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90HP Merc Optimax

12/3/20 @ 6:13 PM
Fisher Doon
Fisher Doon
MEMBER since 1/19/09

I'm looking to maybe purchase a 2006 Tracker Targa 175 with a Merc 90HP Optimax on it. I don't need a lot of overall speed, but I would like the boat to plane out like it should. It the 90HP enough? It appears to have a whale tail on it already. I'm guessing it's needed. Also, are the Optimax motors pretty solid? I've had Merc's before but never an Opti. 

Thanks in advance! 


12/5/20 @ 2:34 PM
User since 5/11/20

Optis were good motors. But just remember, you're looking at a 14 year-old engine. How it was cared for will matter more than anything else.

If the seller will go along with it, it might be worth taking it in and having a compression check done on it. Just saying ....

12/4/20 @ 12:35 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

Boat will not be a rocket ship, but the 90 is plenty of motor to get up on plane and cruise.  I'd expect 40 MPH give or take a couple depending on load. Opti's in that class are easy on Fuel and Oil.

12/4/20 @ 6:24 AM
Major Mark
Major Mark
User since 5/20/05

I used to own a 2004 Targa 17WT.  Bought it new and had numerous upgrades done predelivery, including the motor from the stock Merc 60 to a 115 Optimax.  After break in I switched from the BlackMax 19 prop it came with (No idea why that rig didn't come with a SS prop) to a Merc Trophy Plus 17.  Then I had the TP17 tweaked at a prop shop & it became a rocket ship!  Holeshot as in the 3-4sec range to plane, would stay on plane at slow/moderate speed, and didn't suffer blowouts in turns.  Top speed on GPS was about 42-44 mph.  One time coming out of a no wake zone I "cracked the whip" & punched around a slowpoke, cut over his wake & literally had the Targa launch totally out of the water.  Wife & puppy were not happy.. LOL!  In my opinion, the 90 would be ok with a tail on it , just not great.  The 90 should put you in the 75% range of max HP for the hull, mine was 125 max.  A 4 blade Trophy Plus prop probably would show a big increase in performance.  As far as the Optimax goes, it was quiet, responsive, sipped fuel, easy to winterize (no fogging for an EFI motor), and overall a great motor.  Only reason I don't still own that rig is physical disabilities made it difficult to launch/reload when solo fishing.  Really miss that boat!

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