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Quality Trailer bearings?

9/3/23 @ 7:04 PM
User since 3/22/08

I see Chinese bearing kits going for $25 to $30.  I'm curious what everyone is using these days?  Are you just putting in cheap Chinese crap in your trailer or what brand of bearings are you using for a replacement?  I'm looking for a good quality product made in the USA, Europe or Japan.  I see Timken is now made in China too.  I'm looking for value and quality - not the most expensive thing out there just not junk product.  Thanks for a push in the right direction.  

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9/22/23 @ 5:46 PM
User since 3/22/08
Moon River, I get the "made in Japan" comment.  Today Japan is an ally / China isn't.

Wanted to do a quick update on SKF USA bearings.  Twenty-eight of SKF’s 140 global manufacturing sites are located in the U.S., including facilities for the production of seals, lubrication systems and rolling bearings.

​I see where Farm & Fleet sells a trailer kit for roughly $50 per wheel.  While I'm very happy with the Japanese Toyo bearings that I installed.  I was looking for a US manufactured product to begin with and thought that I would update this thread with ​the SKF info. ​
9/5/23 @ 5:14 PM
Moon River
PRO MEMBER User since 12/8/22
I'm old enough to remember "Made in Japan" was about the same as China now. As the world turns!!
9/5/23 @ 2:27 PM
User since 12/25/02
           just about any bearing will last if you keep them greased. Some people think that just because they have bearing buddies they can just put a couple pumps in that they will be fine.    it just doesn't work that way you should regrease them once a year at least.
9/5/23 @ 1:34 PM
User since 3/22/08
Ended up buying high end Koyo bearings and races. ​ Japanese made, would rather find USA made Timkens but all of those that I found were Chinese.  I think the bearings were about $2/ each more than Chinese manufacture and they are an ally and ​not an enemy that wants to dominate ​America. ​ You get to make your own choices about these things, but I think that the Koyo product is exactly what I was ​after.  
9/4/23 @ 7:44 PM
User since 3/22/08
Fafnir is a Timken ​associated name.  They use to be a staple of the US bearing market, now most if not all are made ​in China.  I just saw a Timken bearing on Amazon and if you zoomed in on the photo it says:  Made in the USA, then when you read the fine print for the product it says made in China.  Can't blame Timken for that but whoever is that unethical on that Amazon listing is just doing an old bait and ​switch.  
9/4/23 @ 12:41 PM
User since 12/25/02
Fafnir makes a good bearing but not sure where their made.
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