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11/25/14 @ 1:38 PM
User since 10/7/09
This past opening weekend was a tough one to swallow for our group. We hunt in Douglas County where our deer herd has been depleted due to the hard winters and predation. We have been managing our property for several years now, taking very few deer a year if any in hopes that our bucks will grow older and our popluation will grow. This past Sunday my brother hit a mature 8 point and there was good blood and hair at impact. We let the buck go for 2.5 hours before tracking. Once we got on the trail we quickly realized the hit must not have been perfect, however we had good blood the whole time. We tracked this buck from 9 am until almost 2 pm through every imagineable terrain, swamps, thickets, hills, meadows, you name it. We knew the buck was slowing down and hurting as he began to drag his legs really bad and bleeding very heavy. We followed the blood until it led us to an ice covered lake, definately not safe to walk on. The fog was so thick we could only see about 100 yards, but heard the unmistakeable sound of a deer struggling and splashing in the water. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do. Super heartbreaking, but I have a new respect for the strength and will power of the whitetail deer. Has anyone else had any expereince like this?

11/30/14 @ 3:53 PM
Brother of the brush
User since 1/22/12
A vet once told me it's impossible for a deer to bleed out from a flesh wound. True? IDK..

11/30/14 @ 2:49 PM
rock river
User since 7/26/07
There are times when a deer is bleeding you want to keep pushing that deer to keep the blood flowing and dont give the wound a chance to clot-up. Even a bad shot on a deer can be fatal if you clip a vein or artery. Now you dont want that deer to be able to push that wound into the snow or marsh and have a chance to clot-up. There comes a time when reading the blood trail you're going to make a decision. Obviously the blood isn't pink and bubbly or you would have found him by now, but is it a nice heavy trail. Not drop here drop there. You've got to keep that deer moving, keep losing blood, weakening that animal. Eventually you will catch up to him for a follow up shot, or just run him dry. Many times an animal is given a chance to recover overnight, and the blood will be clotted up and you will never find him.

11/28/14 @ 12:38 PM
Edward Felcohands
User since 2/24/09
This was in the middle of the state, some ponds next to the freeway, south of point I think

11/27/14 @ 7:42 PM
User since 10/7/09
Wish I could say that's my brothers buck unfortunately not in Mercer, but then again maybe he made it there

11/27/14 @ 7:36 PM
Edward Felcohands
User since 2/24/09
I was driving back from Mercer on Tuesday, I saw a dead deer on a frozen lake with turkey vultures eating it. I couldn't tell if the thing fell through and got stuck or if it just died on the ice.

11/27/14 @ 7:30 PM
User since 10/7/09
I will be going to check the ice for the buck tomorrow. I may also have a local pilot buzz that section of the flowage and see what he can find. Looks like it's going to be warm next week so if it's gona happen it's gona be this weekend. I will keep you posted. Fingers crossed, but it would be a great ending to the story.

11/27/14 @ 9:33 AM
User since 6/6/07
Any luck TSA. Hope you recovered the buck.

11/27/14 @ 9:27 AM
User since 1/9/04
Good read from yesterday. Happy thanksgiving

11/26/14 @ 9:18 PM
User since 6/30/10
I'm not saying I ended up at a point 15 miles as the crow flies from where I started but that at least 15 miles was traveled. Was tracking in a couple inches of fairly fresh snow on fresh tracks so I was always doing at least a fast walking pace (which is 3-4 mph) for 5-6 hours. Did a lot of curving around but still ended up around 4 miles as the crow flies from the starting point. Like I said it was an all day effort.

It's not something I'm proud of or bragging about, I really never should have taken that running shot. I'm not glad it happened or about the way it turned out. But it was a hell of a chase and an experience to be remembered.

11/26/14 @ 6:40 PM
User since 12/6/10

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