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Age of Bear

1/9/14 @ 7:40 AM
land man
User since 9/12/06
I just got my card back from the DNR for the bear I shot in 2012. My sow was 14 1/2 years old. That seems pretty old to me.

How old have some of the bears you all have shot been?

2/17/15 @ 4:26 PM
Steve White
User since 3/17/04
Eyes, Absolutely they screwed up!! No way a yearling is going to way 250lbs the first year on its own. If it finds really good food sources. Maybe and I mean maybe 150. Most are going to be closer to 100.

I dont see why it is so difficult for them to get it right. Careless handling of the results? Careless observation of the sample? Maybe just not doing it at all, and writing something down to get it done with. Whatever the reason they need to get their act together!

Attached is a picture of what this looks like to them. Pretty self explanatory isnt it? This was a sow, and in her 9th year when harvested. You can also see by the narrow spacing that she had cubs in her 5th and 7th years.

2/17/15 @ 2:56 PM
User since 1/27/14
My bear from last year was very skinny and only weighed 250. but the skull scored to be 18 1/2 inches. When i got my card back it told me i had a two year old bear... Did the dnr just have a mix up?

2/10/15 @ 9:07 AM
Steve White
User since 3/17/04
I often wonder how accurate the numbers are. Really dont seem to be that hard to count rings. Do they just mix things up to often. Get lazy and just throw a number down and send out. Or what?

Good friend shot one pushing 600lbs with guts in. Got his card back saying it was 2yrs old. No way in heck, that can be the case. So some sort of mistake was surely made. Contacted the DNR about it, but still no word back from them.

1/26/15 @ 9:56 AM
User since 1/12/02
Here is a picture of one of my hunters bear scull from 2012- it was a 19 year old sow-teeth are worn right down. This bear had no fat on it-loose skin and weighed 200 dressed- I'm sure it was in the 350 plus range or more in its prime. The teeth were yellow-but when it was boiled- or bleached you cant tell. 19 years is pretty old-but I have heard of older yet-JIM

1/21/15 @ 2:39 AM
User since 7/17/01
Some of you gents posted over a month ago that you've just revieved a letter from the DNR from your 2013 kill.

I shot my boar in Sept of 2014 and have not yet recieved a letter from the DNR. When might I expect to get my letter?

1/21/15 @ 2:00 AM
bear dog
User since 6/5/10
They age the bear by cutting the tooth and dying it and count the number of rings.Sometimes sows can be harder to age because of the stress of having cubs the rings are alot closer together on years that they have cubs but on older sows you get a idea of how many sets of cubs she had in their life by the ring spacing.I know a sow that is 28 years old and have records of her having 10 sets of cubs we will find out this feb. if she had cubs this winter she is due for new ones this year. It is very rare for a 2 yr old to weigh over 300 lbs. The dnr must of gotten the tooth and age cards mixed when mailing them back.

1/20/15 @ 6:47 PM
User since 7/29/01
This one was aged at 3.75 on the DNR card. I never got a weight on it but I would guess over 200 easy? It may look smaller on the picture with me, but I am 6'3" 320. Almost forgot it was a sow. My buddy that got me into bear hunting told me to wait for a large single bear that looks like the ears are small for the body size and I did.

1/13/15 @ 2:28 PM
User since 6/9/08
I am wondering about the accuracy of the lab doing the tooth aging for Wisconsin. I have saw some of the reported ages on some of the bear and it is hard to believe what they are reporting. My sister-in-law shot a 490 pound boar a couple of years ago and the results came back that it was 8 1/2 years old.

1/13/15 @ 10:26 AM
User since 8/24/07
I know nothing about aging bears, but that math just does not add up for me. is it honestly possible for a two year old bear to weigh more than 500 pounds and have that large a skull?

12/30/14 @ 9:34 AM
User since 3/7/07
My Dad and I both got our cards in saying we both shot one year olds. My dads was a 125 pound male and mine was 150 pounds sow. My sow had 4 inches of fat on it which made it look pretty big. In past years Dad shot a 5 year old male dressed at 305 pounds, I shot a 7 year old sow dressed at 270 pounds( but that was on my friends land ten miles away) and then 2 180 pound male and sows at 2 years old.

Seeing that some of the huge bears haven't shown up during shooting hours makes me think about moving our bait locations since the old ones are aware they're being hunted.

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