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Deer Camp 2020

10/23/20 @ 12:26 PM
User since 9/27/01

How is everyone handling deer camp this year? We formulated our plan last evening. We usually have 9-10 people in camp each year and we come from various places around the state. We have two guys over 80 so that is an issue that has weighed heavily on our decision making. We considered not having it this year but this camp has been together since before I started hunting 38 years ago. And I'm one of the young guys. That's a hard tradition to break. So our plan is to stay in our respective "bubbles". We have a cabin, two houses and a camper at our disposal all within 15 minutes of each other for sleeping. I get the camper to myself since I come from a high risk area. We will eat breakfast and supper together in a large heated garage on my cousin's property, within our bubbles but socially distanced. There will be no card table this year. Evenings will be spent either around a bonfire or in the heated garage, socially distanced. There will be no trips to the bar for the Friday Night Fish Fry, the buck boards or the Packer game. Maybe this is too much but I wasn't going to go unless these things were agreed upon. I don't want to learn of a death between Thanksgiving and Xmas. Or worse yet, be responsible for it. 

So what's your plan? Doing something similar? No change of plans? Think I'm nuts because COVID is going to disappear after the election?


10/27/20 @ 6:34 AM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07


Thank you for the correction, my fingers must’ve been moving faster than my brain on my phone...

Fat fingers and a small keyboard lol

You are correct, it is .9, not .09.

Hope you have a great hunt!

The Woodlands Resort
(262) 661-3968
10/27/20 @ 12:23 AM
User since 5/24/16

Brent...while I have always appreciated your info and knowledge on this website I do have to correct you on your mathematics. The death rate is 0.92% not the 0.09% as you indicated. It is a big difference. 

I hope everyone on here has a safe and enjoyable deer hunt. I know our camp which was established in 1963 will be doing things different this year just because we feel it is the right thing to do. 

10/26/20 @ 5:33 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07

Back at you BT!

If you want to sneak away from your deer camp and have a cocktail or two, look me up - would love to see you! We will have a card table going!

All the best. 

The Woodlands Resort
(262) 661-3968
10/26/20 @ 5:04 PM
User since 9/27/01

Brent, I hope you have a fun and successful season. Tradition trumps a lot of things.

PT. Not heartbreaking. We considered cancelling a 50+ year tradition. That would have been heartbreaking. We'll do what we have to do. 

10/26/20 @ 4:15 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07

I have a different perspective on this...

Attached are the latest Covid stats from Wisconsin. 

1,745  deaths and 190,478 cases. 

While 1,745 deaths are 1,745 too many, the math shows a .9% mortality rate (1,745 / 190,478 = .009, or .9% mortality)

Perhaps I’m connecting dots that don’t need to be connected, but I’m looking forward to deer camp with friends and family, and a sense of normalcy...

We have one cabin for deer camp, and short of canceling deer camp, there isn’t a way to get everyone in the same place, if we had three or four cabins, that would certainly make things easier, but unfortunately we only have what we have. 

I wouldn’t go to a political rally, or a sports event, or anything similar with large crowds as I’m not looking to tempt fate...

The above said, being with five or six people for a few days, with no risk factors, is not worth canceling deer camp to me. 

With all the political division, riots, I’m looking forward to a few days with close friends to just enjoy, play cards, and have a few cocktails. Getting a deer would be the icing on the cake, but honestly, I could really care less if we get one or not - I’m more looking forward to spending time with close friends and family. 

Will we take some basic precautions, of course we will, but there is no way around a half a dozen people being in the same cabin. 

Sometimes I think the cure for Covid is worse than the disease.

Everyone needs some time to have some interaction with their close friends and family - me included. 

We will take some basic precautions, but we are going to enjoy a few days in God’s country.

For me, there is not a right or a wrong answer as to how one chooses to react to Covid. If you have risk factors, you may do things differently than if you didn’t.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream, chocolate or vanilla, there is not a right answer...

I completely respect everyone’s opinion (and I don’t think my view is right), but our small group is going to enjoy some time away, and enjoy God‘s country!

The Woodlands Resort
(262) 661-3968
10/26/20 @ 9:41 AM
Phat Walleyes
Phat Walleyes
User since 3/31/15

That is so heartbreaking Bungle T...

