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Antelope hunting help & advice?

10/20/20 @ 8:48 PM
big mac
MEMBER since 2/19/02


I absolutely love it out west!

And due to financial restraints, my dream hunt will probably never happen (archery/gun elk hunt).

 So i would like to ask for some specific help in Antelope hunting. Such as; private ranches,  trespass fee ranchers/ranches, ect.

I would like to do this with my older brother. Before we are to broken down! I'm 61 & he's 64.


Big Mac 


10/22/20 @ 6:00 PM
big mac
MEMBER since 2/19/02

I greatly appreciate all the help & positive feedback!

The antelope is such an interesting critter, & makes a wonderful mount!

Big Mac 

10/22/20 @ 4:37 PM
User since 3/9/03

Look up landowner ranchers who have  depredation tags. Out west a lot of landowners who don't  lease their rights and those are the guys who have the tags. They keep them for them self and do not  use an outfitter, because they will let you on to their property and tell you where to go and what to do. A lot of those ranchers just want  the game off the property and can profit by it. Look for ads like that on the internet. I found an ad in the newspaper when I Lived in  Salt Lake and bought an elk cow tag for 300, and took my ten year old son and got one first day. I think thats the best way to go, and i have done a lot of hunts out west. Antelope are not stupid .I have hunted them a couple times in utah, do not underestimate the distances that you can get near them. You can do the same with cow elk tags, there are plenty of  tags available with or without outfitters.



10/22/20 @ 2:43 PM
One shot one kill
MEMBER since 8/12/02

All these people that say that Antelope is delicious. I must have shot a bad one in Montana in 1990 . Just terrible  . Don't know why , shot , dressed , and at locker plant in less than 90 minutes  .  So bad I ended giving most away . Plus so smelly I washed my hands about 6 times , and still had an aroma. If I touch the mount today , I can still smell it .

10/22/20 @ 9:06 AM
User since 12/20/12

Wyoming has a huge number of options for antelope hunters.  Generally speaking,  the easier to draw units have a lower percentage of public land. That being said,  you can still find decent self guided hunts with 1-2 preference points.  Job #1 Mac, APPLY FOR WYO PREFERENCE PTS. The deadline is Oct. 31. Then, research Wyoming Game & Fish website. Lots of good planning info.

Self guided is easy. Wouldn't consider an outfitter for an antelope only hunt. Pic is from Sept hunt this fall.

10/22/20 @ 6:43 AM
big mac
MEMBER since 2/19/02


I kinda understand your complaint. 

 But i look at my situation, and would use an outfitter to hunt elk.

Antelope is much extensive when it comes to planning, execution,  costs, etc.

Currently, I'm fine money wise to use an outfitter for elk hunting. But vacation & my brother's schedule, makes it more difficult.

To the other poster, regarding Newcastle. We had our meat & mounts done at the Flying V. Very happy with them. We hunted with Dampier Lodge. I don't think they operating anymore. 

Big Mac 

10/22/20 @ 6:34 AM
User since 4/17/07

Big Mac - Find some public land near Newcastle WY and go hunt antelope there since you've been there before. If you went with an outfitter before you should know how to hunt them. Or just book another trip with a that guide. 

I'm very confused with your posts. You first stated elk was too expensive as your reason not to go, when the main cost difference is a few hundred bucks for the tag. Then you changed your reason to needing more time for planning/ scouting. Now you are saying you picked antelope because you've already done a guided antelope hunt before. It sounds like you are just making excuses not to go on an elk hunt. It's fine if you want to hunt antelope, but just say so instead of bringing up how your dream elk hunt won't happen.

10/22/20 @ 6:26 AM
MEMBER since 7/21/01

I got back from Newcastle 2 weeks ago. Stayed at Flying V Lodge... Great time and great place. For our 3 guys, we all killed 1 antelope each. (self guided, mostly BLM but had permission for some private). We were in area 8 about 25 miles south of Newcastle...

Antelope numbers are down quite a bit according to the DNR guy we chatted with. May be more than a couple years to draw in the future.

Learn to be able to shoot 300+ yards, it is big open country....

10/21/20 @ 5:11 PM
big mac
MEMBER since 2/19/02

Bowhunting Guy

The reason i picked antelope,  is my brother & i went on a guided hunt years ago. Just to learn & have that experience. 

I also enjoyed the meat & a terrific mount!

We hunted outside of Newcastle WY.

Big Mac 

10/21/20 @ 1:27 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

Big Mac, don’t downgrade the antelope hunt as an inferior option to elk. Antelope are awesome animals and some of the absolute best meat (and I’ve eaten a lot of different species). 

Wyoming is the place to go. They are abundant and there are tons of public land options.

They’re a relatively easy animal to hunt. Yes, their eyes are incredible, but they either disregard or have a poor sense of smell. I’ve hunted them into 60 mph winds blowing right at them. Their eyes are so sensitive that they don’t want to look into the wind, making stalks pretty easy if they don’t see you. 

Spend some time behind your binoculars in an area where you can see a long ways. Observe their behavior and make a plan to get close. Don’t think of them as being white tails. They’re a very different animal.

Again, I can’t say enough about the quality of the meat. It’s imperative that you get them cooled down immediately and in coolers. Do not overcook it. In my opinion, it’s better than elk or white tail. 

10/21/20 @ 11:02 AM
User since 12/7/13

Put in for a first season rifle elk tag in Colo. Do some research there is great public hunting in the Routte National Forest . There are many forms , ATVs, pickups, walking (a lot) bring a horse or rent one.  If you work hard and plan accordingly you can find some great public elk hunting for a smidge more than antelope hunting.  Units 11-12-13,24-26. A tent or a camper saves a lot of cash too as does hunting cows also which I prefer. Message me and I can point you in the right direction if you need a starting point. 

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