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1/22/20 @ 11:45 PM
User since 11/16/10
1/25/20 @ 11:03 AM
User since 12/7/13

The CDACs could be fixed and running like a Swiss clock if the county and WDNR foresters were removed and replaced with hunters and sportsmen . The boards are slanted so heavily favor of ultra low deer populations it’s ridiculous. Foresters and extreme environmentalists want zero deer on the landscape of Wisconsin and will always and only vote to lower. They have no place on CDACs especially when setting deer harvest numbers . 

1/25/20 @ 12:35 AM
User since 2/16/17

CDACs were formed because the DNR failed with their deer management(if you call their policies, estimates science, then people don't know what science really is) for 20 years. Now  we are going in a different direction putting management and decisions at the local level with the CDACs as it should be instead of with the DNR in Madison. You are going to blame the CDACs that have been around for like 4 years? Really? Give me a break.  The CDACs are trying to fix the DNRs 20 years worth of failures. Why the heck would you put any faith in the DNR including Kevin Wallenfang and his senior deer management cronies? If I am running a business or managing deer, I sure as heck wouldn't want them in charge. They did a good job of running the states deer hunting and deer herd right into the ground. I can't believe people are still standing up for these failed deer managers. And are saying we need to go back to their supposed "science".  If the DNR would stop influencing the CDACs with their bogus SAK population estimates  among other things, the local deer management councils could make a lot more progress to get the deer populations as well as deer hunting heading in the right direction. 

1/24/20 @ 6:42 PM
User since 11/11/15

All I can say is there’s nothing worse than somebody else shooting my buck with the wrong weapon...

1/24/20 @ 5:35 PM
Western Extreme
User since 12/17/17

And what do u think will happen on Oct 30 and 31. Every crossbow hunter will shoot the first buck that comes by cuz they can't hunt come Nov. 

1/24/20 @ 5:31 PM
Western Extreme
User since 12/17/17

Yes to archery hunters like BSH going back to long bow. Yes to archery hunters having to use fingers instead of releases. Yes to archery hunters having their bows to shoot hunter 250 ft per sec. Yes to archery hunters not using lighted sights. 

1/24/20 @ 3:50 PM
User since 2/22/07

To add on to sheepshed ; And if you host a campaign meet and greet at your business you will probably get a seat on the NRB, and guess who is up to his eyeballs having a huge hand in writing the questions. 

1/24/20 @ 2:25 PM
User since 4/16/04

Percheye is 100% correct. Walker put in rules that contradicted science. Much of this was part of his election campaign to get votes from disgruntled hunters. Remember Sportsmen for Walker?

1/24/20 @ 10:37 AM
User since 6/24/01

Sorry some are so thin skinned to only read the politics portion.

 I will attempt to clarify one more time. The changes I refer to were made by the Walker administration and have yet to be changed by the Evers administration. Im really not trying to be partisan and am a conservative republican but as much good as was done by the Walker administration they were no friend to the natural resources. We need science in our natural resource management.

We lost decades of knowledge in the DNR that needs to be replaced. The legislature without public hearings on many of the changes made put through the changes on the state budgets and other bills that had nothing to do with the great outdoors.

There are now some proposed ideas being tossed out there. I encourage you to go to your spring hearings in April or vote online and let your voice be heard. Submit your own proposal or get in touch with you local Conservation congress member to let them know or your local CDAC.

1/24/20 @ 10:19 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

Again, short term effects, this is a long term problem.

While one may be able to say they didn't fix the problem, they certainly didn't cause it either.

One can also say that because this is such a long term problem it will not be able to be fixed in a short term.

1/24/20 @ 10:06 AM
User since 2/22/07

I know some folks don't want to hear this, but sadly politics is involved in this. Several NRB members were appointed by SW.  The NRB is where these questions are coming from. There were some very major changes made at the DNR during the previous administration.

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