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10/21/20 @ 4:08 PM
I Wire Em
User since 7/19/01


Purchased a used boat in July . Went for a test run,been sitting since.

( no Time ) Can I store for winter in ( non heated garage ) without winterizing ? Can I do the following things:

1)  Lower motors and let drain  ( 90hp evinrude 2 stroke 96 yr)

9.9 nissan 4 stroke 

2) Refill in spring

3) Add fuel stabilize ( what is a good one)

4)  Can i leave batteries 3  and put charger on a timer for 4 hrs a day

Any other tips would be Great also leave cover on or off ??

Thanks in Advance !!!!



10/21/20 @ 5:30 PM
User since 11/3/03

Activate the kill switch and give each motor like 10 seconds of cranking to clear any water that might be in the water pumps. . Add Seafoam or Stabil Marine to the tanks if not emply. I usually drain my tank for the snow blower over winter and fill with new non-reformulated in Spring. Fog the engine by pulling the plugs, spritz fog in, give it a few cranks, spriitz again and replacing them with the spark plug wires reconnected for spring... lol (experience). Remember to reactivate the kill switches after. If your not sure when the lower unit lube was changed last, it's also a good idea to be fresh for the spring run. Blow out any live well tubes with a leaf blower or recommended, put RV antifreeze up the intakes and down the drains till you see solid pink. I can blow my drain with a leaf blower. Water comes shooting out the back for 10 ft, so have a bucket ready or be outside.

Batteries.: I leave mine in and plug in my onboard charger like once a month overnight. 

10/21/20 @ 5:25 PM
User since 9/24/03

This is what I’ve been doing for the past 15 years with zero issues at all. It was suggested by my marine mechanic after I ran into headaches using regular Stabil.

I don’t “winterize” at all. I run Seafoam in my gas towards the end of the year. It stabilizes the fuel.

About once a month I crank the engine over a few times until it fires. Its a direct injected 2 stroke. The idea behind this is to keep the cylinders from drying out. 

I have an on board charger and I plug that in for a few hours once a month on the days I crank the engine.

Trailer is jacked up and jack stands are placed under the frame to get weight off of the springs.

Trolling motor is removed and stored in the house.

Different ideas on what to do for rodent prevention. Some say moth balls, some say just get a cat, some say to use dryer sheets. I use dryer sheets. It won’t keep everything out but it does a good enough job to keep them at bay. My boat has been stored in a shed on a farm where there are plenty of mice roaming around looking for shelter.

In the fall (or spring) when you use your boat and temps could dip below freezing lower your motor all the way and let it drain out after using it. Once it’s done draining raise it all the way up and back down all the way again. Water finds ways to get “trapped” inside. Before putting my boat away I’ll always drop the oil in the lower unit and put fresh stuff in.

You might get many different responses to this and none of them are wrong. I’ve just shared what has worked for me for a decade and a half and it’s what was recommended by a mechanic. 

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