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Wisconsin Bear Hunting

3/24/08 @ 8:41 PM
User since 12/27/07
i got a tag this year for bear hunting and i amm looking for some advice. i am wondering wear i should bait on my land. the last 2 years i have had a friend and a family member hunt the same stand and both have seen bear and got them on the trail camera at the same stand. my dad thinks that i should hunt on the other side of the land which is across a fairly messy swamp. do bears really travel that far and through that much just to get food. any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks. notice the screen name. that is literally the spot that the bear have been seen and that is not a joke. the spot is called bearhill and that is the name of the road we r closest to.

10/3/19 @ 8:27 PM
big mac
MEMBER since 2/19/02

Sad to say,but  it sounds like a slower than normal hunting success rate.

 Please tell me I'm wrong!!

I enjoy reading the stories of success & experiences. 

Big Mac 

10/3/19 @ 6:10 PM
User since 3/10/16

2019 bear season was a great one. Hope everyone is having great success or will finish out with great success. Especially with the rough weather patterns we had all season and continue to have. Good luck to the remainder with tags.

9/28/19 @ 8:29 AM
clark co chris
clark co chris
User since 4/5/09

Not much new here.  Bait was finally hit again Sunday night, but it was a sow with three yearling cubs that I had not had pictures of all year.  Why they showed up now, no clue!  One did leave a poop pile by the bait, looked to be about half corn and half chokecherry skins and seeds.  Was hoping the chokes would be gone and the corn too hard for the bears liking by now, but I guess not.  Do know of one local guy who got one Thursday.  He knew they were frequenting a corn field near his bait, so he left his stand a bit early and sure enough, he found one at the edge of the field.   Right place, right time.....but time is running out.

9/27/19 @ 12:39 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

Jzzz... Stoney Brook Outfitters in New Brunswick. It’s about a 22 hour drive from WI, but well worth it. I went in June of 2016 and killed a bear on my first sit. We had about 12 guys in camp and everyone tagged out. Very reasonably priced. Incredible amount of bears there. 

9/27/19 @ 9:22 AM
User since 1/19/02

anyone have a good spring bear hunting lodge in Canada to recommend??

9/26/19 @ 10:20 AM
Outdoor Freak!
User since 9/26/19

I have spent a lot of time hunting bears in Canada.  Several guides have told me bears will travel ten miles or more a night in search of food if needed.  They make a habit of not placing bear baits closer then ten miles, keeping them ten miles apart at minimum.  If you place baits too close together, you might have the same bear hitting all of your baits and you don’t know how many bears are feeding on your bait sights.  I’m sure bears will find the bait you place as long as it’s what they desire.  Place your bait station in an area where you have confidence and replenish bait frequently.  A trail camera on your bait stations will be your best friend for current feeding times and number and quality of bears in your hunting area.  Good luck!

9/26/19 @ 6:02 AM
User since 2/11/02

I thought Dale Earnhardt! 

That's a great Idea I am going to use.

9/25/19 @ 1:26 PM
User since 7/24/01

You're buddies w/ Vladamir Putin?!  

9/24/19 @ 9:38 PM
griff n
griff n
User since 6/17/11

A friend got this on opening night for bait in zone B . The other hunter in camp made it for him. I think it is really cool. Sure wish I had that kind of talent.

9/23/19 @ 6:41 PM
User since 3/7/07

Steve that menu sounds and looks great.  Way to treat your clients. I won a black bear hunt for veterans in Idaho last year. The hunting wasn't good but the food was great. I can say Wisconsin is way better.  One guy told the outfitter your a great cook but the hunting sucks. Lol.  I can tell your passionate and care about your hunters success.  Good job!

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