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Albino Deer

3/30/15 @ 2:04 PM
User since 8/27/01
On the way back from Appleton this morning, we noticed 5 deer in a field, and one was pure white. A few years ago we had a pie bald near us but someone thought it was cool to shoot it about 50 pounds.

How often do others get to see albino deer, really cool!

4/27/15 @ 7:21 AM
User since 3/4/06
I hadn't seen any albinos on Hwy 45 in Winchester for years and now that you guys brought this up, 3 of us in my truck saw one this weekend on the way to my cabin. It wasn't in the field. There were 4 deer in the field but the albino was about 10 yards into the woods and walking parallel with the woods.

It had a big body. Can't wait to see what it grows into.

4/22/15 @ 1:12 PM
User since 3/4/06
There used to be a nice albino buck on Hwy 45 by the Winchester exit a few years back. Seen him 3 years in a row but haven't seen an albino there in years. I'll definitely start looking again as I drive by there a 50 times a year.

As for my baby... I went to check on my food plot (which looks like crap) and set up my trail cameras. When I left, a mile away from where I hunt were 3 albinos, one of which had a very large body. From last year's video, you saw that the doe had a normal colored fawn. I obviously have a very strong albino gene in my area of Jefferson County. She could've been one of the 3 I saw on Sunday.

I'll be anxious to check the camera in a few weeks.

I brushed out a new ground blind too, so I'm thinking it would be awesome to get video of her at eye level.

Stay tuned...


4/15/15 @ 1:46 PM
The Outdoorskid
The Outdoorskid
User since 1/16/12
i saw those same 2 deer on highway 45 novacane... i think, lol there is a field of tall grass and a pond by the highway and they were out there on my way up north and on my way home so cool!

4/14/15 @ 7:43 PM
User since 8/27/01
Cool Picture, thanks!

4/11/15 @ 9:31 AM
User since 9/22/11
I just saw 2 by the Hwy 45 and II exit this last tues night at dusk, just south of the exit. Havwe seen them there a quite a few times. Pretty neat!!!!

4/8/15 @ 8:26 AM
User since 3/4/06
Thank you. It was the highlight of my season last year. I'm wondering if albino deer stick to a tighter territory or if that girl gave me a lesson. The reason I say this, is that I saw this doe about every other to every third time I went out. I think she stayed glued to the 40 acres I'm hunting.

I saw plenty of other deer. I didn't see the same bucks over and over. Nor did I see the same doe that had twin buck fawns. But I saw the albino all the time telling me she stayed resident.

There were times I could see the top of her head bedded in the swamp. I could see her walking through the woods to go to the neighbors field. Her being so visible really told me a bigger story about when deer move, how they move, etc. OR, because she's so visible, her living/moving habits may be different than normal deer. I don't know. I do know that she got bred by the 2nd largest buck on the property so we'll see what happens.

In the end, seeing her was a thrill. I've read that their eyesight is bad. She skylined me once at 10 yards, looked at me for about 5 seconds, and then began feeding again.

5 more months...

4/5/15 @ 7:38 PM
User since 8/22/10
I got this albino buck picture after the hunting season. 3 miles north of Plain in Sauk County,

4/3/15 @ 9:49 PM
User since 6/8/07
There are two living in grafton! A buck and a doe

4/3/15 @ 9:48 PM
User since 6/24/01
Thanks for sharing the video very nice

4/3/15 @ 3:22 PM
antler junkie
User since 8/17/05
Very cool video, I seen a piebald once but no albino yet.

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