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A reason the Wisconsin deer is getting eliminate.

11/25/16 @ 12:32 PM
B Fish
User since 6/26/10

Now before you all reply cutting me down keep in mind I am on the deer hunters side.

When I got out of College in 1982 I still remember reading an article that predicted in 2025 Wisconsin would no longer have a deer season as we have known it. (Right, I was 22 then and loved hunting so much, no way). The article went on to say the reason we would not have hunting would be because of NO INTEREST in the  sport. WOW.

Now let's fast forward to today. I just read an article that the average age of a Wisconsin deer hunter is 54 and rising every year. That's easy to believe, my son is the only person in his senior class of over 100 that deer hunts and we have all heard stories about the lack of youth in the sport.

So put it all together. The hunters are getting older and not being replaced, kind of sounds like LACK OF INTEREST as stated in the article 34 years ago. 

So who will control the herd when all the current hunters hang it up? 

This may be one reason the state is taking the herd down before there are no more hunters?

Just looking a the big picture. 

12/9/16 @ 10:30 PM
MEMBER since 10/4/11

Great posts guys!! As a whole this state is still in decent shape and as the BID and BAB continue to hang up there hunting careers the future looks pretty bright from my point of view!! Keep making memories!! 

12/9/16 @ 7:11 PM
R, Douglas
User since 12/9/16

Justadad X1

12/9/16 @ 5:22 PM
User since 6/24/16

Greatoutdoors, don't get me wrong.  We do celebrate the big bucks today, it just seems different than 30 years ago.  And I totaly agree about the adult does, they have busted me plenty of times.  Some members in our group will shoot a smaller buck also, I'm not about to change the minds of the "Elders" of our group, nor would I want to.  Out of 12 guys this year we shot 5 does and 2 decent bucks, not wall hangers.  We saw a few really good bucks, but they don't get that big by making many mistakes and this year was no different.  We stopped hunting on Monday and the processing starts.  For us, the first few days are to get some deer, the rest of the season is hanging out with the group, make the sausage and brats, and yes, there is beer involved.  Happy Hunting Everyone

12/9/16 @ 5:00 PM
User since 7/5/01

JustaDad, I don't know why your group wouldn't share in the excitement of someone getting a big buck. I think it is more of a group accomplishment to be proud of as you all had to pass to make them big.  With our group we all work together on habitat projects, so it is truely a group accomplishment.  What about shooting nice adult does?  They are more of a challenge than small bucks as well.  As for me, I think it beats the rat race of years past to knock 95% of bucks off their feet.  Sitting out there until you got "your buck" and then hitting the tavern.  Clearing the forest of bucks doesn't seem to be a conservation minded approach.  Also, I've been hunting QDM enough with a good structure of mature bucks and mature does that I couldn't go back to shooting small bucks without feeling bad about it.  They are so dumb it would feel like I was shooting pets and not hunting deer.  They are slightly above fawns on the intelligence scale.  I would prefer to leave the easier targets out there for kids to shoot or to get a little bigger. 

12/9/16 @ 4:32 PM
User since 8/31/11

My favorite hunting term.

Cull buck: A male whitetail deer, generally a 2.5 yr old specimen a hunter really wants to shoot but doesn't want to get crucified by other hunters for not allowing the deer to grow bigger horns.  By removing cull bucks from the gene pool, the hunter can still retain some bit of street cred. 

12/9/16 @ 2:46 PM
User since 6/24/16
Swampdog- I agree.  I also agree with Greatoutdoors.  This year at deer camp I was looking at the picturs from previous seasons  It never dawned on me before but there are a lot of pictures from the 80's and 90's of the whole group crowded over a couple six points and forks.  It looks like someone won the lottery in those pictures.  When I look at the more recent photos, the bucks are bigger, but they are all being taken with the one person who shot it, we are losing the Deer Camp excitement we had before.  That being said, we hunt in an area that has a lot of deer most years and we are more aware of what we shoot and how it affects us in the future.  We are not strict QDM, in fact most of the older members of camp probably have never heard of it,  but over the years we have been better at saying, we shot enough, lets go have a beer and watch the Packers.  I personally would like to see the T-zone gone in our area, but I know of a lot of hunters that will be out for many reasons, and I'm fine with that where I hunt also.  I would love to go back to Buck or Doe opening weekend, and then if you could apply for a hunters choice permit for the remaining 7 days.  I can only speak to my neck of the woods though.   My personal goals have changed now that I have kids, now I just want them to have a chance at the same memories I have deer hunting, if not better.

