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3/24/08 @ 7:41 PM
USER SINCE 12/27/07
i got a tag this year for bear hunting and i amm looking for some advice. i am wondering wear i should bait on my land. the last 2 years i have had a friend and a family member hunt the same stand and both have seen bear and got them on the trail camera at the same stand. my dad thinks that i should hunt on the other side of the land which is across a fairly messy swamp. do bears really travel that far and through that much just to get food. any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks. notice the screen name. that is literally the spot that the bear have been seen and that is not a joke. the spot is called bearhill and that is the name of the road we r closest to.


9/12/21 @ 7:33 PM
USER SINCE 6/30/21

Had an unfortunate run in today on our land. We (my wife, my brother in law and myself) lease 200 in the Crandon area. We just got the lease in January. The owner let's us pretty much manage the land how we want. We put in several food plots and have seen many deer, bear, bobcats and Fischer along with many other critters. We're were up there today and had bear dogs run right where we were eating lunch about a half mile from the road. I could hear a truck so I got on the ATV and sure enough it was the owner of the dogs. I told him that the land is private and to please keep his dogs off the land. Well he didn't like that and of course I probably had an attitude. About that time one of his other dogs shows up at our picnic table where my brother in law is eating. He gives it some water and when I get back it's still hanging around so I dig out a leash and walk it out to the road and the owner is still there. I decided to play Mr nice and introduce myself and we actually had a nice talk. I just hope he keeps off my property.

9/12/21 @ 7:01 PM
big mac

Griff n

A very nice bear!!! Nice hide. And above the average weight of most bears taken in Wisconsin!

Big Mac 

9/11/21 @ 12:58 PM
griff n
griff n
USER SINCE 6/17/11

My brother got this one opening morning. Came in about 11 a. m. Guide thought he wouldn't see much until evening. Was 275 not Dressed.

9/11/21 @ 10:54 AM

A friend reached out to me and said his son dead tragically and would be willing to transfer his son’s tag to my son to bring joy to another youth hunter.  It is for zone C.  Does Anyone know of a guide in C that still has openings?

please text me:


9/10/21 @ 12:45 PM
antler junkie
USER SINCE 8/17/05

No bear stories yet ? This threads been surprisingly quiet. Maybe the week end will bring some luck.

9/7/21 @ 9:15 PM
Steve White
USER SINCE 3/17/04

Opening day2021 in morning. Good luck to all of you!

8/30/21 @ 8:49 AM
griff n
griff n
USER SINCE 6/17/11

It's Arlo, I think it is actually for security system, but works great. It's the guide's so I don't know that much about it. Sure is neat with sound and everything. No guessing what is going on. One of the things that I really find fascinating is our baits are almost a 100% getting hit during daylight hours. With all the activity yesterday there was not a bear at either bait after dark and both had bears there again this a.m.. Anybody have a theory on that, lets hear it. I have one but it has a lot of holes in it.  

8/30/21 @ 7:18 AM
Fin Bender
Fin Bender
USER SINCE 9/16/11

griff n - I'm not aware of any trail camera that will transmit a live video. What system are you using that will do that? Sounds nice.

8/29/21 @ 3:51 PM
griff n
griff n
USER SINCE 6/17/11

Guide baited about ten this morning. Both baits with live camera have been hit ,2 different bears on each. the one in the picture at 3:10 and one at 1:17 on one bait. The other has one there now and one came at 2:17. 9 days to go. This has my brother and I pretty fired up.

8/28/21 @ 8:21 PM
waltereye sr.
USER SINCE 6/25/01

They were that alright,  and two very interesting stories,  but I hate typing long on the phone. The second bear literally died on my foot! Good luck on your hunt, will be waiting to hear. Those real time pictures you get to see must really be something. I live in Zone C, and hunters always complain the Bears go off the bait just before hunt begins. Acorns and crops to eat. Hopefully yours stick. Again,  Good Luck!

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