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10/21/20 @ 4:08 PM
I Wire Em
User since 7/19/01


Purchased a used boat in July . Went for a test run,been sitting since.

( no Time ) Can I store for winter in ( non heated garage ) without winterizing ? Can I do the following things:

1)  Lower motors and let drain  ( 90hp evinrude 2 stroke 96 yr)

9.9 nissan 4 stroke 

2) Refill in spring

3) Add fuel stabilize ( what is a good one)

4)  Can i leave batteries 3  and put charger on a timer for 4 hrs a day

Any other tips would be Great also leave cover on or off ??

Thanks in Advance !!!!


10/26/20 @ 7:24 AM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07

Some guys run RV antifreeze through their bildge pump, live well, and bait well...

I’ve never done that before, and have not had any issues, however it certainly can’t hurt anything, and may help...

The Woodlands Resort
(262) 661-3968
10/25/20 @ 7:08 PM
MEMBER since 7/7/04

I’ve had many different brands of boats over the years, yes even Rangers. I winterized the Ranger just like a Mirrocraft.

I have never taken my batteries out of a boat, ever. Charge them fully, top them off with distilled water and charge again, disconnect the cables and leave them in the boat.

10/25/20 @ 5:26 PM
User since 5/6/16

Question, what's up with the RV antifreeze ?  I have been doing my old 15ft a certain way for years and it's been good , but now because I have ,my ranger which is a lot newer , I wonder if I am doing enough, I fog motor since I still have a 2 stroke on the back, will change lower unit and refill before I take it to storage,  I cant plug onboard charger in since boats off site , I use to take batteries out of old boat and store inside,  I might do that again with this one since I now have three batteries.  Your thoughts on the antifreeze ? 

10/24/20 @ 8:37 AM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07

For me:

*Full tank of gas (to prevent condensation) along with a full can of Seafoam

*Drain / change oil in lower unit

*Fog cylinders

*Put steel wool in the exhaust port by the prop (one year had a mouse crawl up the exhaust and make a nest filled with bird seed)

*Put lavender deodorizer all over the place in the boat (cheap and potent stuff available at Mendards) mice can’t stand the strong odor, and they leave your boat alone

The Woodlands Resort
(262) 661-3968
10/24/20 @ 6:20 AM
User since 2/11/12

I do one other thing. I pull the prop on both motors and inspect for line wrapped around the shaft. I find some more often then you would expect.

10/23/20 @ 2:01 PM
I Wire Em
User since 7/19/01

Schweee ...........I think I will try in Sell It   (LOL)

Thank All of you for your detailed reports, and taking the time to do so.I will use alittle of everyones suggestions. 

Thanks Again !!!

Stay Save and Healthy


10/23/20 @ 12:54 PM
User since 4/17/07

I change the lower gear oil, put stabil in the gas and fog the engine. I hook a battery charger up about once a month to top off the batteries. The last two years I completely empty the boat and leave all the compartments open with the cover off, haven't had a problem with mice since. I put some moth balls in the engine under the cowling. 

It only takes a half hour to change the oil and fog the engine. 

10/22/20 @ 3:56 PM
User since 3/23/20

Yep same thing every year for me got a 16.5 ft Monark by statecraft 40 hp mercury outboard. I first put stabilizer 360 marine stabill in 13 gallon gas tank run motor for 5 minutes then pull gas line and let it run out of gas.then I drain lower unit and then refill and I add 2 new nylon washers to the lower unit screws and then I spray mercury motor touch up paint on the screws to paint in screws personal choice. Then in unheated garage i put the boat and trailer on 2 Jack stands because I have had tires create a flat spot from sitting on cement for the winter. The flat spot caused the tire tread to separate and tire was junk. I then charge both starting and trolling batteries and store in basement. This has worked flawlessly for 20 years.

10/22/20 @ 10:14 AM
MEMBER since 1/21/13

All good comments. 

One caution - I've heard people drain the lower unit and leave it empty for the winter. Don't do this. Drain your lower unit and refill before winter. That way if there was any water in the oil you will have fresh additives to help stop corrosion over the winter.

Also I've replace more lower unit than I can remember because they forgot to refill come spring.

10/22/20 @ 8:05 AM
User since 10/9/16

If you do not run AGM batteries in your boat don't forget to check the water level. If it is low you need to add distilled water. I have been running non-ethanol gas in my boat forever never added seafoam or any other additive to the gas. Starting a dry motor is the worst thing you could do for a motor impeller.

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