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2022 Gun Season Big Buck Contest

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11/14/22 @ 2:37 PM
the Jimmer
the Jimmer
User since 1/11/05

We can’t wait any longer, it is time to get the ball rolling. 

The Dude has been mostly absent lately, dealing with life. He also got adopted by a stray cat from what I read awhile back, and is putting an addition on his house to make room for said cat. I ran this once some years ago after Shedhunter went MIA with Bold n Beautiful (per lake link rumor mill), and before Dude took it over, so I am qualified. 

All entry fees should be submitted c/o Bassmaster. Once a winner is declared he will cut the check. 

Bass and Skihog also have their own two-man contest. Winner gets an unopened bottle of bourbon of their choice, courtesy of the loser. 

Same rules as always, scoring details are in the screen shot. If you don’t declare your admission by shooting time on 11-19–22, you are not eligible. This is for the 9 day rifle hunt only, and does not extend into the muzzleloader season. 

I am in. 

Good luck to all, and be safe! 

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11/15/22 @ 1:34 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/21/20

I'm in, 14 and 12 year old daughters also

11/15/22 @ 12:33 PM
User since 1/10/03

I'm in!  Also entering my 13 year old son, who will be manning his own rifle for the first time this year.

11/15/22 @ 12:07 PM
User since 11/5/20

I'm in. Good luck to all and be safe out there.

11/15/22 @ 10:08 AM
Machickanee fisher
Machickanee fisher
PRO MEMBER User since 1/5/03
My 10 year old son and I are in.

11/15/22 @ 9:40 AM
User since 6/12/10

I am in.  Looking forward to camp.  We still have 3 really nice one's in the area, I think, anyway unless a neighbor shot one.  

11/15/22 @ 9:35 AM
User since 11/23/15

My son and I are in. Hopefully my dad will be watching over this year and we actually see a deer this year. Haha. 

11/15/22 @ 9:07 AM
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
PRO MEMBER User since 7/24/20

All time record entry number!

11/15/22 @ 12:50 AM
User since 12/7/05

Just received word from my financial advisor that I can afford the entry fee, so I'm in! 

Got a couple good ones still in the area. The buck I killed with my bow Saturday evening in the blizzard was not on any of my cameras, so hopefully that means the ones I have pics of are still alive!? I will be hunting Sauk and maybe Vernon County later in the week. Good luck to everyone. Be safe and shoot straight!

11/14/22 @ 10:32 PM
User since 2/10/12

I'm in

11/14/22 @ 10:07 PM
User since 3/25/06

My daughter and I are in! We are gonna try to win this dang thing this year!

11/14/22 @ 8:50 PM
dc cady
User since 3/10/07

I’m in and looking forward to another fun hunt. Good luck to all and stay safe.

11/14/22 @ 8:11 PM
User since 7/7/06

Thanks for taking over Jimmer. This is my official declaration of participation in this year's contest. I already sent BMR  the entry fee via Amazon Prime, or was it UPS?? Anyway, he should receive it within the next 7-10 business years.

11/14/22 @ 8:02 PM
Pickled Northern Pike
User since 10/19/21

I’m in .     Marinette & Oconto counties will be the stompin grounds.     7mm Mag Browning pump will be the weapon.      An  old double drop tined swamp buck will be the preferred target!      Good luck & safe stump sittin!

11/14/22 @ 6:49 PM
User since 8/12/20

Count me in!   Adams county buck hunting!

11/14/22 @ 5:19 PM
User since 4/17/07

I'm in. Going to be chilly this weekend, low of 6 degrees for opening morning. Wind chills below 0 and single digits during the day.

Displaying 46 to 60 of 63 posts
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