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Real Pro RS2 Battery Charger

3/29/23 @ 6:46 PM
User since 4/21/04

So got my boat out for the first time and once out on the water the trolling motor showed the batteries were dead. Got home and checked the voltage, 13.55V. I think I just didn't push the plug in far enough for good contact. Plugged the charger in and noticed two red lights, supposedly charging. Now two green lights, supposedly ready. But as you can see in the picture something doesn't jive. Talked to the rep and he said he had never heard of this before. So, is the label wrong or the LED's wrong? Anyone else have one of these chargers? Are the lights correct?

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3/31/23 @ 4:54 AM
User since 5/8/02
JW, I have that same unit on my lund, needed to have it replaced under warranty, one of the banks just stopped charging. after talking with the mechanic, he said no matter what brand you have, they are all a crap shoot, one of the biggest pia electrical items on a boat. he said they are constantly changing out defective chargers.

3/30/23 @ 9:35 AM
User since 4/21/04
It's a sealed unit so I can't take it apart. Charger is out of warranty but Lund may cover it under their 3 year warranty.
Overnight the voltage came up to 13.77V & 13.88V from about 13.55V on both batteries. Lights are staying green indicating "READY". So it appears everything is working correctly. To be honest I never looked at the position of the lights, just whether they were green or red. If I would have plugged the motor in correctly I would have never noticed.

3/30/23 @ 7:28 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/22/21
Could be. If the Charging/Ready lights are 1 piece inside, it could have been installed upside down? Or in wrong slot? If it’s out of warranty I’d take it apart a see if lights were not installed correctly. interesting. Never seen it before.  

3/29/23 @ 9:18 PM
User since 4/21/04
mattw....the issue is the lights on the charger. They are either placed wrong in the charger or the charger label is wrong. They do not change color, they are individual LED's and are either on or off.

3/29/23 @ 9:11 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 5/6/16
Check the batteries make sure they are still go.  Many of the new style chargers have issues with batteries having bad cells etc etc . Also just double check your connections . 

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