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Deer Camp 2020

10/23/20 @ 12:26 PM
User since 9/27/01

How is everyone handling deer camp this year? We formulated our plan last evening. We usually have 9-10 people in camp each year and we come from various places around the state. We have two guys over 80 so that is an issue that has weighed heavily on our decision making. We considered not having it this year but this camp has been together since before I started hunting 38 years ago. And I'm one of the young guys. That's a hard tradition to break. So our plan is to stay in our respective "bubbles". We have a cabin, two houses and a camper at our disposal all within 15 minutes of each other for sleeping. I get the camper to myself since I come from a high risk area. We will eat breakfast and supper together in a large heated garage on my cousin's property, within our bubbles but socially distanced. There will be no card table this year. Evenings will be spent either around a bonfire or in the heated garage, socially distanced. There will be no trips to the bar for the Friday Night Fish Fry, the buck boards or the Packer game. Maybe this is too much but I wasn't going to go unless these things were agreed upon. I don't want to learn of a death between Thanksgiving and Xmas. Or worse yet, be responsible for it. 

So what's your plan? Doing something similar? No change of plans? Think I'm nuts because COVID is going to disappear after the election?


11/20/20 @ 6:08 PM
User since 2/22/17

Not going to deer camp this year, have good land to hunt near home. Its always a blast, but I can miss a year to keep everyone safe. Grandpas staying home, I feel for him who knows how many he has left. But don't want this to be the last as well. already stuck my meat during bow so im good there at least. Stay safe, Healthy and good luck.   

11/19/20 @ 6:45 PM
User since 8/28/03

No changes here other than a little warm, so we are having a campfire! Not enough service to send the pics.

11/19/20 @ 10:36 AM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

No changes for us this year. Deer camp is around 7 guys, and some locals who may drift in to visit. One or two don’t hunt but man the grill and stoke the fire all day. 

Good to see some positivity here. Don’t fall into the trap of this “2020” doom and gloom. It’s actually been a great year for my family and most people I know. Life is what you make out of it, and for now it is still a free country. Get out and enjoy it. 

Be safe, hunt hard, and savor the time spent with people you care about. 

11/19/20 @ 8:08 AM
User since 1/24/02

For the last 3 years its a camp of one at the cabin now that my son has moved on in life. I miss the days of the camps of 10 to 15 guys hunting the NF in Bayfield county but will admit it's a whole lot easier now. A lot of hours spent hunting during the bow season so I only hunt opening weekend now for rifle season. This will be my 44th year.

Will visit with the neighbors Friday night and have a steak on grill for dinner. Hopefully one of the better bucks shows himself Saturday. If not, that ok too. Thanksgiving dinner at my buddy's place with his group Saturday night is always a treat. 

Good luck to all the hunters and be safe this season.

11/19/20 @ 5:39 AM
User since 1/10/19

I'm ready, and it looks like forecast is now drier than it was just a few days ago so that helps.  Our camp of 9 will be split with the older hunters staying in a hotel and the others camping close to the public land we hunt in southern wi.   I'd advise others w lack of opportunities to travel.  I've experienced world class hunting in many areas of this great state.   No doubt we will have a few hanging by Sunday evening,  it would be nice if our 2 youngest members get their first kills.   I also hope either of our oldest members score too.   Lots of great memories of camps over my 30 years of participation.   Camps as big as 15, and as small as 4 and all were special and fun. I Can't wait to recount the stories of all the kills from the past, and get ready to make new memories on sat. Personally, after lots of close calls this bow season w some decent bucks but no good shots, I hope to have one more buck in the brush at 20 yrds...slugs make it a whole lot easier!  Good luck to all hunters, have a safe and successful season.

11/18/20 @ 9:01 PM
User since 10/31/19

2 more days.... locked, loaded and ready to go for the best thing 2020 will likely provide.  Our deer camp has shrunk over the years for opening day. 6, 4, now 2.  Hunting northern Wisconsin, has been a tradition since I was 12 with my dad and we will still be up there chasing whatever the great land provides.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world, deer or not.  Best of luck and safe wishes to all.  

11/18/20 @ 2:14 PM
MEMBER since 1/31/05

We will have our normal crew of 6. All are healthy and ready to hunt. We will be eating at the cottage and will miss going out for our traditional Friday fish fry and Tuesday Steak night at our favorite Restaurant/Bar. We will miss the people at Main Street Ed's, but we all want to be cautious and safe. It's good we have a number of good cooks in camp. 

We will be hunting in northern Forest County and hope to see more deer then wolves this year. We have 3 nice bucks on trail cams but most travel at night. Hopefully they will move during daylight and will pass one of our group.

Good luck and stay safe.

11/17/20 @ 10:04 PM
User since 3/15/14

Gonna have the same 4 guys as the last 5 years. 

Will be eating in both nites instead of local fish fry Friday and pizza night Saturday.

Good Luck to all and be safe out there!! TABK!!

11/17/20 @ 7:54 PM
User since 2/5/05

Thank you. It's an adventure. Actually shooting a deer would be a delightful surprise. 

11/17/20 @ 7:26 PM
User since 5/12/16

Good luck Mr.Seaguar,shoot often and shoot straight.

I hope you come back from the great deer hunting road trip with good stories.

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