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2019 Deer Season

11/2/19 @ 1:02 AM
MEMBER since 2/5/05

Just getting a thread going. I know I'm not the only person who is feeling excited for the season. I hunt Burnett county. 

11/23/19 @ 7:56 AM
antler junkie
User since 8/17/05

Sad morning for me. Missing my first opening day in 46 years, not including my four years in the U.S Navy many years ago. The pain in my legs has just become to much for me and now walking even twenty feet is very difficult,Just getting in and out of the truck is hard. Hope my brother and buddies at the deer camp up in Douglas county do well and have a great time. Good luck to all you hunters in the woods and fields this morning and through out the deer season. Post pictures and stories if you can.

11/21/19 @ 9:40 AM
MEMBER since 2/5/05

Super super excited. I won't  freeze to death this year, that's good. I go up with one friend, so not really a 'camp', but we hunt his family ground. I would love to go in with a group and buy some ground.  That would be awesome. But I am going even if it means public ground. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable season. 

11/20/19 @ 10:56 AM
User since 1/19/02

nothing like 40's and sunny for da opener!!  

11/20/19 @ 10:30 AM
User since 3/11/07

Second FullDraw, my Dad passed away 3 years ago and our family hunt has virtually ended since we hunted his land(he sold his home/property when his health declined). Lots of good memories but the "hunt" is now just me because nobody else wants to hunt public lands. Bittersweet time when remembering past hunts and knowing it will never happen again. Definitely a reminder to enjoy the experience with family and getting a deer is just a bonus. Good luck !!

11/20/19 @ 8:29 AM
User since 10/10/17

love seeing everyone fired up about the upcoming season, it's the best time of year. My season changed last saturday as I got down from a bowhunt to learn the passing of one of my immediate family members. I didn't hunt with him but he would pop into our deer camp every now and then. Deer season this year will be much different than anticipated so to all of you with ongoing, declining, or growing camps. Cherish every second you get to spend with your crew. It can be taken in a flash. I'm hoping to make it out on saturday to sit and reflect all day with no phone or anything, just some time in my favorite place. If a deer happens to walk past, excellent, but very much looking forward to the time and memories with my dad, brothers, uncles, and friends this weekend. Good luck everyone. 

11/20/19 @ 8:10 AM
User since 2/6/06

Heading out for my 21st deer hunt this weekend.  Hard to believe it's been that long.  I've hunted public for gun every year, and that causes some anxiety for me leading up to the hunt, but I've been able to hunt my same tree all those 21 years so hopefully nobody found it.  We typically are lucky enough to pull a few deer out, but gun hunting is fun hunting for me.  I try to get a few deer with my bow so I don't feel the "need" to get something and I was lucky enough this year as well.  I obviously hope to get one but would love to see a cousin or brother or uncle get one a little more since they only gun hunt.  

11/19/19 @ 6:29 PM
User since 3/11/07

Looking for info on Dekorra public hunting grounds and how heavy the hunting pressure is on opening weekend? I've hunted Spring Green & Barneveld areas and am tired of having hunters within 100 yards of me in every direction. Any local good deer hunting public lands where you can find some space within 50 miles of Dane County? Good luck to all hunters and BE SAFE !!

11/19/19 @ 11:58 AM
User since 6/20/13

Good to see all the great comments about being with friends/family and enjoying deer camp and the hunting experience.. That is what this tradition and sport is all about.. Like many of you I have lost deer hunting family members over the years but I still have great memories of earlier seasons and hunts.. Hope everyone has a safe and fun season..

11/19/19 @ 9:26 AM
MEMBER since 10/4/11

My dad just had triple bypass surgery so This is going to be a very somber deer camp without my dad because we have hunted the last 30 years together!

I knew it was going to happen some day but I’m definitely not ready for that yet!

We run a traditional deer camp with around 20-30 guys and it’s about as awesome of a group as you can ask for! A full week of shooting the breeze and a couple deer here and there lots of great food and drinks and a whole lot of card playing and telling lies! 

Either way I still get as excited as my first season back in 1991 so I thank the good lord that my passion is still going strong!

Good luck to everyone and if you’re lucky to be part of a traditional 9 full day deer camp you are part of something extremely special! Nothing gets me more excited than 9 charished days with family and friends! My favorite time of year! 

Keep making memories because you never know when you’re last season is and the only thing you leave when you’re gone is memories so keep on making them! You’re family will thank you 

11/19/19 @ 8:44 AM
User since 5/29/16

Just got back from Deer camp in Michigan and now i'm sitting here waiting for Wisconsin gun season to start. I just want to put it out there, personally yeah I manage deer by size and age but all you guys out there that are being told you have to pass young bucks and only shoot big ones. Do not listen to those guys you shoot whatever you get excited and would consider a trophy. A trophy is not defined by age and size, trophy is defined by the area you hunt and your personal opinions. Obviously in northern Wisconsin a trophy buck might be a spike or a fork for most people while central and southern wisconsin a trophy might be that 4.5-5.5 year old buck but even at that if you get excited over the deer thats in front of you. PULL THE TRIGGER! Good luck everyone looking forward to hearing about everyones success this weekend

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