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December hunt

12/4/14 @ 12:40 PM
User since 1/25/09
With the deer kill being the lowest in 30 years for gun season would you all agree the DNR needs to cancel the December hunt? I wouldn't see why not. Email your DNR reps folks.

12/15/14 @ 8:30 AM
User since 7/5/01
"The DNR has screwed up a lot of things. But there are places that these late hunts make sense. Hunters need to use a little common sense about what is an ok harvest for the area they are hunting and not blindly follow the DNR."

That is the name of the game. EAB to a degree was a mandated deer slaughter and hurt a lot of areas, some of which with predatation, idiots still shooting does, and other factors have not bounced back. Since it was banned and some other things changed, the balance is more in the hunters favor. You have freedom to manage better. Unfortunately, too many people exercise their freedome to be blind and ignorant on the status of the deer population in their area and fill tags without looking to what tomorrow might bring, instead just worrying about how many deer they "need".

As for my report, my crew got 4 more does over the weekend. Wish we could have got more, but this was our highest harvest year ever. I hunt in one of those areas that as mentioned these hunts make sense. We are loaded. Some of our neighbors were out as well. We work together to make sure the cooperative harvest isn't too high. We base our harvest decisions on how the population is sitting vs how our freezers are looking. More people need to get active to make their hunting better. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

12/14/14 @ 10:14 AM
User since 1/19/02
hunted last evening and saw nada, o well nice night to sit anyways,,, be back out for archery slaughter.

goodhuntin all

12/14/14 @ 6:51 AM
User since 1/25/06
Correct me if Im wrong but the deer count was going to be at its lowest for a couple or reason.

Biggest reason. 1/2 the state was antlered only this year (not last). That alone significantly impacts the numbers.

Reason 2. Doe tag, once so cheap, have risen in costs. I know of a farm where they would regularly shoot 20 does on drives to thin out the herd. That did little because the place is a deer mecca. Raise the price of an antlerless tag and these guys are not going to spend 12 dollars a piece to shoot some does (most of which were donated).

Anyways, Im really liking the setup of this years hunt. Limited extra tags but everyone has an opportunity to get a buck or doe.

As for report...I waited for that big buck during regular season and needed one for the freezer. I went out to a farm that surrounds my inlaws 20. Due to gurgling stomach and me not knowing exactly where the stands were I didnt make it out till 730. Only hunted till 930. Saw 16 deer and put one in the freezer.

I vote keep this hunt AND keep good regulations.

12/13/14 @ 9:19 PM
User since 9/19/02
Looking forward to the southern farmland slaughter. Participated in the central farmland slaughter today. Took a nice doe. One of a dozen I seen in only two hours of hunting. The DNR has screwed up a lot of things. But there are places that these late hunts make sense. Hunters need to use a little common sense about what is an ok harvest for the area they are hunting and not blindly follow the DNR.

12/12/14 @ 10:11 PM
User since 1/25/09
Bowbuckman your right on one thing there is a 9 day doe slaughter in the southern starting Dec 24. Puke Puke

12/12/14 @ 6:01 PM
User since 7/7/01
Hey Bowbuckman, grow up, it's entirely possible that the people going on this hunt may not have as many opportunities to harvest deer as you do. No need to be pretentious about it.

12/12/14 @ 4:07 PM
User since 1/19/02
Waupaca co. out this am til just after 9am, nada except for a coyote sighting, back at it tomorrow hope I can slaughter 1 ............ Wondering

12/12/14 @ 12:42 PM
User since 2/22/07
muskyhead, maybe you could have been a little more specific.

12/12/14 @ 9:54 AM
User since 7/23/08
"Maybe you should read it for us"????? Maybe if people read the regs for themselves they wouldn't have to depend on someone else to "clear things up"!!!!! Wink

12/12/14 @ 9:40 AM
bowtech Dee
bowtech Dee
User since 10/23/12
Maybe you should read it for us!!!!! I think people were just trying to clear up questions and asking!!!! Wink

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