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8/29/23 @ 10:13 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 12/15/08

I’m wanting to change from carpet in my boat to something like EVA Foam. A few years ago I talked to a guy who was at the Milwaukee sports show and his company did new floor covering installations. I’ve misplaced his business card but thought someone on here may know of a firm that does this. . Thanks in advance.


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10/25/23 @ 6:50 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/8/06
I would be leery about putting the EVA flooring over carpet. Unless you’re going to remove it and allow the carpet to completely dry out, you’ll end up getting mold on the carpet. ​
10/24/23 @ 1:54 PM
User since 1/24/05
I'm looking in to getting flooring for my 2006 Alumacraft Navigator from Aquatraction. Saleman sent me some pictures of his boat that he did and it looks really nice. They will meaure and cut the floor to fit. I was worried about the edges of my plywood being exposed but they can put a resin right on top of your carpet and them put the aquatraction right on top of that. Then at least the edges of the plywood are still covered by carpet. I would think of putting it on top of the carpet bt now I am intrigued. I was just looking at doing the cockpit floor. I still want to be able to take up the center section of flooring in case I ever need to replace the fuel sending unit. They can cut around screws so they are still accessible to be removed. 
9/23/23 @ 12:03 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/8/06
I have the factory EVA snap-in mats in my Lund. They are the best thing I’ve ever had for a boat. They snap on over the standard vinyl flooring and are very comfortable and durable. I’ve had both carpeted and vinyl floors in previous boats and the mats are the only way to go. 
9/22/23 @ 5:52 PM
User since 3/22/08
I see where Lund has an option for snap in snap out EVA foam flooring.  I see a whole lot of ​high end boat manufacturer's offing EVA as an option or this is the only way the boat comes today.  In a new boat, I think this option makes a lot of sense.  If you check ​YouTube for Tiny Boat ​Nation, they have done several EVA installs that would be very helpful for a DIY ​guy.  Good luck, make sure to document the before and after pics.  
9/17/23 @ 7:21 AM
grip man
PRO MEMBER User since 4/26/13
i used "Tuff Coat UT-216 Sand - Submersible, Water-Based, Rubberized Non-Skid Coating" on my boat three years ago. I would recommend this product and the company very highly. 
8/31/23 @ 12:43 PM
flint fredstone
User since 4/10/12
Is it possible to use the EVA flooring in mat size pieces secured with velcro? Thanks
8/29/23 @ 4:06 PM
User since 1/7/02
Something to consider and ask questions about if using a foam mat type floor covering is, will that foam mat trap and hold moisture underneath it. Depending on what the boat floor is made of that trapped moisture may cause premature rot and maybe a mold problem. 
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