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Buying a used boat

6/24/21 @ 5:32 PM
USER SINCE 1/21/15

Hey guys I’m looking at switching boats this winter. I’m thinking the nitro ZV and Ranger angler series will get hard looks. Any opinions on one over the other?Where is a good place to find out what my current boat is worth?Any reason to buy longer over shorter other than more room? Does length make any difference in the ride in rough water? Thanks guys


8/11/21 @ 4:23 AM
USER SINCE 6/27/17

Unless your going to fish tournaments an 18ft boat should fit your needs. I would suggest a 4stroke any brand and close to max HP for the hull.

 I think fiberglass boats boats are a little overrated. I have been running glass boats for awhile now and they are way harder to keep clean.As far as ride quality it all depends on the driver.

8/4/21 @ 8:48 PM
USER SINCE 1/14/13

I like my ZV 19 but it just sits in the garage. Versatile boat that is great on the big lakes or smaller inland waters.   To busy working and other hobbies have occupied my time so it’s only seen water 4-5 times this year. 

8/4/21 @ 9:11 AM

There’s a great looking rig sitting outside about a mile west of Big Bend on “L”.      Looks to be 18’ with a newer Johnson.  4500$.        Also about a 20’ camo Jon boat with a 2 yr old? 90 Evinrude.   Really a sharp looking rig!   38,000$.    Big Bend near the post office.       CARPIO 

6/27/21 @ 4:31 PM
USER SINCE 12/7/05

Wow, I heard that with Bass Pro acquiring the Ranger brand they had made some changes to make them more affordable, but didn't realize they cheapened them enough to ruin the Ranger reputation!? That's nuts! In that case, save the money and buy a Nitro! I am also intrigued by the Vexus boats...Again, out of my league at the present in the cost department, but a damn sharp boat that seems to be quality-built! I like aluminum-hulled boats, but don't like the ride of the modified-v hulls on the Tracker, Alumacraft, Xpress, Lowe, etc. A true v-bottom aluminum bass boat would be awesome!

6/25/21 @ 12:23 PM

After buying a used Ranger last year and seeing the newer Ranger and Nitro boats now , I totally agree with Vegas , the newer Rangers just aren't the same as the older models . Having said that my 2004 that I bought for 10 grand had a net worth of over 16000  by the Credit Union I was dealing with , so they hold their value . I would definitely get as big as you can tow, store, and have gear for , but really depends on what you fish, where you fish. Just my two cents 

6/25/21 @ 11:36 AM
USER SINCE 5/21/03

I've looked at a lot of glass boats.  And I own a 2011 Ranger 619VS.

I do not feel like the new Rangers have the quality of their older ones.  Fit and finish isn't the same.  Ride isn't the same.

Then I did a little research and see that Vexus was started by old Ranger people.  I was in a Vexus.  And it is very apparent to me that they have it down pat.

Much love and respect for Nitro, especially in really big water, but that Vexus is an amazing rig.  Best ride I've ever had in big water.  Tons of storage.  Great fit and finish.  Just a really smart design.

It'll be a while before I look for a boat, but I'll be all over the Vexus.

6/25/21 @ 7:45 AM
USER SINCE 7/20/09

I use this to find current prices.  I sold my boat this past spring and the price it told me here was the same that a dealer suggested, and its what I got for it.

I actually had an Evinrude and the dealer told me to sell it myself, they would not offer me nearly as much due to the Evinrude.  He literally said he was instructed to low ball any trade in with an Evinrude, so he told me what to sell it for privately. Maybe they are not all like that, but I had other trade in quotes that were half of what I ended up selling the boat for myself.

6/25/21 @ 5:28 AM
Paranoid Percher
USER SINCE 8/19/18

The longer the boat the better the ride take a 18 foot you hit every wave take a 21 foot your into the next wave before you feel it

6/25/21 @ 5:06 AM
USER SINCE 1/21/15

I fish some big water in the Missouri River reservoirs some (about 3-4 trips a year). I have a cabelas here where I live so have the dealership of both right here. Also have a bass pro like 20-30 minutes away. I do believe the do service work also correct? I don’t fish any tournaments. I mostly bottom bounce and a little bit of trolling. 

6/24/21 @ 11:43 PM
USER SINCE 12/7/05

I agree that comparing the two, the Ranger will be a nicer, more solid boat with better fit/finish and ride. BUT...that being said, the Nitro is still a nice boat that will still fit the bill and save you money up front. It all comes down to how you fish and whether or not you fish a lot of tournaments and will be hard on the boat. If you fish a lot of big water and that boat is going to take a pounding, I would look at the Ranger just due to their reputation and resale value. I would also look at the Warrior line as well. If I were to get a 18-20 foot fiberglass multispecies boat, I would take a hard look at Warrior and Ranger. Unfortunately, I do not have to worry about making those decisions anytime soon! I would also say that service / warranty should be a consideration as well. How close is the nearest Ranger or Nitro dealer and how do they rate? That would probably have the biggest impact on my purchase decision if I were buying a $40,000+ boat than what sticker is on the side of it...they will all be nice boats, but who will take care of you when something goes wrong and how much will they go to bat for you with the manufacturer (Ranger/Nitro/Warrior, etc.)? 

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