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2019 Deer Season

11/2/19 @ 1:02 AM
MEMBER since 2/5/05

Just getting a thread going. I know I'm not the only person who is feeling excited for the season. I hunt Burnett county. 

11/19/19 @ 3:08 AM
User since 6/25/02

Deer season has been a huge part of my entire life.  When I was 10 & 11 my brother and I would get up early and walk to the deer registration station and be there all day watching the big bucks being brought in and anticipating my family bringing their deer into the registration station.  

For years my entire family would hunt together.  Listening for shots from family members as well as looking for deer filled the mornings with anticipation.  We learned the public land that we hunted like no one else and were very successful.  My uncle was one of the first to use aerial photos that we purchased from Madison to plan and scout for deer.  Gradually though we lost many members of our family which culminated when I list my brother at 39 to cancer.  

The next 15 years seemed like I was putting in time, no really excited for the opening.  I would fish for muskies more than deer hunt.

My sons have now embraced hunting and I enjoy teaching them how to read sign, use maps to anticipate deer movement and understand why they are doing that.  This season both sons are anticipating the season as we have been seeing some nice bucks on trail cams that we have been monitoring for 4 months.

My youngest son thanked me last night for showing him how to skin and butcher a buck I shot this weekend.  This is what I was born to do.

11/18/19 @ 8:14 PM
User since 1/10/03

No, not in Wisconsin.  While federal law doesn’t consider a muzzle-loader a firearm, Wisconsin state law includes muzzle-loaders in items prohibited for a felon to buy, possess or store.

11/18/19 @ 5:27 PM
Loretta  08
Loretta 08
User since 12/29/11

It's  legal  for a felon  to gun hunt  with a muzzleloader;   correct fellas ?  

11/18/19 @ 2:58 PM
User since 1/19/02

will be up in gods country Waupaca, Thursday after work and getting camp ready Friday waitin for the boyz to show for olde fashions and spaghetti/meatballs dinner Friday and bear bacon cheeseburgers Saturday night hopefully celebrating more with a tree full of deer, special time of year cant wait.

11/18/19 @ 12:33 PM
User since 6/12/10

Deer camp number 24 in a row for me. I'll be at camp the whole week.  Looking forward to the gun raffles on Friday and then relaxing in the woods the rest of the week.  We've got quite the menu planned this year.  My uncle and cousin smoked a huge salmon yesterday.  In addition to the salmon we have a pork shoulder and big brisket to smoke at some point during the week.  I'm very excited to spend time with my family.

11/16/19 @ 11:14 PM
User since 6/8/06

I've been on vacation for the last 3 weeks trapping and deer hunting, with a week in northern Ontario for the first week of there gun season. I work 3 days next week and then back to langlade county for my 30th year in the same area. All 3 of my boys will be here this year plus my 2 best friends which will make for a great week. My youngest is in the Air Force and is lucky enough to be able to get back.  Best of luck to everyone and remember to be safe and wear your safety harness. 

11/16/19 @ 9:07 PM
User since 10/8/01

I'm pumped here.  Over time, it's become more of a vacation and get away and less and less about having to get a buck.  Friends and family, can't beat it.  Heading to camp in Sawyer County Wednesday morning.  

11/16/19 @ 8:35 PM
User since 7/6/09

My two boys and I will be hunting public land mid-state again this year.  Is it the same excitement as when I was a kid 42 years ago?  Probably not, but the fire still burns.  I will never be the kind of hunter who passes on deer because they are not big enough or old enough.  Every deer I see, which isn't that many, gets my heart thumping. I will try to shoot the first one that comes by, as always, unless it is a fawn.  Hopefully, we'll see a couple.  The older son got one last year, so now the younger one's due again.  I was blessed to get a crossbow doe a couple weeks ago, so I'm giving them the best spots, as long as no one beats us to them!  Good luck everyone and be safe!

11/16/19 @ 2:16 PM
User since 8/24/16

My family hunts washburn county, NW of Spooner.

Personally I hunted the county forest there since 1979, prolly dates me some.

11/2/19 @ 1:43 PM
User since 11/29/01

I have hunted the last 31 gun seasons in Price co. I am not sure i will bother this year. I will likely stay down in the Fon Du Lac area , wait till Monday and then yea out. , , but of course I could head up to Price co. too. I told my son, if it is bad weather or real cold, I ain't going!!

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