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New fishing boat shopping

7/21/20 @ 4:41 PM
User since 6/20/06

Hi all,

Iam in the market for a new fishing boat.  Have about 15,000-18,000 to spend and was looking at Tracker and Alumicraft new boats.  I have never owned anything but a small aluminum boat with a 5 horsepower motor.  I don't want anything much bigger than a 17 foot boat.  would be fishing mostly smaller lakes so something I can get in and out of lakes fairly easy.  Any suggestions, ideas opinions to get me started?  Thanks

8/1/20 @ 10:05 AM
User since 12/19/10

Yeah buy used, like others have said boats aren’t used everyday so a boat that’s a few years old will be cheaper and will still be “like new”. I recently bought a 2013 Crestliner Fish Hawk 1600, this thing looked brand spanking new when we looked at it for a lot friendlier price tag than a new boat. I absolutely love this boat! Welded hull, trailers great, loads and launches very easy, has tons of room (side console) and scoots across the water at about 30-35mph with a 60 horse Mercury. This boat should last me til I’m fishing with the big guy in the sky. 

7/22/20 @ 1:05 PM
User since 5/6/16

First and foremost what kind of tow vehicle do you have available to use,  then proceed to find a rig that fits your needs . I recently bought a used Ranger 180VS from Cedar Lake Sales and absolutely love it , yes it did have a few quirks I had to take care but I expected that with it being used . You gotta do your homework before you pull the trigger on something . Figure out where you fish, what kind of fish, how you fish will determine what kind of a boat you need and make sure you have a vehicle and storage room for it as well. For me , glass is the way to go , have had two glass boats in my life the first one went 36 years before I replaced it with my current ranger.  Dont rush into anything until you do your research.  

7/22/20 @ 12:58 PM
User since 7/5/11

Not to be rude, but if you are a girl as your username implies then you don't need a fishing boat. You just show up at the launch with a fishing rod in one hand and a tackle box in the other. So long as you smile a lot and wear the proper attire, you will get to fish from a boat.

7/22/20 @ 12:39 PM
User since 11/11/15

You know me Snake.  I can never resist   

7/22/20 @ 8:49 AM
User since 5/21/03

My personal preference is glass over metal, but if you are a metal guy....

I've fished out of a Crestliner Fishhawk.  That thing was really, really solid.  Check them out, used.

Fished out of a few Lunds.  Lower end models weren't so good.  Pro-V?  Yah, that's a nice boat.  Pro-Guide?  Yah, nice boat.  Should have no problem finding some good used ones.

Don't go near a metal Ranger.  They are Trackers with heftier price tags.  If you like them, just do Tracker, though I know a few guys that have extreme issues with them.

Now...if you look at glass, Tuffy makes some really nice 16-17 foot boats and their 18 foot tiller model is an unreal fishing boat.

But yah...look used.  And when you see one you like, do not hesitate to purchase or it could be gone.  And...I'd say look at private sale versus dealer.  You can tell right away if a guy loved his boat and took care of it.  And...he would probably put you on the water with it to test it out.

7/22/20 @ 7:56 AM
User since 8/27/01

Crestliner is best out there with reverse chine hull.  Also, if you can find a new one, financing is insane, like 3% for up to 10 years, no money down and no payments until delivered.

7/22/20 @ 7:45 AM
User since 2/7/06

Go with a used boat.  Much better deals.  Boats are not like cars where they are driven almost daily.  They are used on weekends only for most thus low hours.  There is always a good deal out there on used boats.  Bought mine 10 years ago (Smoker Craft) and still runs like a champ.  

7/22/20 @ 7:04 AM
MEMBER since 7/9/12

Wicasa, I only brought it up because of the size of the boat previously owned. I guarantee my knuckles were no where near the ground. Lol Made me laugh though.

7/22/20 @ 6:49 AM
User since 4/17/07

Deep v or mod v? Side console or tiller?

7/22/20 @ 12:58 AM
User since 12/7/05

I have to agree with the something 3-5 years old with low hours and the options you want and save a TON of money! For $15,000-18,000 you will end up with a NEW base model 16' boat with a 40-50hp outboard, a 55# trolling motor and a basic 4" depth finder. Meanwhile, if you buy something 5 years old with minimal use, you can get into the 17' range OR get a more deluxe 16' model. Remember, boat manufacturers (especially Tracker) will slap a 25hp or other WAY under powered motor on a new boat to keep it in the $15,000 price range, which drinks gas, is slow and most end up spending a bunch of money to upgrade later or take a bath when they sell/trade it due to poor performance. It depends on whether you want to be able to say "I bought a new boat." If it were me, I would look at a used rig that is a couple years old that ended up being 'too much boat' for an older guy, or a family that bought a new boat, then had a couple kids and needed something bigger, etc. You will get more for your money, it will probably have a little more motor on it, and if you decide to sell it in a couple years, you won't take as much of a beating on it. Just my $.02, but if you are dead set on a new boat, pick the Alumacraft between the two brands you listed. Better quality boat with better resale value should it come to that.

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