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3/17/24 @ 1:09 PM
Brent Hess
Brent Hess
PRO MEMBER User since 12/18/07

Anyone have a good source for used boat values?

Would be nice for selling my current boat, as well as buying a different one.

For my current boat I've found pricing anywhere from 10-25k. That's quite a swing lol!

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4/4/24 @ 12:45 PM
User since 3/21/14
Kind of in the same position.  Looking for a small inexpensive fishing boat.  I scroll past any that have older Mercury engines .  Growing up my dad had a couple Mercury's and they were always giving us issues.  When the wife and I  bought our current pontoon 10 years ago I had the dealer swap the Mercury for a 115 hp etec.   Probably crazy but I just had a hard time getting past the issues I saw as a younger child. The Etec has been trouble free but time will tell whenever I do sell it.
Good luck, i think there is still a loyal following of Etecs and you'll be fine
4/2/24 @ 2:08 PM
User since 8/2/01
Lakeshiner, totally agree, E-tec maybe a great motor but having one on the back of a boat that you are trying to sell for most people is going to be a huge negative.  I've seen some pretty nice boats, then seen it had an E-tec on the back and just kept on scrolling.  There is a reason folks tend to stick with current supported production motors, ie Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki.    As the saying goes it's worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it, and unfortunately for E-tec's for most folks that is not much now a days.
4/2/24 @ 8:42 AM
User since 7/20/09
I agree E-tecs are great engines, that's the reason I had one in the past.  But yeah, it does hurt that they are not made now.  Another example, my dad was just at a dealer the other day and asked about trading in his current E-tec to re-power his boat.  They told them they don't want it, that they already had one and were having trouble moving it.

I'd be curious about software updates and diagnostics in general.  Older motors like Johnson and what not don't have those issues, but E-tec has more going on under the hood.  At one point I had to get an update for mine because it was losing power and it was all software related.
3/23/24 @ 10:51 AM
Brent Hess
Brent Hess
PRO MEMBER User since 12/18/07
Not looking to turn this into an e-tec (good or bad thread)...

That said, I don't believe it's a big secret that BRP purchased Evinrude for the E-Tec technology for their ski-do snowmobile line. Ski do has close to a 60 percent market share of sleds.  They took the E-tec technology and put it in their sleds, and still do present day. 

That was the primary reason BRP purchased Evinrude. They also didn't try to sell Evinrude (even for less than it was worth), as they didn't want any other companies to have the technology piece. They have a great sled, they just sip gas, have great handling, very reliable, and have very good acceleration, they don't weigh anywhere near what a four stroke does.

For me personally, I have an Etec and a Yami on the toon, and both have been very reliable - love them both.

As for buying a motor that's no longer manufactured, I suppose it depends on who you are.  I purchased a Johnson 15 hp few years back, and I didn't think twice about the motor not being current. 

I'd buy a used E-Tec for the same reason.  Folks on both sides of the coin - which is ok, we're all different!

My wife and I just rented an Airbnb for a week in the summer on the wolf river, I'm gonna hang onto it for a little longer lol!
3/22/24 @ 9:49 PM
Cat Man J.J.
PRO MEMBER User since 5/9/03
I'd list it for 12k-13k and take the first offer over 10k.
The longer you own it the less it's worth and the harder it is to sell.
I sold my 30yr old boat on craiglist last summer for $1,200 and a week later it was back on there for $2,500, but I was sure happy to have it out my driveway.
3/22/24 @ 6:10 PM
Geneva Kid
Geneva Kid
PRO MEMBER User since 1/1/06
In response to Hunter & Hound. I had a 1999 Evinrude 4 stoke 70HP tiller on a Lund 1775 Pro V Tiller Boat. I had it for 19 year 7months before I sold it. The engine had a Suzuki power heard with a OMC lower unit. I had over 2000 hours on the rig with never one problem. I guided and used it for family use as well. Gas mileage was great, noise level was excellent often hitting the start botton not aware it was running. Yearly maintenance with plugs changed every two years, not one hiccup with the motor.
However, The Etech's are better engines in my opinion and from other firends who have them. The are lighter have fast take off, better gas mileage and about the same price with a better warranty. Politic's got rid of that engine, not Covid like others may think. Speaking to several guys who work at BRP say politics pretty much that caused the death of them. However, their technology is still in use on other products. I would buy a good used one in a heart beat if I were in need. Went to Honda 4stokes which seem to be a good motor so far. MY 2CENTS
3/19/24 @ 1:23 PM
User since 7/24/01
The best Evinrudes/Johnsons were the 4-strokes made by Suzuki.  

