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2022 Gun Season Big Buck Contest

11/14/22 @ 1:37 PM
the Jimmer
the Jimmer
USER SINCE 1/11/05

We can’t wait any longer, it is time to get the ball rolling. 

The Dude has been mostly absent lately, dealing with life. He also got adopted by a stray cat from what I read awhile back, and is putting an addition on his house to make room for said cat. I ran this once some years ago after Shedhunter went MIA with Bold n Beautiful (per lake link rumor mill), and before Dude took it over, so I am qualified. 

All entry fees should be submitted c/o Bassmaster. Once a winner is declared he will cut the check. 

Bass and Skihog also have their own two-man contest. Winner gets an unopened bottle of bourbon of their choice, courtesy of the loser. 

Same rules as always, scoring details are in the screen shot. If you don’t declare your admission by shooting time on 11-19–22, you are not eligible. This is for the 9 day rifle hunt only, and does not extend into the muzzleloader season. 

I am in. 

Good luck to all, and be safe! 


12/1/22 @ 8:54 AM
USER SINCE 12/30/13

Congrats to everyone who scored this year (on a deer) ........ Our season didn't go as planned, our base camp area was void of the wily whitetail due to environmental changes occurring in the national forest area we hunt. We dont get to scout , so kind of stuck playing out the hand, we took to walking thru the swampy areas, would jump a few tails, but couldn't convert on anything, did walk up on a sleeping black bear that curled up on a cattail hump...... should of snapped a pic. for the sasquatch thread, but missed opportunity there I guess, tag soup again for me, getting used to the flavor and very low in calories I might add. BMR, I had every intention of sending in the money, but pissed it away on bourbon and beer for deer camp, so will have to double up the for the ante next year, i promise.......

11/28/22 @ 7:31 PM
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
USER SINCE 7/24/20

Hey, a couple of you only sent half the money and some none. You know who you are so please send it in thanks.

11/27/22 @ 9:58 PM

I'd probably get smallest buck this year had I entered the contest this year with this 4 pointer!  Thought I was shooting a doe, it was the only deer I saw all weekend and it was about 150 yards away.  Shot it with a minute to spare in legal shooting hours, it never gave me a broadside shot, so I aimed for the neck/chest cavity and dropped it right where it stood.  Happy to have some meat in the freezer after missing a nice buck during the bow season and not harvesting a deer last year!

11/27/22 @ 9:04 PM
USER SINCE 4/17/07

I got an 8 pointer with a 12" spread. Got three deer this year, 2 bucks (one bowhunting) and one doe. Already excited for next year!

Update - I was able to upload a picture but not sure why its rotated.

11/26/22 @ 6:57 PM
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
USER SINCE 7/24/20

We heard no shooting really at all. I did not see any hunters except for maybe one or two while we were riding no deer hung up and nothing on vehicles.

11/26/22 @ 6:46 PM
USER SINCE 1/22/21

Congrats Dude and BMR. Glad to hear it for u guys and all the others! Heard harvest is up 15%? Not sure though because can’t remember source I read it at. 

11/26/22 @ 6:39 PM
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
USER SINCE 7/24/20

I had to dispatch this guy. Front left leg was not working. He tried to follow a buck a little bigger than him and could not when it walked by. Sure the yotes would of taken him eventually. Same score as last 10pts 16 in spread. Just not as big. 

11/23/22 @ 7:22 PM
USER SINCE 5/12/16

Congratulations to your son Dude thats a fine first deer.

11/23/22 @ 12:13 PM
Skunky ll
USER SINCE 1/11/21

Dude, a lifetime of memories!!

Congrats to him!!

And you!!

11/23/22 @ 12:12 PM

Shot this buck in Iowa County. 8 points and 16 inch spread. Good luck to those still in the woods pursuing.

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