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Need help selling my boat

6/7/23 @ 8:07 PM
Cat Man J.J.
User since 5/9/03

I put my boat for sale on here about a week ago and have only received one inquiry from a scammer, so i guess I'll probably end up putting it on facebook mp or craigslist. The boat runs good and I'm asking a fair price so I should be able to sell it. This is a family pleasure boat that i converted into a fishing but I'm starting to think I may have an easier time selling the boat if I pull all the fishing stuff off?

Need help selling my boat photo by Cat Man J.J.
Need help selling my boat photo by Cat Man J.J.
Need help selling my boat photo by Cat Man J.J.
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7/1/23 @ 1:03 PM
Cat Man J.J.
User since 5/9/03
Update: I did what most suggested and pulled all the fishing stuff off the boat and cleaned it up the best i could and Thursday night listed it on Lake-Link and Craigslist for $1,200 and it was headed for facebook friday morning. 
I woke up friday morning and had five or six interested buyers, sold the boat sold saturday and never made it to facebook.
I probably could have gotten a little more but i thought it was a pretty fair price for a 30 year old boat that didn't owe me anything, i had a lot of good times with that boat.
What i didn't tell them was when you pull the for sale sign off it still has the name of that legendary Kenosha fishing vessel REEL BROKE
Need help selling my boat photo by Cat Man J.J.
6/10/23 @ 2:04 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 5/6/16
As posted , you need to expand your exposure to more people . When I finally decided to sell my Skeeter, Facebook is what I used and had enough people ask and come to look at it and sold within a week or so .  Just posting here severely limits who sees it unfortunately 
6/9/23 @ 5:14 PM
User since 12/7/05
A couple things here...

1) As others have mentioned, Facebook MP, Craigslist, etc. will all get your boat in front of many more people than Lake Link. It just will, nothing against Lake Link.

2) The reason (I would assume) your boat did not receive much interest on this site is because this is a fishing website/forum and although you may have added rod holders and a trolling motor, your boat is a ski/pleasure boat. There probably isn't a livewell, not much for casting decks, storage, etc. No offense, but adding a trolling motor does not make a ski boat a fishing boat, much less a hand controlled trolling motor.

If I were you, I would do exactly what you mentioned. I would list it on Facebook or Craigslist as a ski/pleasure boat and mention that you have items that can be sold with the boat if the buyer would like to fish from it as well. I have noticed over the years that even fish/ski boats (ie bass boats with full windshields) do not sell very well on here. Good luck with your sale!
6/9/23 @ 6:27 AM
User since 8/24/07
You will definitely get more replies if you put it on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Yes, you'll get scammers with every method, but it's pretty easy to determine who's real and who isn't. I like Marketplace because you can check out the person replying.
6/8/23 @ 6:00 AM
User since 7/20/09
I can't imagine the classifieds on here get much attention compared to other options.  I sold my last boat and truck on Facebook MP pretty quickly and had a lot of inquiries.  At least there you can tell if they are real people, local, etc...most of the time.
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