Going back to 2 strokes was a death sentence.
3/19/24 @ 10:31 AM
User since 8/2/01

Fixed this for you.

"E tec was the best motor Evinrude ever made,they shouldn't have stopped making them. I have one,my friend has one ,everybody i talk to likes them."

An unfortunately having a non production motor hanging off the back of a nice boat regardless of how good the motor was, is a deal killer for most. 
3/19/24 @ 9:46 AM
User since 10/15/03
E tec is the best motor ever made,they shouldn't have stopped making them. I have one,my friend has one ,everybody i talk to likes them.
3/19/24 @ 9:02 AM
User since 9/17/16
IMO you should be able to get close to those retail values.  Plenty of people have no issue with etecs and some even prefer them.  Remember, as long as you have some time, which it sounds like you do since you have another boat and don’t even use the Glastron, you can always come down in price if you get no action.  A good used boat has been tough to find at a reasonable price the last couple years so if it is in the right condition it will sell.  There is no reason to give it away at a discount at this point IMO.
3/19/24 @ 8:41 AM
User since 7/20/09
Back when the dealers had no boats on the floor during the Covid supply issues, I was boat shopping.  I found one that was coming in that I put money down on and then asked what they'd give me for my current boat.  That was a 2016 Alumacraft Competitor with a 90 E-tec.  Even though they had no boats on the floor and my boat was in amazing condition, they still flat out told me they didn't want it due to the E-tec.  I was shocked, figured it would have been quick money for them.  The dealer told me what he'd list it for privately and after some research, I found it legit.  I did sell it in the end and got what I wanted, so I was happy.  But even the guy who did buy it mentioned the E-tec, but he was my one motivated buyer.  It didn't sell super quick though and I definitely noticed other similar boats listed with different motors that sold a lot quicker.

​Just have to find that ​right person though, I'm sure you will.  They aren't bad motors and I'm sure they will be out on the water ​for many years.

3/19/24 @ 7:38 AM
User since 12/20/12
Wish you luck on the sale but fear you'll be lucky to clear 10 k. Hopefully I'm wrong. E Tec has a poor reputation everywhere but they really take a beating in the Midwest. Southeastern U.S. seems a bit less biased. 
Only need one motivated buyer. Hopefully you find them!
3/18/24 @ 7:45 PM
Brent Hess
Brent Hess
PRO MEMBER User since 12/18/07
Thank you EM, they were on my list along with JD power :)

We originally purchased a Glastron Fish and Ski so our family could enjoy the best of both worlds! We could fish, but we could also take our two boys (and their friends) and pull them around on skis. Fast forward our boys are 23 and 26, and we moved onto a fairly small river (and the boys have moved out on their own). I have a little 14 foot John boat with a 15 horse, and fish out of it frequently. I use the little boat so much, that I didn't even take the Glastron out a single time last year.

The more I thought about it, I think I would rather sell the fish and ski, and purchase a smaller fishing boat that we would use weekly. The Glastron is too much boat for the river we live on, and we just don't use it anymore.

Looking online, pricing varies quite a bit - attached is what I'm finding.  

Was thinking about posting the Glastron on the TP (after getting her out of storage.) and then start looking for a little fishing boat.  Something with 40 on the back would fit the need about perfect. Here is a link to the new Glastron fish and skis, they have not changed much at all.  Fish and Ski

The open bow turns into a fishing platform in less than a minute, and the trolling motor slips on and off in about the same amount of time... She'll hold 8 adults with no trouble. 

Biggest question is value, it varies a bit.  Was thinking about taking it to a dealer on consignment. Very early in the thought process. It's a 2005, however we upgraded the motor to a 150 Etec in 2010. 
Boat Values photo by Plmlk
Boat Values photo by Plmlk
3/17/24 @ 10:09 PM
User since 1/7/02
Search NADA Guides - boats 
3/17/24 @ 9:30 PM
User since 5/28/08
What are you selling and what are you looking for? I've got a Crestliner Commander 1850 that very well equipped. I'd consider selling or a trade depending on what you have. 
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