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Mercury pro xs backorder

5/23/19 @ 9:53 PM
MEMBER since 1/14/13

My new boat was delivered at the end of April. The dealership delivered it with a different motor than I ordered. They are letting me run a 2019 200 hp 4 stroke until my 200 hp pro xs comes in which was supposed to be July/August. I received a call on Wednesday and the dealership is now claiming November of 2020 for my motor. Personally I can’t believe this is possible.... Anyone have any info that can either confirm or deny that it will be 18 months before I see the motor I ordered?

10/14/19 @ 11:42 AM
MEMBER since 1/14/13


We trolled for muskies and didn’t do very well. Fished from about noon till dark on Friday, all day Saturday and daylight till 1 pm on Sunday.

 Lost a big fish off the inside corner by geanos on Friday evening... Caught a 40” class fish on a Livingston Rachel, (whitefish pattern)on Saturday afternoon on the end of frying pan shoal...and that was it for the weekend...

Learned a ton as this was my 1st time trolling for muskies on the bay. Fished many areas from pensaukee shoal all the way down to university bay. 

10/14/19 @ 11:11 AM
User since 10/10/17

That is one good looking motor and rig.  The question was the fishing last weekend on Green Bay?  

10/12/19 @ 8:06 PM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

nice rig! wicked looking motor... 

happy it turned out to be a good overall experience 

10/12/19 @ 6:14 PM
MEMBER since 1/14/13

Just wanted to add an update, although a bit late.... My Pro XS 200 was rigged the middle of August and I couldn’t be happier with the motor or the experience honestly. 

The motor has performed flawlessly so far. (Approximately 30 hours on it)  From running little inland lakes in the upper peninsula to running and even  trolling 4-5 footers on green bay last weekend. (9.9 kicker sometimes struggled in the gale force southerly winds)

Watercraft Sales in 3 lakes really took care of me when I look back on the experience. Pretty amazing that they let me run a different 200 h.p. all summer for free!

8/16/19 @ 12:46 PM
User since 9/8/17

Brunswick owning Lund and Crestliner, along with a number of other brands, has a lot to do with it.   Being that they also own Mercury that is.  And are affiliated with Skeeter and Ranger.  A lot of dealers, and big dealers, are pushing the Mercury motors for this reason.  Evinrude has taken a back seat by affiliation. 

8/15/19 @ 5:56 PM
User since 3/26/19

update:  still patiently waiting.

6/7/19 @ 9:36 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

I would attribute some of it to the new four stroke Pro XS V8 ( and the larger 4S's in general), it has opened up a huge new market for them. Guys that wanted 4S but didn't want Verado. 

6/7/19 @ 8:49 AM
User since 12/22/04

and if they are a like a lot of companies trying to rapidly reduce lead times, they will implement short cuts and bring in secondary suppliers that maybe of lower quality standards to reduce backlog of orders, etc....and this rapid effort to increase capacity results in other issues to the final product you ultimately get.

I would just keep the motor you have and ask for some kind of other credit personally from dealer like an extended warranty or some other gadget you want. 

Just me being cynical of course

6/7/19 @ 8:42 AM
User since 12/22/04

there are two kind of quality problems in manufacturing.  Field escapes are customer, warranty and public impacts that companies will acknowledge. Supplier or internal quality problems impact yield and throughput and are never acknowledged by any decent manufacturing company and always simply communicated as demand.     Very rarely are there new consumer products that hit the market that push out lead times that much unless every single major engine manufacturer is operating at same basic lead time.  The Mercury outboards are not Iphones or Furbies.

Other reasons could be that Mercury is a dump to work at and can't keep people or have terrible maintenance program and poor uptime on critical machinery.

6/7/19 @ 7:01 AM
User since 8/4/08

Yes mercury is that far backed up.  They are at least a year out for all of their big hp motors right now.  The rise of the big center console boats with multiple engines is a cause for this as well as a better economy and more people buying new. Quality is not the issue just simply a huge demand for the engines.

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