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Bear ammo

8/26/17 @ 8:10 AM
ducks forever
User since 10/15/07

I drew my first bear tag this year and plan on using my 45-70 Guide Gun. I will be running dogs. has anybody had any experiences with the Hornady leverevolution ammo on black bear? I have a couple of boxes of the 325 grain. I tried doing some Google searching on the performance on black bear but everything that I pull up is for brown bear or Hogs. What I have read is they are definitely not for brown bear and mixed reviews on the Hogs. I am looking for somebody that has personal experience with them on black bear. Or if somebody has a better choice of ammo. I will be shooting up the couple of boxes of ammo that I have for it this weekend. I plan on buying some more and shooting about 10 rounds a day, so I can get comfortable with the rifle before the hunt. So changing ammo is not a big deal. The last thing I want to do is wound a bear and have it tear up my buddies dogs. Thank you in advance.

2/6/18 @ 7:37 PM
User since 2/6/18

Big Mac,

I have a .45-70 handi-rifle... made by H&R. (Single shot)  I mounted a cheap Simmons fixed 4X shotgun scope. Plenty good enough when over bait at 30-40 yards.  The Corbon 460 grain hard lead dropped the bear on top of the bait stump.  ($60.00 per box... in 2011)

2/6/18 @ 7:29 PM
User since 2/6/18

Corbon - 460 grain. Hard lead 

9/30/17 @ 4:57 AM
big mac
MEMBER since 2/19/02


With your 45-70, what kind of optics are you using? 

I have the Marlin stainless steel guide gun, and don't like the open sights.


Big Mac 

8/30/17 @ 4:36 PM
ducks forever
User since 10/15/07

Thank you for the information guys like I said this is my first hunt and I'm trying to make sure that I don't screw up

8/30/17 @ 1:57 PM
User since 12/7/09

I used 45-70 same ammo over bait 40 yards, one round bear took one step and as it lifted its paw for its second step it fell over gave the death moan. It did not go 2 feet.

8/30/17 @ 9:56 AM
User since 7/20/09

If you want to save the skull you'll have to shoot them in the chest.  The main issue with rifles is getting a good hole for blood trailing, you want a quality bullet that expands and remains intact to make a big hole otherwise the fat will clog it up. They are like big raccoons though, if they are in a tree and you don't have to worry about a blood trail, just about any deer rifle would do the trick just fine.  Like anything its about shot placement.

8/29/17 @ 6:22 PM
Water Dog
User since 6/18/01

Anything you use for deer is adequate for black bear. 

I would spend more time learning bear anatomy for different shot angles of a bear in a tree and on the ground in case you get one that won't tree than shooting tons of rounds out of the gun. 

Your looking at a 10-20 yard shot at most. Putting the bullet where it needs to be is more important. 

I run hounds so I'm speaking from experience. 

8/29/17 @ 1:08 PM
User since 9/8/03

Talk to the guy you are going with. See what he has to say. Lots of dog hunters shoot them in the head, whether in a tree or on the ground. Thats what we do and have never had a problem with anyone using the Leverevolution ammo as long as they hit them where they should.

8/29/17 @ 9:42 AM
ducks forever
User since 10/15/07

I will be using a short rifle the recoil is a little more manageable i would compair to 12ga w/synthetic stock shooting 3" mag slugs  not something I want to shoot all day 8-10 Rounds is pretty much Max before I start losing accuracy because my shoulder hurts I haven't shot any heavy loads out of it just those 325 grain

8/28/17 @ 6:58 AM
User since 2/2/10

12ga is all you need.

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