install that even a dummy like me could figure it out.

10/6/20 @ 12:20 PM
User since 6/19/01

If you are interested and have PowerDrive V2, check out ProNav. I have one and it worked great. All the features of the ipilot link. You can keep your foot pedal. It has a remote too. Also allows you to map a course to follow a shore line or depth contour using Navionics app. I removed mine when I sold my boat and the buyer didn't understand it or want it. I have it up for sale now.

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