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DEC. 12-15??

12/10/19 @ 9:06 AM
User since 3/15/14

Is the whole state really a doe season????

12/12/19 @ 8:10 PM
User since 11/29/01

Ya know, guys, I know I am not the most liked person on this board. I have people saying I'm stupid, I have JC Wisconsin all but mocking me, and people PM ing me saying I am numb and being BLOCKED!!. However here it goes. I have no problem with long seasons. I like them Here is why. As for me , I didn't get a deer yet this year. Been a horrible year for me.  I had everything go wrong this year that could go wrong.  I sat the first 6 minutes on opening day and saw a deer. After that I sat 14 times without seeing a deer on stand. I kicked them up walking in and out. Even had one walk up to me and 10' away . I missed one , then I hit what would have been my biggest buck yet, a shoulder shot, just a bit too far forward. I had bucks run by me 20' away while half way up the tree, before I could climb the tree, does walking by when I was setting up my climber and had to wait for them to walk by. I didn't see a deer up north for gun , came down to where I live just to have them just skirt by me without what quality shot I wanted late gun season. Then muzzleloader, I can not so much as  find a track on the public land. They are all on private  land in the fields before dark , so I didn't see a deer for muzzleloader . Now 4 day doe. I am doing in season scouting and found 2 tracks yesterday in a 1.46 mile walk. I am not in favor of hunters filling every tag. I hate the fact that Washington co. gives 3 doe tags for bow and 3 for gun. Six doe tags and not weapon specific???  I shoot 1 deer every few years and my freezer is empty.  Does it matter if I shoot it on Dec. 12 th with a gun, or my bow on Oct . 12 with my bow. One deer is one deer and if I get a deer this weekend I will quit or go with my camera. We need to tighten the harvest more than anything.

12/12/19 @ 8:33 AM
User since 10/10/17

That's not my thought process at all, Doug. If it was up to me bow season would close completely during the 9 day gun season and the gun hunters can have the woods to themselves. I'd encourage you to try a late season hunt for a buck when there is snow on the ground, nobody else in the woods, and have some deer bedding and browsing a few yards from your tree. If you can find a more peaceful situation, I'll throw in the towel. My point is that they essentially did away with a late season bow hunt for various (some of the best) counties in Wisconsin, and that is a shame. My problem isn't that a gun season runs concurrent with a bow, it's the fact they took away the option to harvest a buck for 3/4 of the season that remains after gun season concludes. But yes, let's start the bowhunters vs gunhunters debate, LOL. Get a clue. 

12/11/19 @ 9:45 PM
User since 1/19/03

I think bow hunters just want more time to hunt when the weather is cold instead of in September/oct when it's likely warm and the bugs are bad.  About the time the weather gets favorable the orange brigade comes out for the next month. I hunt in an area where  there isnt much pressure and I can't gun hunt where I bow hunt. So during gun season I usually just wear blaze and take the bow but it never seems to be as good

12/11/19 @ 9:28 PM
Doug Stange's Evil Twin
User since 9/25/15

That's right FULLDRAW.

Bow hunters are superior and deserve 100 exclusive days to themselves.  That's the joke

12/11/19 @ 1:24 PM
User since 10/10/17

exactly, Bass.. my frustration as well. If guys aren't going to shoot does the first 10 weeks of the season, when they are more patterned than ever (Bow season opener) not sure why they would want to venture out in potential sub zero weather to only mess with a shooting a doe at that point. Extremely frustrating. 

12/11/19 @ 11:12 AM
User since 6/12/10

They have had this style of doe only hunt the same weekend every year since T-Zone in the 90's and it really hasn't changed much.  It's the holiday hunt which I can't stand.  I've already shot 3 does this year and don't need or want anymore does.  I do however have two 5 day weekends in a row and a buck tag and would like to potentially try for a nice buck either of those weekends, but I can't since it's doe only in my county for two weeks.

12/11/19 @ 10:56 AM
User since 4/9/03

Insurance companies having anything to do with the deer herd is nothing but a bar stool theory.  In counties with high deer hits and more deer your premium is just higher. That's how they offset their loses. Not by paying a state to have more deer shot.  

I go dozen insurance meetings every year with different companies.  While companies show concern over claims, deer claims are the least of their concerns.


12/10/19 @ 10:36 PM
User since 5/13/02

Our herd is so out of whack it's not funny...I have cameras out and am getting pics of 19 bucks and 2 adult does...and one of those does I believe is dry...she's so the next couple years our herd will be beyond repair unless something the last 6 years I shot 1 doe and that was because she had a broken hind leg.

I still have a buck tag for archery and now I can't shoot a buck for 4 days and have some time off to do so..I just dont know anymore...ugh!!!!


12/10/19 @ 5:34 PM
User since 12/4/13

states like wyoming are doing things to address billions of dollars lost from car accidents. like building overpasses .. why cant wisconsin ?  Here they are taking payments to decimate our deer herd 

12/10/19 @ 3:10 PM
User since 10/10/17

Skunky, it's a damn shame what the DNR has done to late season bowhunting. When i was in highschool i spent just about every afternoon from December 1st on in the woods (with the exception of the T-Zone in early december). Now it's muzzleloader for 10 days following the 9 day gun, T-Zone beginning the day after that... which brings, aren't we lucky - a WHOLE 9 days (1 weekend) to do some bowhunting for bucks!!! Until we get to use our big guns again to shoot some more does for another week. Pisses me right off. The DNR is a joke. 

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