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Bayfield County Deer Hunting 2014

9/20/14 @ 9:49 PM
User since 10/12/11
How's it looking this year?

Acorns plentiful this year? Deer numbers up or down? Bigger bucks being sighted?

10/13/15 @ 5:38 PM
User since 6/9/08
Thought I would bring this thread back to life. I spent the last month up in Bayfield and Douglas county helping a bear guide out. On the public Big woods land the number of deer are still way down. Around the limited ag land or lake areas there are few deer. The highest deer populations were in the Mason area. I did see a Booner while out baiting in the middle of the morning but won't say where as to not have every person on here trying to hunt him, but it was on land that is open to the public. I would be hunting him if I lived up there but I don't and have already been gone from home for month.

5/28/15 @ 7:41 PM
py buck
MEMBER since 6/1/05
First fawns of the year seen today. Hopefully we have good recruitment this year. Lots of deer around this spring.

4/27/15 @ 6:26 AM
User since 3/4/06
First spring time weekend jaunt to Delta, WI for a Whitetails Unlimited Banquet in Iron River.

Saw a ton of deer! Mild winter + lots of acorns + lots of logging = more deer. Should see a lot of fawns this year in the Delta area.



12/10/14 @ 5:05 PM
Brother of the brush
User since 1/22/12
I'm not ready to jump on the "bear and bobcat" bandwagon. In my little neck of the woods, we used to have abundant bear, bobcat and yes, deer, lots of them. Now, bear are few, bobcats are here but not overabundant and deer are nearly nonexistent. Public, mind you. So I can't blame the bear and bobcat, guess whats next?

I would think when we had a bear hiding behind every tree that they would have ate every fawn. Deer were still plentiful. For many years.

I'm a hound hunter so seeing all those critters would have got my heart pumping waiting for

12/10/14 @ 4:44 PM
User since 3/4/06
Brother of the brush...yes, it was in the first week of November.

I found it crazy to sit in a tree on a major runway that was full of scrapes and not see a single deer. 4 different types of predators. I don't use a flashlight walking in or out of the woods most of the time, but this particular evening, I figured I had seen/heard enough predators to warrant using my headlamp and having my pistol at the ready.

So for people that blame the low deer numbers on winter kill and wolves, don't forget that bears, coyotes, and bobcats suck up most of the fawns in the spring.

A Memorial Day Weekend doesn't go by with me seeing a bear running down a road with a fawn in it's mouth.

Good thing those predators haven't learned how to ice fish! The fishing is awesome...just watch Wisconsin Waters and Woods this past weekend for proof.

12/10/14 @ 3:03 PM
Brother of the brush
User since 1/22/12
Cool video Chris. I've squeaked in a few fox in my life but never had the opportunity on a cat. I'm assuming that is in bow season?

12/10/14 @ 7:38 AM
User since 3/4/06

This sums up my deer season. This was in one afternoon of hunting in Bayfield.

Bobcats, Bears, Coyotes, and (what I missed on video) wolves.

https://Northwoods Predators

12/4/14 @ 1:04 PM
User since 2/26/10
Population objective recommendation for Bayfield County is to be finalized at the Bayfield County Deer Advisory Council meeting next week (12/10). The opportunity is there for you to provide comments/input in advance or attend in person if you are able. Link to info below...

12/3/14 @ 2:59 PM
Lowe Roughneck
User since 2/5/10
General hunting season comment.

Bowhunting, saw some good deer. Put an arrow into the shoulder of an 8 point in Mid October chasing does but the arrow didn't make it through at 30 yards. Hit it right where I wanted to but thought I was far enough back. Obviously not. Arrow broke off with about 2 inches still in the deer. I'm sure he survived just fine. Northwoods deer are tough. Either way a sick feeling and a blown opportunity. Gun season saw lots of doe, fawns, spikes, and forks. Close to 20 deer seen opening day between my brother-in-law and myself. Different areas and they all came in the afternoon and just hung around. Passed on all the little bucks. Great seeing deer and hoping they survive the winter and grow a little bit. Spikes were still chasing the doe and fawn pairs. They would run from pair to pair. Fun to watch. Didn't see any big deer killed, just little guys. Crying I just hope they stick with Buck only for another year. The deer are out there they just need a chance to not get mowed down.

12/3/14 @ 11:14 AM
slipp bobber
User since 4/2/14
Couple of our guys seen are big boy being hauled up Beck Rd on the opener. Not sure on how many points..They just said it was really big !! We hunted off Beck between Barnes and Drummond ..Not Much !! Couple deer seen. We got a group of 12.. We went 0 for.. 1st time in as long as I can remember .. And we've been up there 30 plus years !! Oh well, beer was cold, and the cabin warm !! No better place than northern Wisc !!

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