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Minnkota Deckhand - DH40 Electric Anchor Winch

5/17/22 @ 3:20 AM
USER SINCE 5/27/03

I have recently encountered some health issues so handling the anchors is going to be a serious issue for me. I’ve briefly looked into the Minnkota electric anchor winch and I’m considering getting one….at least for the front anchor.

For those of you that have experience with these or similar units I would greatly appreciate your comments…..pros and cons.

Question that come to mind:

1). Is battery wear a problem?

2). Any tips on best way to mount? 

 I did check out a few “YouTube videos, which did offer some

great insight but it’s always good to hear from the LL crew.


5/17/22 @ 8:02 AM
USER SINCE 7/20/09

I had one for a little bit but eventually just moved to using a trolling motor with spotlock.  I had it mounted to a trolling motor plate so that I could swap them out when I wanted one or the other.  They are made to fit the plates.

Make sure the anchor is proper size per the specs.  If not it may not deploy as nicely.  Not that it won't, but you might encounter it getting hung up a bit when trying to drop.  I noticed it more with an 18 lb coated anchor, the coating caused more friction.  I used a 30 lb later on and that was great.  I think my dad used a 20 lb non-coated anchor with no issues.

I had to keep the anchor in the boat when moving.  I think there is a switch that holds it tight and it must have been worn on mine because the anchor would start to come down if I hit any waves.  Granted mine was a used unit, new one might be fine.  Happened more with the heavier anchor for obvious reasons too.

You can get a switch to run to your driver's seat, so you can let it down right from where you are and not have to go to the front of the boat.

I had it wired to my starting battery since my trolling motor was a 24 volt system.  I never drew it down, I think that little bit of use was compensated by the alternator.  Or worst case maybe would have to charge it once or twice a year, but I would just monitor it.  Can just monitor voltage on the depth finder, assuming you have it hooked to the same battery.

Overall I liked it.  Was nice to drive up to a spot and drop the anchor while simultaneously controlling the boat.  I just got sick of swapping things so went with spotlock later.

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