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2019 Gun Deer Final Numbers

12/3/19 @ 12:08 PM
User since 4/1/05

Just released, 2019 vs. 2018: Total buck kill down 28.6%, total harvest down 24.9%.  Northern Forest region was the worst: buck kill down 39.5%, total harvest down 38.2%.

Post opening weekend quote: "In 2018, we held the earliest possible deer season followed by the latest possible season in 2019. This occurred between the 2012-13 and 2007-08 seasons as well, and we saw similar declines in opening weekend registration totals," said DNR big game ecologist Kevin Wallenfang. 

2012 antlered harvest: 119,469

2013 antlered harvest: 102,221, drop of 14.5%

2007 antlered harvest: 133,107

2008 antlered harvest: 103,845, drop of 22%

Yes, there were decreases if you only look at the variable as stated by DNR above.  Total harvest of 75,236 bucks in 2019 tells another story.  Even in the worst years, the total buck kill was down 25% on top of the decrease "due to a late start to the season."  The buck kill was down 19% from the lowest buck kill numbers in the last 13 years.  We are on a continued and readily apparent trend downward.

As I posted in another thread, pick the year and you get the same excuses from DNR: standing crops, no snow, late start date to season, and the best of all "lack of hunter effort."

Most of us had record snowfalls late in the season which has never been seen before.  The Winter Severity Index does not properly account for deep snow or extreme cold.  -1 degree counts the same as -30 degrees, and 18" of snow counts the same as 40" of snow according to their system.  I feel a lot of deer died last winter/spring, but we were told we had a record population and a moderate winter even though hundreds of barn roofs collapsed from all the snow.

Since we as hunters failed, and did not do our part to reduce this out of control population as DNR has told us about, I suspect DNR will offer more doe tags, more seasons, more weapons, and longer seasons since we all obviously are failing at hunting.  

I am guessing the number of licenses sold next year will drop even faster with the winter we are already having.  

TODAY @ 2:56 PM
User since 2/28/13

9 days - 19 days, You can't shoot deer that aren't there.  Keep shooting more does, and it will get worse for the future.

TODAY @ 2:50 PM
User since 4/1/05

The muzzleloader season is another example of adding new seasons and new weapons - just another piece of the puzzle which adds to the demise of deer in this state.  It was bad enough when muzzleloaders were added to the season, but even worse when they allowed scopes.  You are right - the primitive weapon muzzleloader is no longer primitive.

However, now tacking on rifles into this season....continuing the same trend.  At least with a muzzleloader it stops crews from driving deer onto fields where a warzone ensues.  If rifles are allowed, the big crews in my neck of the woods will just ensure any deer that escaped the first 9 days will be dead the next weekend.

When is this going to stop?  The only thing we should be talking about is removing seasons, restricting harvest, controlling predators, and limiting additional weapons.

TODAY @ 2:35 PM
User since 5/19/06

Actually those ten days to hunt after the nine day already do exist, you just have to use your Thompson Center Omega that shoots 2000fps with a 4-12x40 scope. All the proposal will do is allow all firearms, not just muzzleloaders. I’m neutral on the issue, I think it will make no difference. If someone really wanted to hunt during that time, they most likely already are with their primitive muzzleloader. 

TODAY @ 12:09 PM
User since 2/25/12

Lmao jimmer! It’s the new math. 

TODAY @ 12:05 PM
the Jimmer
the Jimmer
User since 1/11/05

10 more days to shoot deer that don’t exist in some parts of the state isn’t gonna help harvest totals. 

1/24/20 @ 10:48 AM
User since 7/20/09

I know they advertised 2 million deer last year in the state.  I say advertise because its an ad to sell licenses.

I remember the first year of T-Zone, when it was called that.  I swear they said we had 1 million deer at that time.  Assuming I remembered correctly, we had all those tags issued since then and it doubled....

Maybe I'm wrong with that number, but it sure stands out in my memory.

1/23/20 @ 8:28 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

JC wisconsin,  are they managing deer or license sales?    Like i said,  all they care about is the almighty dollar.  it's all lies


1/23/20 @ 6:37 AM
User since 12/7/13

They’ll need a 190 day season when KW fires up SAK this year and gets the state deer population to 3 million.

1/22/20 @ 9:28 PM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

Now a proposal of a 19 day gun season.....

1/22/20 @ 8:17 PM
User since 12/7/13

The WDNRs leftist minions in the press are already out pushing their lies to the general public ? How Madison .
Anyone who tells us there are 2 million deer in the state of Wisconsin in the fall of 2019 needs to find another job and fast . That would mean almost 40 deer per square mile across the entire state . That is just not possible and half that amount is improbable .
 Wouldnt it be refreshing to actually have state employees in our WDNR working for hunters instead of against them ? Maybe Durkin and others of his ilk could research an article on just why deer hunters in the state of Wisconsin are so POd at our state deer management that they are quitting deer hunting in droves . And as an added assignment for him why it’s more prevalent in the Northwoods . 

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