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DIY bear hunt

3/15/18 @ 6:13 AM
User since 3/14/16
Any of u guys ever have any luck doing a DIY bear hunt? If so did u bait every weekend? Find someone to bait for you?

3/21/18 @ 12:27 PM
User since 6/4/06

I have been baiting for family for about 15 years now in northwest Wis. I usually start my sites as soon as it is legal to get the boars , as they are usually the first out of hybernation . Once a site is active(hit) I bait once a week in the middle of the day till late August . Then , I bait twice a week till the last week before opening , then everyday . So far , except for one , we have taken Pope & Young bears , as the boars will hit a site all summer once they find it . My family and I are all bow hunters .

3/21/18 @ 8:58 AM
waltereye sr.
User since 6/25/01

I've done things very similar to Ihookem. One trick i did myself was to pour a 5 gallon pail of molasses in a large circle around bait site. My thinking that, bears visiting would get molasses on their paws and distribute throughout woods. Other bears pick up sent and follow in. I believe it worked quite well. But, don't ever let a full pail tip over in truck bed and drain out. Big cleaning job ahead if you do. Good luck

3/15/18 @ 9:37 PM
User since 11/29/01

I start the bait the beginning of June . The next time is mid July. After that  I start every weekend in August  till Labor day  and the day before season. This has worked very well if there are a lot of bear around.  It does not take long for them to find it in June cause they are breeding and then is when  the big boars are roaming.  Where you put the bait is much more important than how much.  Two things , bait where there is swamp , and very thick. I see many bait sight cam pics where the area will open up way too much when the leaves start to fall. I never bait in hardwoods cause of this. 

3/15/18 @ 8:40 AM
User since 6/20/13

I did my own baiting 2 years ago but did get the help of two buddies and a local landowner who helped out. Started baiting at 2 -sites in late July and started a 3rd site in mid-August. Tried to bait every other day and I would drive up on weekends to help out. Lots of time and work but I saw 20+ bears on my sits and ended up shooting a 125-150lb bear.. Not a huge bear but it was alot of fun and gratifying to do it on my own.

There is a seperate Post called "No guides..No dogs" on this forum and some guys have posted their experience/results doing it on their own.

Have a number of friends who have hunted bear multuple times in Wisc and other states..One thing I learned is that there are alot of different opinions on when to start baiting and how to bait (food to use, time of day to bait, etc)   


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