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1/24/23 @ 9:02 AM
User since 5/8/02

Just wondering if anybody has a Bimini top on your boat, and how do you like it. I have  16.5 lund and they have a pretty nice system that hooks into my tracks on the top rails of the boat. it would be ideal for those scorching hot days when the sun is relentless. for still fishing, it would be fantastic, for casting, I would have to see how far it extends front and back. 

Any thoughts ????

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1/27/23 @ 8:33 AM
David Matysik
PRO MEMBER User since 6/9/10

I added clear side curtains to my top.  Along with the aide of my Mr. Heater  ice fishing heater I am able to musky fish with suckers until 12/31 or the lakes freeze over in warm comfort. Fountain of Youth for Boats made the top and curtains.

1/26/23 @ 8:12 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/22/21

That’s a nice one Lakeshiner! 

1/25/23 @ 11:24 AM
User since 7/20/09

I've had one on my last 2 boats.  They are nice on the hot days, but also in the rain to stay dry.  Have had a few times a random shower pops up and we just quickly put the top up and sit under it.  Both boats had full windshields so it snapped to that, could drive fairly fast with it up since the wind didn't get under it.

I had a gripe about it though on my previous boat.  The top itself was nice, but storing it bugged me.  It always laid on something I needed access to, or it was in the way of laying my rods, etc.  I could easily remove it when not needed...but then I found times where I wish I had it and I left it in the garage.  Even if I left it up with the boot on, it still was annoying to me.  

On my current boat, its actually designed to store away nicely.  It lays flat on the floor and the canopy part tucks under the back of the boat, out of the way.  So now I always have it along and I never complain about it, its not blocking anything, not tripping on it, etc.  That was one thing that helped sell me on my current boat.

Pic is it tucked away.

1/25/23 @ 12:42 AM
User since 12/7/05

I added one two years ago. I have a Princecraft Pro 169, which is about the same size as your Lund. I added it due to having two young kids to keep them out of the sun and still allow my wife to go fishing and boating with me. Mine covers from the front of the console to the front of the rear casting deck, which is perfect. It was about $150 on Amazon and disconnects in 30 seconds by pulling two pins. Also came with the zippered storage boot for trailering and when not in use. I always thought Bimini tops were stupid on a fishing boat, but with young children, it is a nice addition. It does limit fishing to the front and rear casting decks when up, but we can fish and the kids can snack and listen to the radio in the shade.

ETA: As someone else mentioned...it is also a lifesaver when fishing in a drizzle or very light rain. Keeps your gear dry and allows a place to get out of the rain and take a break when needed.

1/24/23 @ 12:27 PM
User since 6/23/01

Put one on my Crestliner when it was new 20 years ago, only used about 10% of the time but its a must fishing all day in a drizzle and a life saver on hot summer days. Draw backs are limits where you can fish, mid boat is tough unless your jigging over the side, front and back of the boat are fine. No effect on trolling. Two screws and mine pops off in less than 10 minutes singled handled

1/24/23 @ 11:05 AM
User since 12/13/06

I have a 16" Lund Explorer 2006 and bought one as an add on and find it to be a good upgrade but not as good as the anchor winch upgrade I did also. I am glad I have one for the blazing hot sunny days and also don't get soaking wet as quickly when fishing out in all day drizzles and light rain.  Only regret not going with a larger size, more shade and protection when the sun starts setting.

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