It is what it is, this is such a disaster and it is barely started... Good luck hunting this season... As Americans we adapt, we improvise, and we do overcome... It's what we do best and are known for around the world... 

Stay healthy and be safe... God speed

10/26/20 @ 7:56 AM
User since 8/24/07

I'll need to check with my brother in law to find out what plans are this year. Guessing the plan from the last few years of staying out there versus driving to and from every day is off the table since they're pretty cautious/paranoid about the whole thing. And that's fine. I'm not going to get mad at anybody for protecting themselves and their families. But getting up and driving two minutes to my spot is really a lot nicer than having to drive 35 minutes lol. Maybe I'll see if I can borrow a camper from a friend. And if that's the case, might as well set it up in the field I'd park in to walk to my stand lol

10/25/20 @ 8:27 PM
User since 3/2/13

bugle.  best of luck.  good plan.  covid should not stop you from living life, but  a little common sense goes a long way.

phelps... this pic is for you.   see ya on the other side.  (best of luck to you too actually)

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10/25/20 @ 6:36 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

No change here, hasn't even been discussed. Business as usual although we spend a lot of time together all year, not just deer hunting.

It is Goose hunting, then Duck, then Pheasant. We are together all fall hunting whatever opportunity presents itself. Bow Deer until gun Deer opener when the time comes and we'll do our thing until then. Three generations together most weekends at camp.

10/24/20 @ 7:52 AM
Patrick Thomas
User since 11/14/17

RE BugleTrout,

It was refreshing reading your post & the steps(reponsibility) your taking to protect your loved ones.  Regardless of what the exact science is, there is ZERO downside of distancing each other & other small steps such as masks, hand washing etc.  With so many without symptoms, any conscientious person, you'd think, would see themselves as possibly contagious, to protect others.  Reading your post made me want to invite myself to your camp.  I guess I better bring my hammock & a warm sleeping bag.   I grew up with a bsseball, football kinda Dad. He was my little League coach etc but he wasn't into the outdoors.  My Moms sister invited me a long when their family was taking a fall hike inn the Kettle Moraine State Forest.  I was probably 8 or 9 years old.  I fell in love with the forest, the hills, everything.  My uncle afterwards started taking me on fishing excursions and I got to know him over the years & formed a bond that was unlike any.  As I got older & he started teaching me about hunting, guns, safety of both...he would open up about his Army service during the Korean War.  My very first deer uncle put me in his favorite hour later I hear leaves thrashing and a smaller buck flying thru the woods.  There was no blaze orange anywhere nearby...i raised my remington 870 up, lined up my sights & squeezed one off.  He never flinched(the buck) and ran down a hill.  I got up, marked the spot I last saw him & walked over.  I was looking intensely for blood even though I doubted a hit as the deer waa running full speed and it was my first shot at a deer, first year I hunted.  I didn't see any blood so I walked with my head down in the direction it was traveling.  My heart came up into my throat when I almost kicked the buck who was dead on the ground.  My uncle yelled for me as he heard my shot.  What a memory I have of not just my first buck, but the way my uncle made me feel.  He had a tough life, surviving a war many of his friends did not.  He became my hero & over the years we became like Father & Son. Our deer hunting group grew over time & the camaraderie was like an invisible forcefield.  Early on I was the youngest so I would have lots of jabs taken at me.  I'm proud to say, I became an expert as defense, than over time offense. 

So when I read your story on how you were planning a safe hunt, that some in your group were in their eighties...ot truly warmed my heart.  I have personally learned so much from that generation, the changes they've experienced inn the lifetimes....and it evokes the feelings of when my Uncle Arno would share a story so personal, stories he held inside for so long....these were the biggest gifts I've ever recieved or could ever.  Now my Uncle, my Father, all my uncle's are I imagine what it would be like in a group who have been together so long....some I'm pretty certain are Vets...who I've ALWAYS honored & thirsted for their personal stories....only after they knew & trusted me well enough as sincere.  May your season be safe, may you stay warm, smiles on your faces and remember nothing is forever so ENJOY each moment of every day sharing yourselves with each other.  Please keep everyone posted & I'd enjoy seeing a group photo even more than the big bucks that are soon to be yours.   

Again, thank you. 

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