12/9/16 @ 2:02 PM
User since 7/5/01

Interesting that QDM is getting the blame for people losing interest in hunting.  A lot of the lost interest from people is in the northern 3rd of Wisconsin.  This area has the by far highest concentration of public lands and by far the lowest concentration of QDM in the state.  This is 'brown its down' and 'bang any buck' country and it certainly has been shot up by the non-QDM folks.  Of course when I go hunting the last thing that factors into my harvest decision is the status of my freezer.  This is a limited resource and there is not enough for everyone to harvest 1 deer or 2 deer, even though some people act like they need that or more.  You find that attitude more prevalent among QDM'ers which is why our lands didn't get beat up as bad in the last 10 years. There is still a ton of interest and kids joining the sport in my neck of the woods.  Yet in the areas where I used to hunt up north where there is virtually no QDM there is also no interest, deer, or participation, and I am to believe this is due to QDM?

As for comments insinuating that the divisiveness on this thread is due to the QDM'ers, I must ask why?  Why doesn't the brown is down crowd take any blame?  Why doesn't the bang any buck crowd take any blame?  Currently the regulations in this state are in favor of the brown its down and bang any buck guys.  You get a buck with any license purchased with no restrictions.  Group hunting is available for the slobs that can't get enough only shooting 2 bucks per year.  Seasons keep getting longer putting more pressure on the resource.  X-guns are now available during the rut for people who can't bowhunt.  No more in person registration so if you shoot something you are embarrased of you don't need to worry about it.  Even though cut back from their candy at halloween heyday, tons of antlerless tags are still readily available.  When it is proposed that the regulations are changed to 1 buck, 1 buck with apr for a second, no group hunting, antler point restrictions in certain areas, etc, where the QDM crowd would have some(not all) regulations in their favor, the 'BID' and 'BAB' groups won't give an inch.  They'll claim they "need to fill the freezer", claim "you can't eat the horns" while waiting for the first small buck to come through, etc.  They don't want to give up their gravy train of shooting the sloppy seconds of the QDM guys which is ridicuously easy now given how many people are passing bucks.  I find it to be pathetic. 

Why isn't there compromise?  I fish mainly for eater panfish and walleyes, yet I have and will vote in favor of trophy muskie regulations in areas where it makes sense even though it is to my detriment.  Why should all waters be managed to the way I want it only?  I believe there should be different styles of management based on it making sense for the habitat and to give people with different preferences areas to pursue that match their goals.  What would be wrong with limiting the buck harvest to 1 tag, but you can still fill it how you like?  Why can't we get rid of group hunting?  What would be wrong with implementing some QDM style antler restrictions in the 10 or 15 counties that already practice it the most and leaving the other 57-62 counties with no antler restrictions?  How come some of you insist on a death grip of managing the entire state your way?  Are you that selfish? 

12/9/16 @ 2:01 PM
User since 9/11/16

Staightshooter now im taking this personal.For one i signed up as a paid member in September.I only know one guy on here and he is guide.I talked to him and he says you got me mixed up with someone else.I never have been on here prior to september after being notified by my guide about LL.He said on these hunting forums there was constant attacks and guys getting kicked off setting up bogus accounts etc.You recelently set your account up a few days ago probaly just to single out someone.Your also violating the rules and cunduct policy by personal attacks.I understand that you got the wrong guy and people make mistakes.I suggest you delete your false posts or i will contact LL and take care of this myself.Thanks

12/7/16 @ 8:39 PM
User since 11/11/15

I'm on board with publiclandhunter, ol'swampdog, and that dude from the Carolinas, fwiw.

12/7/16 @ 8:29 PM
User since 10/6/04

PLH's link. I'd tend to agree with it. All you have to do is look at the divisiveness on this thread to see it happening.

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