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2014 Western Hunting

1/29/14 @ 7:46 AM
User since 4/2/10
Me, my dad, my friend and his brother Mulies in Wyoming again this year.

7/13/14 @ 3:43 PM
User since 3/7/07
do they have over the counter bow tags and rifle? My Dad hunted Idaho twice rifle, got skunked

7/13/14 @ 2:40 PM
User since 4/2/10
Wyoming Mule deer again this year. Last year scored on an antelope and sat out the deer season. This year my dad and my friends brother are going along. First time for them both. The goal is getting them a deer. Kind of wish I would have just not applied for a tag and went for the ride along now. Oh well now I can gurantee not seeing a wall hanger since I have the tag in my pocket.

7/12/14 @ 8:28 PM
User since 3/7/07
My brother is in the Denver area. He is going to Korea for a year and then leaving Colorado when he returns. Any chance of getting a elk tag this fall? I thought I heard you could buy left over tags. We haven't applied and have no preference points.

7/11/14 @ 6:13 PM
User since 4/5/09
Hey Stangl, don't rip on the goats- I ironically just bought my first WY antelope pref point this year yesterday (along with the muley point).Wink

No hunts for me this year, but next year will be CO muleys (will have 4 points so should draw). After that I'm going to start going every year again, it sucks missing years!

2/28/14 @ 11:35 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02
Looks like we are passing on the SD trip this year, the numbers have been on a slow decline the last few years and it sounds to be very bad in the western part of the state for Whitetails and Mule Deer.

Looking at options to go south or east this year but not near as many options of hunting land or unguided hunts.

2/26/14 @ 10:32 PM
User since 8/26/06
I drew a General elk tag for Wyoming. Looks like I'll be going for the archery season and if that doesn't pan out, may cancel my week of coyote trapping vacation and go back out during the rifle season.

2/26/14 @ 7:56 PM
dc cady
User since 3/10/07
A little bummed out. Didn't draw for elk with max points for Wyoming. Will have to try again next year. Good luck to all that got their tags and enjoy the great, wild west!

2/26/14 @ 10:48 AM
lookn' 4 PnY
lookn' 4 PnY
User since 7/15/05
White Frenchy, message sent.

2/6/14 @ 8:20 AM
white frenchy
User since 3/9/05
Know what you are saying on the cost of outfitted hunts. Trying to decide drop camp or guided. Dad is 63 and just had a fight with cancer, that is pushing me towards the more expensive route. Just don't want to be ticked off if spend that 4 grand and not get anything. A hunt is too expensive if you are pressured to get something just because you spent the money. White French

2/4/14 @ 3:15 PM
User since 1/12/02
I'm putting together a family do it yourself COlorado hunt 1st rifle in unit 75- did it 3 times- we always come back with at least 1 bull- In 2010 shot I 316 6-6 trophy on public land- 2 miles from trial head- will have a hard time topping that. But were happy just taking any legal bull or a fat cow or two on that hunt. The hunt cost is the tag and gas out and back- so its not a bank breaker!! Thats what I like about Colorado- lots of Elk without having to go with private land guided options. I enjoy that is well- but its hard to take the kids on that option at 4 grand a piece!

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