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Unique situation

11/28/19 @ 10:35 PM
User since 3/25/06

Alright I'm looking for opinions  on how this situation should be handled. I drew a picture to help picture the situation.

My family and I have a property that consist of 55 acres. We bought it in 2010 and in 2012 I put a stand up (gun stand) on the north end of the property about 100 yards away from the the north boarder. It over looks a 2-3 acre little point on the creek that the deer bed in. It's a textbook spot and in the last 6 years, we shot 6-7 good quality mature deer from this spot. See deer all day long. Just a spot that everybody wish they could hunt and we are fortunate to have it.

Here is the problem, the deer come off the two surrounding properties to enter this bedding area and that's when we get our opportunity. Well we shoot the deer on our property (and have passed many on the neighbors land or waited til they get to ours) they run on to the neighbors, weather it be 10 yards to maybe 100 yards. We always text or call asking to retrieve the deer. Well he seems to think this is a problem and is getting to the point where he may not let us in anymore to get the deer.

I feel like we have done nothing wrong and we just have a unique situation here. 1) the stand is 100 yard off the board and facing into our property 2) all deer are shot on our land and passed if not 3) we always ask permission to retrieve deer no matter what

Am I missing something, how should I handle this and what is the best way to go about hunting our best spot. Just puzzled

TODAY @ 6:47 PM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01

If you look at it as money spent, you will never buy hunting land. If you look at it as money invested in recreational property, it might be worth it. As said before , it matters where it is. Look at other listings to get a handle on it. You may be able to direct the seller to those examples and come to terms. Mrt.

TODAY @ 12:24 PM
User since 11/29/01

The question is, where is the parcel. There is an unbelievable difference in price when it comes to location. Was it in Waukesha co.? If so 5k an ac. is still high but would not doubt someone paying it.  Where my cabin is,  $5,000 an ac. will get you high ground with river frontage and a cabin to boot. Before you go looking for this parcel, remember, there is a reason it is so cheap. Ya can't say its too high , ( but almost for sure is) till the location and county is given. .  . Seems few here mention where they are . Example: someone writes in "I sat all day opening day of gun and only saw 4 deer" ( insert sad face) to find out he was in central Wisconsin , Shawano co. If I saw 4 deer in one day where I hunt ( Price /Sawyer co. public land) I would be pumping my chest!!. Snicker. Back to the 12 ac. say you pay $1,500 and ac. , you are at $18,000 . For $18,000 you can have it. There is not a deer in my book worth $18,000 just to have some marsh grass. I dont think it is money well spent unless you really have money to burn.

12/6/19 @ 2:41 PM
User since 1/10/03

Unless you are in Bayfield county, you aren't getting swamp for $1,000 or $1,500/acre, let alone tillable.  

12/6/19 @ 2:36 PM
User since 1/19/02

haha yeah that's what I did.

12/6/19 @ 11:14 AM
User since 4/2/10

If you are serious about it $2000 an acre is probably a more realistic starting point. Sounds like they really don't want to sell.  Say thanks and tell him you got my number if you change your mind. Or a briefcase of cash stairing someone in the face can change minds quickly too!

12/6/19 @ 9:17 AM
User since 1/19/02

sorta off topic so I apologize but I have to vent some what, and ya e ya ya I know Im probably in the wrong albeit,  but anyways long story short our property  line to the north butts up to a farm that is essentially 2 large corn fields and some canary grass/thicket swamp but mainly a swath of canary grass this is the section that we wanted to buy because it would just square up our land then, and we hunt it, the owners don't hunt and are old, we wanted to get the grass section from them across to our western property line aprox. 12 acres at most. anyway texted and spoke with the folks and the son, son is rather short and to the point on things okay never had a problem with them at all in past. anways he wanted a number I said the assessed county value is $792.00/acre  which is obviously not realistic for crop land, I offered $1,000/acre I would go $1,500 again this is basically a large rectangle section of canary grass. he came back as saying that they want $5,000/acre I said wow! even just for the grass section we want , yes!  um okay well  thanks anyways

just kind of frustrated at this today but o well its not my land right, but that just seems really high! for what it is. 

12/6/19 @ 5:59 AM
MEMBER since 2/5/05

You can hit a deer with a car in the front shoulder and not lose much meat, I've done it 2 times. There just isn't much there.

12/6/19 @ 5:19 AM
User since 6/25/02

Bass , I completely agree with most of your post.  You can save 100% of the meat by shooting them in the eye but that isn’t ethical.  The question was how do you keep the deer on your property after it is shot.  Aiming for opposite shoulder will anchor the deer and damage one shoulder.  If you ever have processed your own deer you would know that an exit wound through opposite shoulder damages less than 2 pounds of sausage meat.  If I am weighing the pros and cons, I’ll go for the sure kill with little tracking.

FYI, aiming for spot in front of or behind far shoulder is one of the deadliest bow shots but you need penetration.

12/4/19 @ 10:59 AM
User since 6/12/10

How often do you go onto this guys property?  I think that's the main question.  We have a slightly similar situation on a 50 acres piece and even though we have agreements with the neighbors to retrieve deer I can only remember a handful of times over the 20 years of actually having to pursue a deer on the neighbor's land.  If it's maybe say once or twice every couple of years than I side with you, but if you're tracking deer 2-3 times per season then I'll side with the neighbor.

One thing I'll add is on shots and shot selection.  I've shot a lot of deer with the gun and some drop instantly and some don't even on perfect shots.  I've shot 3 deer this year one bow kill and 2 with the .300mag.  One with the bow went 50-60 yards on a heart shot, one with the gun that went through one lung and the stomach and dropped instantly, one with the gun through both lungs and it went a little over 100 yards even though it had a softball sized exit wound that was spraying blood everywhere.  I would never aim for the shoulders intentionally because thats wasting a lot of meat.

12/3/19 @ 12:24 PM
MEMBER since 3/1/12

My suggestion may have some challenges but if you hunt that bedding area from the NE near the property boundary and let the deer walk past you, you have a much better chance of the deer traveling away from your neighbors and staying on your land.


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