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New boat suggestions

9/26/21 @ 2:32 PM
Joe D
USER SINCE 3/21/05

I am looking for a new boat. I am wanting 18’ tiller. Looking at the obvious ones, Lund, Crestliner, Alumacraft. Opinions on those? Any others I should consider? I am 64 so this will most likely be my last boat.

Fishing will be all inland lakes up north.

Thanks in advance


9/27/21 @ 2:14 PM

After owning several tiller boats over the years, I would recommend a Yarcraft 1785BT with a Yamaha tiller. The boats are manufactured by BassCat in  Mountain Home Arkansas. Their reputation for quality and service for many years has been indisputable.

I totally agree with Vegas pertaining to aluminum versus glass. Aluminum boats are hard to control in the wind, where a glass boat will hold on the spot, or track much better.

I do however disagree on the Tuffy boats due to the history of financial challenges over the years. I did own two Esox Magnums which I enjoyed, but they were not of the same build quality of any boat coming out of the BassCat factory. I also owned three Ranger 680|681 Fishermen models that were great. Good luck with your boat search.

9/27/21 @ 1:52 PM

I had tillers for 40 years and all were aluminum boats until 4 years ago when I got talked into going to a fiberglass boat.  I cannot see myself going back to aluminum.  Boat control is better, the ride smoother, and a lot, a lot, drier ride.  I have a Ranger 618t.  It's a nice boat but my was the last year that Ranger made tiller boats.   If I wanted a brand new one, I'd be looking at Warrior, Recon, and Skeeter.

9/27/21 @ 8:22 AM
USER SINCE 5/21/03

Tuffy has a very nice setup for an 18 foot tiller.  Wind won't move a glass boat like it does aluminum.  

I'm just not a fan of the metal boats.  Wind really moves them on the water.  Glass is a smoother boat ride, too.

9/26/21 @ 9:21 PM
USER SINCE 5/29/11

Starcraft makes a nice 18 foot tiller. The Boat Center in Chip Falls sells them with Yamaha's on them.

9/26/21 @ 6:42 PM
USER SINCE 1/16/11

Alumacraft 185 Competitor, 90 HP tiller. If you fish muskies best rod storage in class with two boxes and up to 8' rods. Best electronics storage. The depth finder simply lift out of storage locker and they are at your finger tips. Better seating, 3 storage lockers, center rod locker plus baitwell on bow deck, extra storage and built in cooler port. Rod locker starboard, Storage and bait well aft. Rear deck is big enough to fish from. Also two drawers in dash. Best in class trailer, Boat drives on drive and centers well. Also has built in ladder on the trailer. Drotto Latch also works well on this rig.

Roughly same price point as Crestliner cheaper than Lund

I shopped this to death last year and very pleased with the rig. 37 mph solo at 5900 rpm - 33 mph with 3 on board with full tank. Northern WI, Green Bay, Miss River, Lake Pepin no problems. I do pay attention to the weather on GB

BTW, I'm 70 

Good Luck 

9/26/21 @ 6:35 PM
USER SINCE 3/23/20

Starweld pretty nice boat they have a 18' tiller all welded, huge live well check them out.

9/26/21 @ 6:30 PM
BâssÂddîçt ©¸
BâssÂddîçt ©¸

Most people when they get older get away from the tiller

Want more comfort

Just saying

18 ft boat going to need some horses

9/26/21 @ 6:16 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

I have a 1650 crestliner tiller also. Very nice boat and good price.   

just my 2 cents I would stay away from any boat with built in fuel tanks as they dont let you get on plane as quickly - so i am told. 

9/26/21 @ 4:28 PM
USER SINCE 9/22/10

I was looking for over a year for a good used 17' tiller. Found a crestliner 1650 and absolutely love it. Still would like the 1750 as it's a lot wider.

Love the welded hull, tons of useful storage, one live well and two bait wells. Handles 35 knot winds and four foot seas with aplumb. (You don't want to know)

I added a ladder on the transom. I'm of similar age and want to be able to come home if I go overboard. The crestliners have high freeboard.

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