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4/5/21 @ 3:09 PM
Big Lake Hoosier
Big Lake Hoosier

Do you feel a boat lift is needed for a 17' fishing boat on an 800 acre lake?

Same question for 14 footer?

I never considered a boat lift for my fishing boat.  Looking for any experience to help guide me.  Thanks!


4/14/21 @ 4:00 PM
RickD Jr
USER SINCE 3/24/21

In my opinion, anytime you can get your boat up and out of the water it’s a good thing. Or make sure your automatic bilge is always working. I’ve seen a couple aftermaths of bad storms wreak some havoc on some boats. 

4/14/21 @ 2:42 PM

I lived on a river between two lakes for 3 years. I had a cheap 14 foot fishing boat. I had a cover for it but had to place big waste baskets underneath so the water would not accumulate on the cover, plus milk jugs filled with water for waits to hold down the tarp. that was a big pain. I'd spend 15 minutes getting the cover off and 15 minutes putting it back on, at least! It was much easier just fishing off the dock sometimes.  My neighbor had a manual lift to lift his boat just out of the water, then he would just take the drain plug out and let the water drain out that way. If you have a boat that's not heavily furnished this isn't a big deal, but seats, carpet and all that then I'd want a lift and a cover over the lift so that you could just get in and away you go.  They're worth it in my opinion no matter what the size of the lake is.

4/14/21 @ 1:25 PM

It also depends on How secure it is. If you are in a protective bay you may be just fine . Exposed shoreline on the east end of the lake maybe not.

alos, if it’s at a cottage, how often do you get up there?

4/14/21 @ 11:51 AM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

for the 14 footer consider using a Shore Docker. its very cost effective

I dont know what your shore line and boat setup is like so I cant comment on the 17.

I use a shore docker for my 16 ft with 60 merc.

4/14/21 @ 11:39 AM
USER SINCE 5/23/05

I was keeping my boat in the water the first year I got it.  It was a real pain to have to uncover and cover every time I wanted to use it.  Bought a lift with a top and I honestly fish more now because it's so easy to just lower the boat and go or if the weather is sketchy no big deal to go our for an hour or 2 and then just raise it up.  The hull stays much cleaner and the interior stays dry.  I only use the cover when the boat is on the trailer now.  The other plus is when covering it with the boat in the water it can be quite the balancing act!

4/14/21 @ 11:10 AM
Tim Zwieg
USER SINCE 1/10/12

Boat lift nice to get boat up and out of the water, and yes a cover is nice

4/5/21 @ 8:06 PM
USER SINCE 9/23/09

 A few things to think about with a lift are will you be removing it and installing it or pay someone? They can be a pain if you have a steep shoreline or soft bottom. You will need space to store it hopefully not far from lake. They are great for expensive boats but if you just have older fishing boats they make a kit that makes a wooden ramp for pulling boat onto shore.

4/5/21 @ 3:43 PM
Qual Fisher
USER SINCE 4/28/19

Boat lifts serve 2 main purposes.  First, by lifting the boat clear of the water, wind and waves will not bang the boat against the dock or shoreline.  Second, a boat lift cover will protect the boat from rain, sun, falling leaves, and possibly birds.  

If you have a nice boat, you will probably want to protect it.  

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