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Wyoming mule deer

10/19/15 @ 9:45 PM
User since 9/15/15
Trying to plan a trip to Wyoming next year for a mule deer, maybe shoot a pronghorn if time permits. Any tips from guys who have hunted out there would be great. Thanks

11/5/15 @ 8:28 PM
User since 10/11/15
From Cody Wyoming.... A few western hunting tips.

Always wear leather gloves. When you are side hilling and your feet go out from you.. You will throw your hand out to catch your self and there is cactus every where... Watch where you sit too... Always on rocks or logs. Cactus and sand burrs are every where.

This you may think is goofy... But just go with it... Trim your ear hair back. The wind blows constant out here and the wind wiping past your ears is worse with long ear hair.

Tire chains for your steer axel. Even if it,s going to be warm and snow free.... You need tire chains in case you get any rain. The roads out here are dries clay and turn into red snot as soon as you get any rain at all.

Don,t spend your money foolishly in all that expensive name brand camo. Instead, spend your money on next to the skin wool and polar flees and the like... Don,t spend all your money on Sitka gear and show up in Walmart hiking boots.

Speaking of Walmart... Have a little class and don,t set up deer camp in the local Super Walmart... I only say this because I witnessed 4 different camps in the Walmart parking lot. No kidding. It,s embarrassing.

Never walk the crest of a ridge and skyline your self.... Always walk below the ridge like and duck back under it when your not glassine.

Buy good boots. Buy the best boots you can and try several different insoles to get the right feel. A smaller foot print is better than a bigger one... Every thing out here is rocks. Your constantly stumbling thru rocks. Look at boots line Kentrek. They have a small foot print.

I,m thinking of more....

10/27/15 @ 7:42 PM
User since 10/11/15
The next thing you have to figure out is how you are going to sleep and eat...

If you have to hunt out of a hotel room your hunt area will need to be close to that...

I have a camper and a wall tent that I can heat w/wood or gas. I'm all rigged for a DIY hunt just about anywhere. However, when I hunt out of Cody I stay in a hotel room.... I have a fear of grizzly bears... That may be a consideration.

Some may think that is silly. But when you see bear tracks in the snow that are as big as your head... you carry extra ammo.

You won't have any bear problems on the eastern side of the state...

Oh... and one more thing... no hunting wilderness areas with out a licensed guide.. so if your a DIY guy like me... scratch them areas off your list of options.

I hope that helps narrow down your hunt area list...

10/27/15 @ 7:09 PM
User since 10/11/15
Checking the Wyoming fish and game website... you can still buy preference points for next year.

You want to go and get a customer number and buy some preference points. Don't worry about the cost... it will be the cheapest part of your whole trip.

You can buy them until Saturday...

10/27/15 @ 1:18 PM
User since 6/21/01
Been up in the mountains in the Burgess Junction area for elk and mule deer a number of times. Have friends that hunt the low lands for deer and pronghorn as well. One buddy lives in the NW corner of the state so he's a resource for me as well. We don't go every year due to costs and preference points needed, etc, but depending on the terrain you want to hunt, I might be able to chime in with some info.

As mentioned, the WY Game and Fish site is actually pretty well laid out and loaded with info. You can use it to check units and confirm if need points where you are going.

10/27/15 @ 7:30 AM
MEMBER since 7/9/12
Let's hear about ur trip when you get back Mikieb!

10/27/15 @ 6:17 AM
User since 10/11/15
I leave Friday night for a week just west of Cody Wy.

You can still get general tags for deer with out much of a problem, however, you may need some preference points to get a goat tag.

I think you can still buy a preference point to use next year.. it would be good to check the Wyoming website.

This will be my last year going out to Cody.. all my buddies have gotten too old... too fat... or just outright died. So I'm not afraid to tell you what ever I know...

I go in November because the hunting pressure is almost non existent... maybe the hunting isn't as good because the deer have all been picked over and smartened up... but the quality of the hunt is what I'm after. It's rare for me to see another orange vest the week I'm out their..

The secret to success is to just get out of the truck.

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