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leaking alumacraft

9/13/18 @ 8:43 PM
User since 2/26/13

I have a 2012 Alumacraft navigator. This spring it started to take in water. First thought it was a bad rivet. So I put boat on trailer and filled it with water. Then I crawled under it and found water streaming out of a paint bubble on the flat surface of the hull. No rivet problem. Upon further inspection found a number of paint bubble on the hull but only one was leaking. Dealer conferred with Alumacraft and they agreed to a temporary fix by applying silicon to the leaking bubble. Also on a number of other paint bubbles. In October my boat will be sent to Alumacraft for their inspection and determine how to fix it permanently. Alumacraft and the dealer both said they have never seen or heard of this problem. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it outrageous to expect them to present a deal for a new boat? The more I think about this the more I do not want a boat with a leak because of a material flaw. Thoughts??? 

10/11/19 @ 7:49 AM
User since 10/7/18

Comparing Lund to Alumacraft the price is within a grand comparing apples to apples... I'll probably end up with another Alumacraft, as I am not going to own a Mercury or a shorelander trailer! Jeri's was great.... Yamaha or Evinrude and a trailmaster deluxe trailer.....

10/10/19 @ 9:21 AM
MEMBER since 11/5/17

I’ve owned 11 Alumicraft boats throughout the years. V hulls and Jon Boats. No leakers! My brother in law still has his 50? Year old 14 footer, he loves it.  My neighbor owned 2 TARGAS, both leaked!     Bottom line is that All makes have occasional flaws, like automobiles and women.   CARPIO 

10/10/19 @ 8:24 AM
MEMBER since 7/21/01

Been running Alumacrafts since 1991.... Never had a leaker.. Fantastic boats. Would never consider paying $3,500 more to have LUND on the side of my boat. You get nothing more for it...

10/10/19 @ 7:20 AM
MEMBER since 7/7/04

That’s odd, the Lodi guy’s scratched my Alumacraft too, but they never could fix my Yamaha.

10/9/19 @ 10:35 AM
User since 10/7/18

Just sold my first Alumacraft after two years of ownership that I bought in faribault Minnesota, seem to be a wonderful dealer and not one issue with my boat! Yamaha motor died on the lake and the dealer in Lodi fixed it promptly, however they did put a scratch in my boat which they denied doing! 

I'm currently looking to purchase a new boat and I'm leaning towards Jerry's in Beloit just because I can get a Lund without a Mercury.... And a decent trailer put underneath it......

I am told since being purchased there issues have went threw the roof.... But I have no experience other than mine was great.

10/8/19 @ 4:19 PM
MEMBER since 7/7/04

In my many years of boat ownership, I have found that when a problem arises the dealer can make a huge difference. The worst was a Lund/Honda dealer from Racine. After two years Honda sent me to Princeton. The Lund boat had problems too, but they were all dealer related.

The second worst one was a Alumacraft/Yamaha dealer from Lodi. I wound up taking that rig to a different dealer too.

All boats will normally have some issues over time, it’s the dealer support that really makes a difference in the end.

10/8/19 @ 12:06 PM
User since 2/19/06

I had an 80s Alumacrap boat with multiple leaks in between the ribs.  Local repair shop said it's from poor manufacturing process of leaving steel rivet posts from aluminum rivets laying in boat, then spraying foam flotation over them.  Galvanic corrosion.....

10/8/19 @ 11:06 AM
User since 10/7/18

Who is your dealer? 

10/8/19 @ 8:18 AM
otter man
User since 1/3/10

Had this happen 25 years ago battery acid leaking out of battery ate bottom of boat up could be the cause

10/8/19 @ 6:19 AM
User since 2/26/13

My wish was that Alumacraft would create some sort of deal with me for another boat. Unfortunately they haven't expressed any interest in making this situation right. They have done quite the job of keeping me uninformed and in the dark. I have given crawlerharness's advise much thought as I certainly do not want to send this boat's problems on to another owner. No matter which direction I go I suffer the financial loss on my boat. So this weekend I will put the boat in the water to see if all is OK. After dealing with this situation for 18 months I am very frustrated with Alumacraft. I wish that the dealership would have been more aggressive with Alumacraft to get this customer's satisfaction. 

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